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Posted by: secant0give
08-03-2016, 04:20 PM
Forum: General
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Firstly a show of hands.

Who is interested in being involved in some FPV multi rotor racing at McCoy park?

Also post up if you have any objections or suggestions along these lines

Especially put up your hand if you feel that you might like to be the organiser/driving force behind making it a success.

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Posted by: BOB
05-03-2016, 05:38 PM
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Hi guys.I’ve received a deluge of emails pretending to be PayPal, so the other day I’ve forwarded one of the emails to their spam section on here is a copy of the email I received back read important that everybody reads it.

Here is there an email address to report any suspect emails

Dear Bob Hoswell,
Thank you for partnering with PayPal to combat fraudulent emails. We take reports of suspicious email very seriously. Your submission helps us identify potentially malicious activity and take the appropriate action needed to protect our customers.
Did you know that approximately 90% of all email sent worldwide falls into the spoof, phishing, spam, and general junk category? By submitting reports of suspicious email to us you are helping to address this problem.
To help you identify suspicious email, below are a few things that PayPal will never do in an email communication:
1. Send an email to: "Undisclosed Recipients" or more than one email address 2. Ask you to download a form or file to resolve an issue 3. Ask to verify an account using personal information such as name, date of birth, driver license, or address 4. Ask to verify an account using bank account information such as bank name, routing number, or PIN number 5. Ask to verify an account using credit card information such as credit card number or type, expiration date, ATM PIN number, or CVV2 security code 6. Ask you for your security question answers without displaying each security question you created 7. Ask you to ship an item, pay a shipping fee, send a Western Union Money Transfer, or provide a tracking number before the payment received is available in your transaction history Any time you receive an email about activity to your PayPal account, the safest way to confirm the validity is to login directly to the PayPal website and review the relevant section. If you see suspicious activity, you would do the following:
1. Open a new browser and type in ""
2. Log in to your PayPal account.
3. Click "Activity" near the top of the page.
4. Click on the suspicious transaction to expand the details.
5. Click "Report this as unauthorized"
6. Complete the report process on the next screen.
If you have any other questions about PayPal security, please visit the PayPal Security Center.
Thanks again for your help.
PayPal Security

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Posted by: secant0give
29-02-2016, 05:38 PM
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Please be aware that some receivers and this includes some FrSky receivers. Have a failsafe condition that means the receiver continues to output the last good received position signal to the servos. It appears that with some FrSky receivers this is also the default setting.
This may be the case with other brands of receivers as well.

If you fly fixed wing and your receiver has a failsafe setting it MUST be set to go to zero throttle in the case of a los of signal. I cant stress how important this is!!

It is also very easy to test. All you have to do is have someone hold the model, set the throttle at some safe setting ie 1/4 throttle and turn off the TX while it is running. The throttle should return to a zero setting in a very short time. If it keeps running RESET THE FAILSAFE so it does shut the motor down when the TX is turned off!!!

If your plane fails the above test and you have trouble setting the failsafe then please ask for assistance we will get it sorted out for no problems at all.

It's important because if there is a loss of signal from the TX then at least the model wont be fully powered up when it's uncontrolled flight comes to an end. It doesn't take much imagination to think of what might occur if it goes in at full noise.

If you know of or use any other receivers that behave like this please post up a list and also hopefully links to how to correctly set the failsafe.

Here is a link to the manuals list for FrSky receivers it's not difficult to set them correctly just find the appropriate manual and follow the instructions.

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Posted by: BOB
23-02-2016, 06:04 PM
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Hi guys. Here are some information on flight stabilisation systems.
I’ve thought about putting one of these devices in Bix 3. Because of the problems with the Bix 3 Pauling to the right and generally difficult to fly apparently I’m not the only one experiencing this problem, there are several systems available HK orange,FY-40 comes in several versions and including one unit with a GPS and several other units as well.

HobbyKing Orange RX 3-Axis Flight Stabilizer Gyro System - Part 1 of 3 - good for FPV or Jets

Feiyu Tech FY-40A. English review


Hobby Eagle A3 6 Axis Gyro Introduction and Setup

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Posted by: robbo
21-02-2016, 02:07 PM
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Was at a utility convention in the US, and some of the exhibitors were commercial survey or UAV vendors.

The displayed commercial-grade equipment was incredible the chopper in the pics was powered by fuelcells, and would fly for hour. The pic of the tv screens, is a shot inside a large van used as a mobile surveillance command centre. Basically this thing rocks up to say a school shooting (seriously, that was the example they used!!). A 40foot extendible pole comes out the top of van, with aerials, tv cameras on it, it launches a handful of multi rotors all with hirez cameras, that go to fixed locations/alt and become viewing platforms. All the video comes back to the screens in the van, so within 10mins of arriving on scene every angle they want is covered, the tech and video quality was amazing. most of the multis could stay on station for 45-90mins, single charge. The left most one on the table (pic) guy said could operate in upto 55mph winds and was worth about US$70k... serious tech!

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Posted by: secant0give
30-01-2016, 01:36 PM
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I thought I would start this thread for all the official racing events this year and put them all in the one place.
So if it's to do with NSW pylon or Large Scale or Quad racing post it up here!!

Here is some info recently to hand about the Large Scale racing this year.
Dates and places for the events and some changes to the rules

Hi Guys,

Just thought I would give you an update on the coming 2016 F1 Air Race season.

Latest info is on the following web site

Note: The class names have changed slightly, again. Essentially add 1 to what you thought you were !!

F1 is now a new class for 35% scale aircraft with tuned pipes etc. No ARFs allowed !! These should be pretty quick models.

F2 is the old F1 for ARFs such as Nemesis, Cassutt and Sundowner. 56cc engines can continue to be used with any prop. Nemesis and Cassutt will be allowed with up to 63cc engines due to limited supply of smaller engines, BUT there is a prop pitch limit if used in a Nemesis. Currently this is 12" but it may be revised over the year to try and ensure parity with the 56cc engines. I would think that it may end up at 13" but we will have to see.

F3 is the old F2 for Nemesis with up to 35cc engines and 8500 RPM limit.

Red Bull is the same except there is a new Wingspan Minimum of 1650mm. This is a few mm under the Seagull MSX-R making all current planes legal I think. It doesn't say it yet, but I believe it should say that the external shape may not be modified.

Dates - This is what I believe but nothing is set until it is published

19-20 March Darrawit Guim (Vic State Field)

Bairnsdale has been canceled 2nd- 3rd of July Bairnsdale (date has been changed from the 11th and 12th of June)

20-21 August Bendigo

15-16 October Canberra

Anyhow, best get building, repairing, modifying and practising as the first race will be here in less than 8 weeks.


Senior Research Engineer
Australian Centre for Field Robotics
University of Sydney
Mob: 0418 390 446
Ph: 61-2-9351-7468
Fax: 61-2-9036 7474

Here is some info about the NSW pylon racing series for this year

I recently received this from Ian

I realise that this draft of our racing Calendar is later than usual, but this is what I have so far
5/6 March Nowra - confirmed
15/16 April Marulan - TBC
29 May Pittown - confirmed
25/26 June Nowra - confirmed
30 July Pittown - confirmed * Note This is a Saturday race meeting.
25 Sept Richmond confirmed
20 Nov Marulan - TBC
I realise that there are a number of To be confirmed in the list and as soon as I find out I will
let you know.
Ken if you could put the Nowra date in the Newsletter it would be greatly appreciated.
Ian Le Bronne

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Posted by: robbo
07-01-2016, 02:03 PM
Forum: General
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I am migrating across to a Taranis... and have an orange tx module for my DMS/X receivers. I will of course range test before first flying each on the new setup, but does anyone know if the transmit power of the orange module is same/similar, hopefully not less, than my dx7s?

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Posted by: thomashouseman
07-01-2016, 08:46 AM
Forum: For Sale
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For Sale - a crashed Bixler 2 with all repair parts needed.


I haven't been able to return to the hobby since this crash. I ordered all the spare parts after the crash so everything should be unused.

Included are a few spare batteries, spare parts I accumulated, remote control, receiver, everything!

Pickup in Toongabbie or Olympic Park (where I work).

Make me an offer!

Mob ph: Oh four two two one one seven six two six.

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Posted by: CountParadox
04-01-2016, 09:24 PM
Forum: General
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Hi all,

I would like to play around with making a plane over the next few days, but I need a motor and esc.

i have a receiver and 5030 props I was gonna try and use, and i would like to improvise the rest.

Does anybody have a spare motor and ESC and could meet up in parramatta tomorrow or the next day? Smile

Also, what is the current yearly membership fee for the club? Smile


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Posted by: disoriented
03-01-2016, 09:46 PM
Forum: General
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I had one of those rare and precious RC epiphanies yesterday afternoon - my first thermal gliding! It was a lot of fun Smile

The Phoenix 2000 had been hanging from my study ceiling for around 3 years. I'd put it together, encountered problems with the stock drive system, caught the 3D bug at around the same time, and ignored it ever since. Inspired by seeing Elton's (sportier) version with the 1.6m wingspan, I finally chucked it into the air again yesterday afternoon.

After a bit of fiddling to configure "crow" and "camber" via the side sliders on the Taranis, I found myself beginning to enjoy the task of maximizing the glide slope, but it was still all down, direction-wise.

Around 5pm it was already rather cloudy and windy, but I had one more 3S 2200mAh lipo. This time, I realized that I could get the glider to climb without power as long as the turns were wide and flat (steer with the rudder, use ailerons only to keep the wing level, "harrier" style), and as long as it was over the eastern edge of the field, near the driveway. If I let it slip westward, down near Grace, there was no lift at all.

In the end, I managed a 17 minute flight with the pack still relatively full, down to ~4.05V/cell. I believe half an hour might have been achievable, given more practice and perhaps a smaller and lighter pack.

That was my one and only experience of thermaling so far, but I'm now quite interested in getting better at it. Was there something special about conditions yesterday, or are thermals quite common over our field?

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