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I am going tomorrow around 11 am
Hi guys. My plan is to go flying on Wednesday from approximately 8.30 to 11 o’clock if that’s okay?.
Hi Guys, I am flying today in the morning around 9am
Forcast is for stong winds today(Wednesday). Will have to wait for the weekend.

Just saw my favourite plane OV-10-Bronco (well one of) at Motion RC

I was thinking of building one of these from balsa but now....

I hope someone in Oz brings these in.

Looks interesting...
Our club AGM will be held at Mccoy field Tucks RD Seven Hills this Saturday 25th July 2020 at 11am. Our club constitution is here-
The meeting Items are -
-Treasurers Report to members(Dirk).
-President's report to members(Jason B).
-Election of 2020-21 committee.
It should take about 15 minutes , after the meeting MAAA accredited instructors  Jason V and Jeremy Randle will be conducting wings testing for plane's and multi rotors . If you are interested please have your form ready from here .Please bring the form with your details  filled in. I've been reminded that if you are going for gold you need to be able to stall spin your aircraft, and recover!
I might give it a go as I last did it in 1980!
Bring your Rare Bear or EFX racer and join in for the NSWPylon demo.
Weather forecast at the moment is light winds, afternoon showers with a storm.

There will be no BBQ this year and social distancing will apply.

If you intend to renew and have not paid yet the ANSW/MAAA early bird fee ($200) is about to end.If you leave it  then please pay $225.
Hope to see all members flying on the day.
Secretary PRCAC
Hi guys
We will also have a heli instructor available for this Saturday.

Hi again pilots.

Due to forecasted storms and rain tomorrow our AGM will now be held at 11 am Saturday 1st August 2020.
It looks to be clearing by our flying day on Wednesday so I hope to see many of you again then.

srl sec
PRCAC committee.
Hi guys, on Wednesday because of all the heavy rain we’ve had, it may be advisable to walk in only.
It looks like a wet weekend ahead....
Test fly tomorrow , Wednesday.
Looks like lots of rain for the week.

This weekends forecast is looking rather hot for both days, if you intend on doiong some flying, get your flying done early so as not to be out there in the heat, take extra fluids, wear sunscreen and a wide brimmed hat and happy flying.

Regards Todd
I went to the field today for a fly I was surprised no one was there. I tried to get in with no luck. The padlock was not unlocking.
Is anyone going down tomorrow for a fly?


Hi Andrew

Just a lot of wind of rain the last few weeks.

Nice Stearman on Sale at Bangood. 1200mm $173.00 delivered
Another Bangood Special 163 delivered

Hookll PILATUS PC-9 PC9se 1200mm Wingspan EPO RC Airplane Fixed Wing Low-Winged Training Aircraft - PNP
Cheap 2mtr Glider at Bangood. 155.60 delivered

Volantex Ranger 2000 V757-8 2000mm Wingspan EPO FPV Aircraft RC Airplane PNP
heading out for a fly tomorrow morning....fingers crossed the wind stays down.

Is anyone flying this weekend 23/24 Jan?

yes Saturday morning
Busy in the morning , maybe after 12.

HI. guys this seems to be a rash of dead batteries with crooks else myself I've got free.while down the field yesterday there were two other members in exactly the same situation ,I guess it's a combination of all batteries and Christmas New Year not flying.
(24-01-2021, 09:51 AM)BOB Wrote: [ -> ]HI. guys this seems to be a rash of dead batteries with crooks else myself I've got free.while down the field yesterday there were two other members in exactly the same situation ,I guess it's a combination of old  l batteries and Christmas New Year not flying.
After a phone call with Jason during the week, this Saturday 13th Feb will be Bush Care down at the field. I believe it will be held from 9-12 and also there will be a BBQ after for everyone to enjoy.
Regards Todd
That's Right Gentlemen,

This Saturday (13/02) is our first scheduled Bushcare Workday since before Covid. We have a heap of Coral trees to get through and a new Bushcare Coordinator to get acquainted with, so I very much hope to see many of us attend to lend a hand.

As mentioned by Stephen and Todd, we have decided to slightly push the timing of our work period from the previous 08:00-11:00 to the new time of 09:00-12:00.  This should suit members a little better, allowing a slightly longer sleep-in on affected Saturdays moving forward.

Our Bushcare efforts will be followed by a BBQ starting sometime after 12:00, so the more the merrier.

Please come in suitable attire and bring as many cordless drills and ~10mm drill bits as we can muster. Our focus will be exclusively on treating as many Coral trees as we can in the allotted time.

Thank you all,

Jason B

Good planes to recommend to any beginners.

H-King Bixler 1.1 (PNF) Glider EPO 1400mm (55.1") w/30A ESC

H-King Bixler 2 (PNP) Glider EPO 1500mm
5 Left...

H-King Bixler 3 (PNF) Glider 1550mm (61")
Bushcare and BBQ will be rescheduled due to rain.

I will provide an update after I have discussed dates with Gus (our new bushcare co-ordinator) and Todd (our resident BBQ Chef).


Its now raining a bit. Could be too wet for Wednesday flying tomorrow.

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