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Partly cloudy and light winds for tomorrow Wednesday.

Hoping to make it down at lunchtime. My new kmart foamie needs a workout
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Lots of flying today (Wednesday). Good to see Ian back with his new large build.

I'll be down with my son tomorrow morning. The weather looks great!

A good flying day again today , Saturday.

So plenty of fixed wings flew, a drone, a helicopter and an autogyro! Lots of variety
The forecast for tomorrow.

Sydney area
Mostly sunny. The chance of morning frost in the outer west. Light winds.

Start charging the batteries.

I'll be there after kid's sport  Thumbup
New Club Caps and patches are in.
Good news the club caps and patches have arrived and are available for members to collect from the field.
Each current fully paid member is eligible for a cap and badge as part of their membership.
I will be out Sunday morning if you want to collect them.
The forecast looks good so I hope to see you tomorrow.
Bit of a windy day today, a visitor called Peter brought out his nice Tiger Moth, which he flew but unfortunately lost a wheel on takeoff. He managed to land though without damaging the plane.


There was a bit of drama later, with an aerial dogfight between a magpie and Ross (I think) sailplane. Neither side could claim victory though.

At the end, when the wind picked up even more, I found I could fly my kmart foamie backwards! I managed a landing without moving too Biggrin
Jacko likes his flying days at Mccoy field.


Strip is cut and ready for a good day of flying tomorrow.


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