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Posted by: Chris Mc
01-09-2015, 07:55 PM
Forum: General
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At the recent AGM we discussed a Swap Meet.

I am suggesting this coming Saturday (Sunday being Fathers Day).

I will be bringing about 8 Planes to sell as I badly need to clear some space as I have recently moved into an Apartment.

Prices will be affordable.

Weather is looking good at this stage, 21 and Cloudy.

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Posted by: secant0give
19-08-2015, 12:17 AM
Forum: General
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The Taranis is a great TX but it's not the easiest thing to programme to work with a particular model.

What it lacks in ease of use it makes up for 5 fold in flexibility and versatility

Any way since there are a few of them here at the club I thaught I'd share some of my set ups

please feel free to post some of yours too!!

In the zipfiles at the bottom of this thread there is a set up my 250 racing quad and my racing Rarebear

The racing quad is set up for the micro APM autopilot so the switches are allocated to the all 8 channels for thr various functions available and play the relative sound tracks to provide an audio alert so you know what mode your in
It even lets you know audably when the radio is set to arm and disarm the quad
There are a few custom sound files but they can be substitiued for ones in the amber voice pack for the taranis if you prefer it's just a matter of changing the file name in the custom settings page in the Taranis to get what ever sound of alert you want, its a good idea to keep it relevant to the function that switch is performing tho'
Theres a tutorial on youtube showing you how to create your own Taranis sound files as well

I will also see if I can upload the various custom sound files I put together, they just need to be copied to "en" sub directory on the taranis's SD Card under the sounds directory.

The programme also allows you to use a telemetry receiver and tells you when your 3S pack is getting low and then really nags you when it's getting critical. It uses the cheap analogue voltage sensor and it works very well. If you change a couple of numbers in the Taranis's telemetry page you can have it do the same for a 4S pack

There is an automatic timer that comes on when the throttle is opened and is set for 5 mins

With the rare bear there's no telemetry and the timer is set to a percentage of throttle setting ie the more throttle you use the faster the timer counts down

There are also audable alerts that let you know when you have selected low and high rates and a few odd sounds to play to distract the competition while waiting for the clock to count down at the beginning of a race Wink

Hope this is of some help

.zip 250 quad racer and rarebear Size: 2.64 KB  Downloads: 100

.zip sounds Size: 152.97 KB  Downloads: 107

.zip sounds Size: 1.55 MB  Downloads: 102

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Posted by: robbo
14-08-2015, 08:51 PM
Forum: For Sale
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With a swap meet / club sale coming up please state what ypu mighr be interested in. to help the sellers decide to sell!!

I'll kick it off... i am looking for
A) a working mode 2 transmiter with a trainer port i can connect as slave to my ds7x, or
B) a taranis+ that i can connect a ds7x as a slave for training... Smile

... hmmm can you tell what i really want for xmas!? Smile

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Posted by: Chris Mc
12-08-2015, 07:05 PM
Forum: For Sale
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it was suggested at the last committee meeting that a Swap Meet be organised on the same day as the AGM.

So if you have unwanted plane, helis, drones or parts that you need to get rid of or downsize your fleet then this is a great way to get some extra cash or pick up a bargain.

The last one we had proved very lucrative for some and I know there were some great bargains available.

So come along to the AGM, have a say in your Club, pick up a bargain or pocket some cash.

I also hear that there will be some very tasty Pies available, free of charge of course.

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Posted by: smuzz
11-08-2015, 10:57 PM
Forum: For Sale
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Well, fellow enthusiasts, I've got to move house soon and I'll have to down-size at the same time, so quite a few of my planes won't be going with me.

I've got several planes, mostly new kits still in boxes which I'd bought over the years for that mythical "rainy day", well now it's pissing on my parade perfectly and so they've got to go.

I'm wondering whether any of you are interested before I go to the shed and take photographs and get details, if not then that's alright - I'll offload them at PEMAC at the next sale-day there.

Here are a couple of short descriptions ...

1. B-25 Mitchell, twin-engine bomber kit. All built-up construction (balsa, mainly - not a foamy!) and covered and painted in an olive drab scheme. I was unsure whether to put an RAAF livery on it, or perhaps set it up to be Yossarian's machine (from the great movie "Catch-22") but either way, I'm not going anywhere with it. It has a fixed undercarriage if I remember correctly, but I was always going to modify it to have some electric retracts with closing doors - which would cost f*all from HobbyKing and would look excellent. Approximately 1800 mm wingspan, but I'll check on that.

2. Hawker Seafury - this is a kit with a one-piece fibreglass fuselage and balsa wings all covered. It's large also, being actually an IC kit for a .90 sized 2-stroke motor. I was (of course, "was") planning on an electric conversion, cutting retracts into it as per the B-25. It ain't gunna happen under my supervision.

3. Several small foamys and stuff, of various types. These all have about a 1000mm wingspan (more or less). A Mirage 2000 which of course I intended to bash into an RAAF Mirage III of the type which I grew up in awe of. A couple of Alfa kits which I paid through the nose for in terms of shipping from the Czech Republic (Bf-109F and FW-190D9). A Wattage PC-9 (plastic and balsa construction) ... and probably others.

If any of this stuff might seem of interest, then post back here and I'll get off my arse and get more details - otherwise, no worries, all good.

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Posted by: Too Drunk to Fly
07-08-2015, 11:10 AM
Forum: For Sale
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Servos, motor and esc.
Pick up North Parra.

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Posted by: secant0give
05-08-2015, 02:38 PM
Forum: For Sale
- Replies (7)

Here's a nice little unit, just about ready to go, all you need to do is add RX and Lipo pack. It's currently set up for 3s.
With nicely balanced 11" carbon props, NTN 28-30 800Kv motors and 20A Afro ESCs using a KK2 board as the flight controll system. The air frame is the much loved Q-450, All parts were from our very good friends at HK

It belongs to a colleague from work, I've seen it fly and it does so quite well he's asking $150 for it

It can be picked up from the field or my place.

It will probably go on eBay if not sold by the middle of next week.

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Posted by: BOB
03-08-2015, 06:49 PM
Forum: General
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Hi, everybody. This is a short description of several of the control boards that you can use in multi rotor machines.

1, OpenPilot NANO. The Revolution nano board is a successor to CC3D board listed below is a short description the nano has been extremely difficult to purchase but I have been told that the board will be available in a couple of weeks hoping?.
This release introduces new features and new hardware support for the Revolution Nano. This version also supports the Revolution flight controller as well as the OpenPilot Platinum GPS and OPLinkNew features for multirotors include:
– Fully autonomous flight is now possible with auto-takeoff and landing as flight modes available to path plans.
– An all new implementation of altitude vario provides improved altitude maintenance and smoother flight.
– A new RateTrainer flight mode for beginners and aerial photographers makes it easier to use this mode by limiting the pitch and roll extents.
– A new GPS assisted VelocityRoam flight mode replacing the Position Roam flight mode. This uses AltVario and a velocity controller for smooth GPS guided flight.
• Dimensions
• Case:36.5mm x27mm x 11.5mm.
• PCB: 30mm x16.5mm
• Weight: 7gr (includes case)
open pilot’s website.
Here is a you tube video describing Howard basically works.

2, HKPilot, by HobbyKing is a mature technology and rumours around the net say that there may not be any further software updates ????.
Dimensions 44X70X15mm
This is a YouTube video made by HobbyKing explaining how HKpilot is pilot works

3, Pixhawk. The Pixhawk is a fairly new technology with 32-bit processing power and reports around the net seem to be very positive one small problem the unit is fairly large.
Dimensions 81X44X15mm
Pixhawk 1 of 8 you tube video explaining how Pixhawk works.

I don’t have much information about several other control boards if any other member of visitor can supply information on them please do here and it would be very appreciated.

Kind regards, Bob.

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Posted by: fly_away
01-08-2015, 09:39 PM
Forum: General
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A great collection of stunts, rides, and unusual feats. and of course the famous helicopter fishing.

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Posted by: srl
31-07-2015, 11:12 AM
Forum: For Sale
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Just like the real thing its reached its end of life. It has no structural repairs its just after 200+ cycles the servos and 1 retract are worn out. So good for parts. No RX.
$20 ONO

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