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Posted by: Too Drunk to Fly
15-08-2014, 03:31 PM
Forum: For Sale
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    Includes motor, but I'm keeping the receiver. Everything working except busted nose wheel. I should charge at least $50 for this set up but you'll need $10 to buy a new nose wheel. I would like to sell this as I haven't flown for over a year, my skills aren't as good as they once were. I have bought a high wing trainer and if I feel like something quick I still have foamies lying around. I need to make some room and as I don't think I will be flying this one again so I need to let it go.
The wheels are a bit larger than usual to cope with our grass strip.
It was flying for prob two years after nose wheel bent after a hard landing.

It is a quick plane. I think the motor was always a bit too heavy.

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Posted by: helijeli
13-08-2014, 05:46 PM
Forum: For Sale
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[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=4414][Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=4413]I'm selling a Hobbyking 70mm ViperJet Still brand new in the box.
I'm asking $100 - currently $161.78 plus postage from the Aus warehouse.
Will sell the DPS 70mm EDF (1900W 6S - 10 blade) that I bought to go with it, for $40 (originally $78) if you want it but not separately as I would rather keep it for a future project.
I've got enough other projects already and I think this bird may be a little beyond my capabilities for now - my upgraded Stinger is enough speed for me at the moment.
So.... $100 for the Viperjet... or $140 for the Jet & EDF !!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!!! SOLD !!!!!!!!

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Posted by: mickey t
08-08-2014, 09:12 PM
Forum: General
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Hi guys,
I'm looking at setting up a Multi Rotor to do some basic camera stuff with, and possibly FPV in the future with it. Is there an advantage with sticking with 4, or better off with 6 or 8 motors?

Which frame to get? I've looked at this one, which looks pretty cool. Is it alright?

Flight controllers, there seems to be a lot of people using the DJI Naza. Is it as simple as frame, controller, kit it out and just fly?

Is there other things I should be looking at?


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Posted by: robair
07-08-2014, 01:51 PM
Forum: General
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A very sad day for Aviation

Rob B

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Posted by: mickey t
04-08-2014, 11:16 AM
Forum: For Sale
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Hi guys,
HK Reverb comes with Hitec wing and Jr tail HV digital servos and a HK heli motor on the front. With this motor on 5S and an APC 7x10 it has been radared at 297km/h. Motor comes down cool and will handle 6S on that prop no problems or, run 4S or a smaller prop and start at 200+ k's and go from there.

Bargain at $250. I can help with the set up and test fly if you want.


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Posted by: BOB
01-08-2014, 10:40 AM
Forum: General
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Hi guys, the new Bixler 3 is out,see video and specs below, not sure if I like it ???.

Kind regards, Bob.

Wingspan: 1550mm
Length: 948mm
ESC: 20A
Flying Weight: 890g
Motor: 2620-1400kv Brushless Outrunner
Prop: 7x5
Servo: 4 x 9g

4~5 Channel Transmitter and Reciever
1800mAh~2200mAh 3S Lipoly Battery
2 x 9g Servo For Flaps (Optional)

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Posted by: rocket41
30-07-2014, 12:38 PM
Forum: General
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Check out our Facebook page. We are trying to promote and foster Pylon Racing in our area. The club has given approval for racing once a month, so if your up our way bring your planes and have a go.

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Posted by: Chris Mc
28-07-2014, 09:38 AM
Forum: For Sale
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Hi Guys,

I have recently acquired a HobbyKing Mosquito from a friend as a freebie. I am looking for parts for it, however, HK has discontinued this plane.
If anyone has one of them, maybe in bits and pieces after an unfortunate accident, I would be happy to renumerate you and take it off your hands.

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Posted by: secant0give
26-07-2014, 02:25 AM
Forum: General
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After enjoying Pylon racing for a little while I thought I might give large scale racing a go. There are, I think only 3 or 4 events a year The models are not specifically racing models, and for most of the classes they are more like scale models of racers rather than purpose built racers. Most of the classes really don't go faster than a q-500 but because of their size they look quite slow and are in some ways easier to fly.

The racing is quite different too, there is a flying start which works much like the start of a sailing boat race. All the planes are in the air milling around, there is a count down and the idea in to cross the start line as soon as possible after the zero count, do ten laps and then prepare to land. The course is more than 500m per lap so it's bigger than the FAI pylon course but unlike FAI style pylon the pilots stand outside the course and fly around the pylons from there. There are the usual callers and judges.

The classes are quite interesting and not very tightly defined with the entry level class being called Red Bull, the rules say the airframe has to one that can take a 120 size engine and be a scale model of any plane that's competed in a national or international aerobatic competition or the red bull air race. There's a bit more to the rules than that but I'm not going to type them all up, here's a link it explains the other classes as well.

I've never been to one of these race days but I imagine it would be quite spectacular seeing some of the bigger classes race!!

The red bull class has so far this year been dominated by the seagull MSXR air frame with an OS 120 special, power plant, Some people might remember the one Wayne had set up for electric power. It would have had very similar performance to IC powered machines flown in this class.

Any way I'd better mention the subject of this thread, I was getting there ...............Ah yes the Harmon Rocket. At the present time you can't for love, money or even a kidney get a Seagull MSXR air frame. So I ordered the next best thing a Seagull Edge 540. These are more a sports aerobatic models than 3D machines, they are a little more heavily built and have smaller control surfaces than you find on a 3D plane. They designed to fly pattern style aerobatics. I managed to get the last one in captivity and a good deal on shipping from the UK but to my great dismay the courier managed to drop a pallet on it and destroyed the airframe completely even before the box was opened.
So after a little bit of soul searching and a good deal of web searching I managed to find something that would meet the class rules and was available and one I could get my hands on in a reasonable time frame. Here it is, you guessed it, the Harmon Rocket. You'll be forgiven for thinking Crikey what is that?? I've never heard of it?? Well neither had I that's probably why it took me a bit of searching to find it Smile

Here's a link

It's a scale model of kit plane that is an upgrade of an RV4. The RV4 is a sports aerobatic home built 2 seater, It's been used in heaps of full sized aerobatic competitions in Intermediate and sportsman classes so it fits the rules. YAY !!

It arrived today and I must say it is a really nice kit It's beautifully made, the finish and fit of parts is EXCELLENT!! It's a very nice scale model and it's remarkably light but robustly built at he same time. It's not a cheap kit by any means but I think the value is plainly visible as soon as you open the box. Everything is done nicely the hardware is great, the hinges are superb and it looks like it will go together quickly, even the wheels are light weight. I'm super impressed and would defiantly by another Black Horse ARF !!

Here's the fuse

And the pilot

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Posted by: Chris Mc
23-07-2014, 12:58 PM
Forum: General
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Anybody aware that this is on this weekend, 26th - 27th July?

They are also having a Boot Sale.

I'll be there Saturday.

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