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Posted by: fly_away
02-05-2015, 10:12 AM
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95% of rain? 20 Kmph winds? really? Thumbs are twitching.. I am thinking of thinking of heading to Riverwood not been there ever but just heard. Anyone thinking of flying this weekend pls let me know where and when I would like to join. Thanks


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Posted by: Flying fisho
28-04-2015, 08:12 PM
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Hi guys, thought I would start a new thread on this subject so as to keep postings from straying of topic.
Surgery went to plan & day 2 is seeing a reduction of pain & on the road to recovery.
Many thanks to all who posted well wishes. Catch you guys at the field when I am mobile again, even for just a chat.

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Posted by: Chris Mc
26-04-2015, 08:48 AM
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RC Flyers come from all walks of life, Salesmen, Engineers, Computer Geeks and even those bastards at the Taxation Office Biggrin
I myself, am a member of the Hills District Pipe Band and we had the honour and privilege this year to play alongside the Australian Army Band at the Dawn Service at the Cenotaph in Martin Place. Thought I would share a couple of pics.


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Posted by: Kedumba
22-04-2015, 10:28 AM
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Sitting here staring out my windows watching the rain pouring out of the sky and thinking about what to make for my next project. It occurs to me it might be fun to make a quadcopter to mount my gopro too and as well, perhaps some FPV gear and do some nice videos like I see on youtube and tv doco's. Not just at the field but at other places (beach, mountains, parks etc)

Jumped onto the Internets and googled "quadcopter for GoPro" and was overwhelmed with choices. Quickly realised I had no idea even where to start so I thought I'd throw it out to the Quad guys in the club for some suggestions. Here is what I'm thinking I want:

I'd like to be able to mount my GoPro so I can do aerial videos. Gimbal mount would be nice but happy to have it fixed.

I'd also like to optionally mount some FPV gear. I notice that there are some really lightweight cameras and Tx's around now which would be good.

Would be really nice if it operated off a 3S 2200mah Lipo so I wouldn't have to buy a bunch of new batteries.

Reasonably good flight controller. I don't want to be doing loops or flips or anything, I just would like to have steady stable flight. I don't need GPS or any of those other fancy wossinames although if these were options for future expansion it would be good.

Not cost a fortune. I don't have a budget for this yet but I wouldn't want to spend more than $150-$200 on it. If it can't be done for this price then I don't think I want to do it Frown

I found the S500 FR4 Glass Fiber Quad Copter 480mm PNF Combo on the Hobbyking website. Seems ok to me. I'd be keen to see what others think of it?

Does anyone else have any better ideas for doing the things I want? Thanks in advance for all suggestions.

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Posted by: secant0give
05-04-2015, 10:44 AM
Forum: For Sale
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I have this 59 inch span Sadler Vampire that is surplus to my needs. I had thought to use for FPV at one stage as it's a pusher and sizable enough to carry any sort of gear. It's also capable of going reasonably


It's all put together and comes with motor ESC prop spinner and servos. all you need to provide is 4S 3000-4000 lipo and a receiver. It has an analogue voltage sensor for an FRsky receiver if you choose to use a Taranis and telemetry receiver it can remind you to land before you run out of juice. It's fitted with decent hardware, not what came with the kit.

There were some minor issues with this kit from the factory, no deal breakers just numerous little things which have been mostly rectified during the initial build.

It's a balsa/plywood built up wing & Tail with a glass moulded fuselage.

It can be disassembled into quite a small package for transport, I've modded it so the tail plane is completely removable from the booms which really helps on this account.

It has twin rudders so with the correct mixing they can be used as airbrakes to slow it up for nice short landings. It also has a seperate servo for the steerable nose wheel. Tho' it's not a beginners plane most intermediate pilots would find it fun to fly.

Believe it or not, it's actually a scale model of an ultra light. The full sized version being manufactured in the USA and in Australia under licence.

It has been test flown and flew quite well with no nasty tendencies and having a straight, rather than a tapered, wing no inclination to tip stall. One thing that could be done to improve it is to pack up the tail boom slightly where it bolts to the wing to give the tail plane a little more positive incidence. It needed some up elevator trim and this action would correct it and make it neutral. It's only a matter of gluing on a couple of pieces of ply or balsa about 1-2mm thick and will take about 15mins to do.

I can't remember what power-plant is in it and it's a little hard to see inside the cowl but it's a beefy one I know that, looks like a 55-40 850KV and the ESC is well speced for it too. probably 80 to 100Amps it's mounted upside down so I cant read the sticker.

So if your ready and feel the need and for cheap angry yellow monster with which to tear up the wild blue sky, then this would be hard to go past as the weapon of choice.


please post up you intentions

PS here is a little more info from the thread I posted when I got it

Just checked up on the ESC it's a Hobby King 90-100A and it's got an external BEC

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Posted by: srl
27-03-2015, 10:02 AM
Forum: For Sale
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I've just got in a new box of 6mm Depron to satisfy the recent demand for the Batix Extra.
The build thread is here-

The price for cut Depron and carbon spars is $30.

The HK fitting out list is here-

Let me know if you want one.
If you see any interesting profile designs you would like CNCed, let me know.


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Posted by: robbo
21-03-2015, 03:46 PM
Forum: General
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Wayne, I have left some samples of the shirts I mentioned last week with Chris Mc today. Please discuss with Exec and let me know if you want them.

BTW - Can I get PM access on the website yet?

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Posted by: robbo
13-03-2015, 04:15 PM
Forum: General
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Ok I am going up to Bejing in a couple of weeks for work, and hoping to hit a Hobby shop if I can find one, and have the time. With the dollar going down, not sure if stuff will be that much cheaper than HK... but I'm hopeful.

What would you buy (and can bring back in the plane)?

Currently thinking;
New transmitter (taranis)
Small plane (eg fun fighter like)
Small quad?

Budget, even if things are cheaper, is always a problem, but just looking for ideas here? What would you get?

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Posted by: disoriented
10-03-2015, 12:09 AM
Forum: For Sale
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A friend gave me his HK450 helicopter which he built a few years ago and never flew. It is complete except for a receiver, and the gear is all brand new:


- HK450GT flybar frame (copy of an Align T-Rex 450 "Sport")
- Belt-driven tail
- Cyclic servos: MG14 metal gear
- Tail servo: Turnigy DS480 digital
- Plush 40A ESC
- HK401B tail gyro
- Aerodrive xp X500-400 motor
- Revolectrix FMA Co-Pilot II flight stabilization system
- IR remote for the Co-Pilot
- Spare set of main blades

I already have a 450 of my own. Rather than watch this nicely built bird collecting dust for another few years on my shelf, I am giving it away to anyone who wants to get nudged into RC helicopters.

If that sounds like you, I have two simple requests:

1) Please be extremely cautious. This is NOT a machine for park flying. Its 70cm main rotor is big enough to do horrendous damage to anything unlucky enough to intersect with its arc. As a general rule, NEVER hook up the drive battery inside your house or workshop unless the blades have been removed, or the motor disconnected.

2) Please use it to learn or practice helicopter flying, instead of simply gutting it for parts. I'd feel bad otherwise, considering how it came to be sitting on my shelf Smile

I don't know much about flybars (all my helis are flybarless), but our club has several experienced heli pilots who would no doubt be willing to help with the initial setup. You could also ditch the single-axis tail gyro and the flybar head in favour of FBL.

If you are interested, just let me know and its yours the next time we meet at the field.

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Posted by: disoriented
01-03-2015, 05:30 PM
Forum: General
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If anyone is interested in working on their general orientation skills, or even some introductory aerobatics, I would like to offer my Skywing Edge 540T on a buddy lead.

Practicing aerobatics is an excellent way to sharpen one's skills, even for those who prefer scale-type flying. Loss of orientation is most likely to occur when the aircraft has adopted an unusual angle or position. There is rarely enough time to think one's way out. If the pilot cannot react instinctively, the aircraft may crash.

That ability to react instinctively is dependent on having escaped from the same predicament previously. Even just a few practice repetitions can make a big difference. Fingers learn what to do on the sticks, thereby reducing the amount of conscious thought required to get back to a safe, known orientation.

The plan would be to take up the student on a buddy lead, and for me to surrender control after having thrown the plane into an odd orientation - several mistakes high of course. Knife edge away, knife edge sideways, knife edge towards, inverted away, inverted towards, hovering, doing warp 9 straight down, tumbling unpredictably...

The Edge is a gentle neutral flier, with massive thrust and huge control surfaces to help the pilot get out of trouble even quicker than they got into it. Because the whole exercise would be done on a buddy lead, it would be entirely my responsibility to keep us out of the reeds. The student can wholly focus on practicing and having fun.

If anyone is interested, just let me know Smile

Andre (disoriented)

P.S. I got my wife to read this after I wrote it, in case it came across somehow badly. She wasn't particularly kind in her assessment! For the record, I believe we're all here just to have fun, and to help each other. I'd enjoy helping anyone who'd like to experiment with throwing a plane around, because I really enjoy it myself, and because I think it can aid skills development.

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