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Posted by: robbo
13-03-2015, 04:15 PM
Forum: General
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Ok I am going up to Bejing in a couple of weeks for work, and hoping to hit a Hobby shop if I can find one, and have the time. With the dollar going down, not sure if stuff will be that much cheaper than HK... but I'm hopeful.

What would you buy (and can bring back in the plane)?

Currently thinking;
New transmitter (taranis)
Small plane (eg fun fighter like)
Small quad?

Budget, even if things are cheaper, is always a problem, but just looking for ideas here? What would you get?

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Posted by: disoriented
10-03-2015, 12:09 AM
Forum: For Sale
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A friend gave me his HK450 helicopter which he built a few years ago and never flew. It is complete except for a receiver, and the gear is all brand new:


- HK450GT flybar frame (copy of an Align T-Rex 450 "Sport")
- Belt-driven tail
- Cyclic servos: MG14 metal gear
- Tail servo: Turnigy DS480 digital
- Plush 40A ESC
- HK401B tail gyro
- Aerodrive xp X500-400 motor
- Revolectrix FMA Co-Pilot II flight stabilization system
- IR remote for the Co-Pilot
- Spare set of main blades

I already have a 450 of my own. Rather than watch this nicely built bird collecting dust for another few years on my shelf, I am giving it away to anyone who wants to get nudged into RC helicopters.

If that sounds like you, I have two simple requests:

1) Please be extremely cautious. This is NOT a machine for park flying. Its 70cm main rotor is big enough to do horrendous damage to anything unlucky enough to intersect with its arc. As a general rule, NEVER hook up the drive battery inside your house or workshop unless the blades have been removed, or the motor disconnected.

2) Please use it to learn or practice helicopter flying, instead of simply gutting it for parts. I'd feel bad otherwise, considering how it came to be sitting on my shelf Smile

I don't know much about flybars (all my helis are flybarless), but our club has several experienced heli pilots who would no doubt be willing to help with the initial setup. You could also ditch the single-axis tail gyro and the flybar head in favour of FBL.

If you are interested, just let me know and its yours the next time we meet at the field.

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Posted by: disoriented
01-03-2015, 05:30 PM
Forum: General
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If anyone is interested in working on their general orientation skills, or even some introductory aerobatics, I would like to offer my Skywing Edge 540T on a buddy lead.

Practicing aerobatics is an excellent way to sharpen one's skills, even for those who prefer scale-type flying. Loss of orientation is most likely to occur when the aircraft has adopted an unusual angle or position. There is rarely enough time to think one's way out. If the pilot cannot react instinctively, the aircraft may crash.

That ability to react instinctively is dependent on having escaped from the same predicament previously. Even just a few practice repetitions can make a big difference. Fingers learn what to do on the sticks, thereby reducing the amount of conscious thought required to get back to a safe, known orientation.

The plan would be to take up the student on a buddy lead, and for me to surrender control after having thrown the plane into an odd orientation - several mistakes high of course. Knife edge away, knife edge sideways, knife edge towards, inverted away, inverted towards, hovering, doing warp 9 straight down, tumbling unpredictably...

The Edge is a gentle neutral flier, with massive thrust and huge control surfaces to help the pilot get out of trouble even quicker than they got into it. Because the whole exercise would be done on a buddy lead, it would be entirely my responsibility to keep us out of the reeds. The student can wholly focus on practicing and having fun.

If anyone is interested, just let me know Smile

Andre (disoriented)

P.S. I got my wife to read this after I wrote it, in case it came across somehow badly. She wasn't particularly kind in her assessment! For the record, I believe we're all here just to have fun, and to help each other. I'd enjoy helping anyone who'd like to experiment with throwing a plane around, because I really enjoy it myself, and because I think it can aid skills development.

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Posted by: ben1234
26-02-2015, 08:24 PM
Forum: General
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hi guys

I'm scratch building as plane at the moment and am wondering were i can get hold of some piano wire i had some before but have run out and i got it from the castle hill hobby store which no longer exists

thanks ben

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Posted by: gbanger
24-02-2015, 06:03 PM
Forum: For Sale
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Hi all
I am moving to the Gold Coast very soon and just don't have room for most of my bigger aircraft, o if you are interested. Give me a ring and I will email you the for sale info..... don't hesitate though.... this stuff will disappear FAST
These aircraft are mostly being sold "Bind n fly" with flight batteries

E flite Deuces Wild
Wingspan 1600mm $600

Hanger 9 P51 Mustang 150
Wingspan 2000mm $1000

Flitework Extra 300 LPX
Wingspan 2600mm
Airframe and servos only $1200
Aircraft complete “bind n fly” $2200
Replacement cost $3415

Seagull Super Tucano
Wingspan 1600mm $500

Take care and remember landing is supposed to be fun


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Posted by: rocket41
19-02-2015, 07:51 PM
Forum: General
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Who's going to Maitland and what are you racing?

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Posted by: secant0give
16-02-2015, 03:11 PM
Forum: General
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These things look like a lot of fun!!

Here's some videos of 250 Size FPV racing, even if your not that interested in multi rotors you can still appriciate the skill of some of these guys !!

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Posted by: secant0give
16-02-2015, 02:48 PM
Forum: General
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NSW Pylon starts it's 2015 series at the end of this month with the first round being held in Nowra on the 28th of Feb and the 1st of march.

Practice and general flying on Sattreday the 28th and pylon racing classes on the Sunday the 1st

The field at Nowra is excellent and it will be a brilliant weekend!!

As allways Dinner on Satterday night is a crowning social event not be missed.

Directions to the field and further information can be found here or give me a yell on

oh four one two 994 596



Pylon racing is great fun and new pilots are allways welcome.
Bring something fast and you are guarenteed to get in a few races!!
There are Also allways plenty of other ways to get involved in the days proceedings.
The NSW Pylon Assocoation specialised in Audience participation!!
There's never a dull moment Judging, time keeping, Calling for other pilots it's all part of the excitement of race day.
The racing it self is often spectacular and allways fast paced and brilliant to watch.

See you there !!

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Posted by: secant0give
15-02-2015, 08:19 AM
Forum: General
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I received this email from Jeremy today, I thought I might post it up here in case anyone is interested in a bit of an adventure Smile I will post some links below to the Large scale racing FB page

Hi Guys,

I am sending you this e-mail as together we make up the NSW Large Scale
Racing fraternity. Most of you know that there have been some ups and
downs over the last couple of years with the races at Cootamundra.

Well, it is time to put all that in the past, attempt to throw off all
the negative connotation's that it involves, and start afresh.

Our plan is to host a race at the NAAS field on the weekend of the 17/18
October (subject to confirmation by the club). This date has been very
carefully selected to fall after the start of daylight saving, and not
clash with the AFL Grand FInal, Labour Day long weekend, Bathurst V8's,
NSW Pylon at Marulan, Melbourne Cup weekend etc etc.

There is a link to the club web site, which has a great aerial video
showing the field, at

This is really the make or break of Large Scale Racing in NSW. We will
do our best to advertise in magazines, the Adelaide, Vic and Bendigo
races, social media such as Facebook etc. If it is a success we think we
can grow the sport in NSW. A failure would mean all 3 races per year
being in Vic which means lots of travel and little opportunity to get
more NSW modellers interested.

I am hoping that you will all be able to help in one way or another to
make this event an success. Blair has kindly offered to start
investigating using the the Air Cadets down there as pylon judges. Byron
is hoping to drop in and check out the field in person if/when work
allows. Tony and I are looking at making sure we can use our timing gear
and lights for this format.

I would hope to encourage a couple of the regular NSW Pylon people to
come down for the weekend and actually run the competition so we can
concentrate on flying. There is a Sport and Rec (or similar) accom unit
nearby so accomodatoin will be cheap. Dinner on the Saturday nigth will
be put on by the host club, so all in all it should be a relatively
cheap and social weekend for those involved in helping.

We would welcome any ideas you may have to help make this event a
success. I hope you will all get behind this, finish building your
models, convince your friends to start, and help make this a great event.


Senior Research Engineer
Australian Centre for Field Robotics
University of Sydney
Mob: 0418 390 446
Ph: 61-2-9351-7468
Fax: 61-2-9036 7474

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Posted by: symowallo
10-02-2015, 06:44 PM
Forum: General
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Hey guys - there's a blowout sale this week at the HK Australian warehouse. Last week's sale in the International warehouse was pretty good, especially if you have a Durafly or two in your hangar... And although the Aus warehouse is a bit bare, the parts are pretty cheap at the moment.

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