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Posted by: mickey t
16-07-2016, 01:11 PM
Forum: General
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Hello guys,
Long story short, yes, I have been playing Pokemon. Just to see what all the fuss was about, and because my partners daughter is playing it as well.

Without going into great detail on how it all works, they access google maps and images and have what they call Pokestops. You can get free things from these Pokestops, as well as more Pokemon that hang around these stops.

It just so happens that McCoy Park is a Pokestop. Not bad for some free advertisement, even if it is Pokemon. So, if you see some random kids, or wayward adults, they may be searching for Pokemon.


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Posted by: BOB
11-07-2016, 04:16 PM
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Hi Jason. Went to the quad racing yesterday at Sydney University at Rydalmere, I was talking to the Pres at wanted to know if we would be interested in holding one of the rounds of the quad racing he said we would be entitled to half of the takings of the day, he gave me a card that. I will give you once I see you.

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Posted by: greggold
03-07-2016, 07:14 PM
Forum: General
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Last weekend some of you may recall my attempt to fly my Zeta Phantom flying wing. Despite several good launches it was so underpowered it refused to climb out and crashed - fortunately gently - each time. I went back to RC groups and started looking again at the big number of posts about this particular model. The phantom (aka FX 61) has been widely used for fpv flight and that was a major reason I bought it.

I set out my story on rcgroups page 619 and I got an immediate response which I think is generally interesting to any flying wing pilot.

Points include: People now agree the frisbee launch is best for pusher flying wings - the thread contains a story of a serious hand injury.

The Phantom has a design flaw in the plastic motor mount. I have described my solution, others have purchased a special machined metal mount.

I now have mounted a large enough motor (Turnigy aerodrive 3536/8). I could not fly today because while fiddling with a folding propellor I broke a collet which jammed on the motor shaft and I am now awaiting a special pinion removal tool to change the broken collet. Folding propellors require special fore and aft plates in pushers and there is a link to an article about them. I am going to try my phantom out using a standard 2 blade propellor (10x45) - maybe later I will reconsider a folder.

For good info on wings and fpv check out:

folding propellors:

fpv setup in a Phantom


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Posted by: Busboy
02-07-2016, 08:45 PM
Forum: General
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Inside are some of the pictures and videos taken of todays flights.

Some of the pictures taken today

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Posted by: robbo
28-06-2016, 10:37 PM
Forum: General
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best photos on facebook page from weekend

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Posted by: robbo
28-06-2016, 09:39 PM
Forum: General
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Impressive site and access to information... bit of congestion over Europe!

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Posted by: BenR
24-06-2016, 03:57 PM
Forum: For Sale
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Moving house, so should get rid of some things that have only been gathering dust.

* SRL Extra kit. Only things done are taking pieces out of the depron sheets and gluing in a carbon spar on the wing slot. $20.
* Assorted parts ($30 the lot):
* 2x Red Brick 30A ESC
* 5x HXT900 9g servos plus a whole stack of carbon fibre control horns'
* Approx 20 XT60 connectors mix of M/F and some bullet connectors for motors.
* Extra 2mm carbon spars (about 8)
* 1x OrangeRX 6ch receiver.

Will sell to same buyer for $45.

Pickup Seven Hills.

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Posted by: Chris Mc
20-06-2016, 06:27 PM
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The Committee has decided not to raise Fees for the forthcoming year, so will remain the same at $150.00, $50 for Associate Members. Any new members joining will also pay an extra $50 joining fee.

We are the cheapest in Sydney and whilst we don't have extra facilities like some Clubs, I think all will agree that the friendship and assistance is worth every cent.

Fees should be paid into the Clubs Bank Account at the earliest convenience. The account number is on our Website.

Please make sure you use you name as the Bank reference, this is important as we will have no idea if you have paid.

As, in the past, if no fees are received by 30th July, then you will be deemed uninsured and therefore will not be allowed to fly, under any circumstances. Most other Clubs insist on payment by 30th June, however, we are more liberal.

Look forward to catching up at the field soon, weather permitting.

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Posted by: Chris Mc
16-06-2016, 10:27 PM
Forum: General
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Hopefully you all have received my email about the change in Venue.

Now on at

Toongabbie Sports & Bowling Club
12 Station Road, Toongabbie

11am Sunday 19th June, 2016.

Tell Reception you are from the Flying Club and they will direct you to a room downstairs.

The topics we discuss concern you and the Club, would love to see a big roll up.

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Posted by: Babar
14-06-2016, 01:53 PM
Forum: For Sale
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I am after a DX5E mode2 to bind it to my Blade 350 qx and Blade 200 Srx

i have a dx6i which unfortunately doesnt come with swicth having 3 Flight modes

any one selling please let me know

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