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PM sent Ignacio.
Looks like a hot weekend.
Pete and council have been mowing so Mccoy field is near perfect for flying.

There's rain forecast for tomorrow, is anyone likely to still be going to the field? I'd like to come down and have another fly if possible. Time without kids is rare!
Will be flying at 11 if its not raining. Council has cut the drive in and carpark. Been looking at ELRS radios. Might have to sell my newer
FRSky Archer gear.

I'll have my ELRS radio there if you want to try it out
Mowing has been done today and the weather looks good for Saturday morning only.


I'll be heading down reasonably early. I'm making some larger wheels for my bix3 so hopefully it will work well with the newly mowed grass.
Pete did more mowing today between the carpark and strip. The strip has not grown much since last Friday and is a little wet.
So I got home and did some repairs to my control line. Yes it still looks a bit bent but its the right way. 
Looking foward to flying this long weekend.

Rain is clearing but windy for Saturday - Sunday. Monday is looking better.

Today I got the D16 Uni-firmware for one of my X6R RX's and I'm now waiting to try it out.
Its now free but you have to email Aloft hobbies for a unlock code. This was replyed to overnight.

Anyone flying tomorrow? Going to head down with my son and escape the in-laws visiting Wink
I will be there at 11, Andrew at 9 from his whats app measage.

Is anyone flying at the PEMAC show next Sunday? (23rd April)

I'm hoping to go along for a look

[Image: 338128471_165358609704228_65601994252221...e=643EB5CC]
It's looking fine for tomorrow but expect the ground to be wet so be carefull if you decide to drive in.

See you in the morning.

Hoping to get down in the morning Smile
Some pictures of flying and mowing last Wednesday.
That looks nice!

No flying for me this weekend; have a family reunion to attend  Frown
Weather looks a bit unpleasant this weekend Frown
HI guys. Guess you wandering I've got to I've had some problem with my cataracts  in had to have an operation the vision wasn't good enough to fly?, It still maybe a couple weeks before I can come down to the field I've bottle avoid just at all costs.
It was a perfect day for flying at Mccoy field today. No rain and no wind.


Nice, would have loved to attend but twin daughters' birthday celebrations come first apparently Paranoid
Hoping the rain will hold off over the weekend.
Here are some pictures from last Wednesday.
Hoping to come out tomorrow morning. Will have kids in tow but they're happy to play by themselves for the 8 minutes or so I get out of a battery
Lots of flying today until storms surounded us at 1pm.
Had my first ever ELRS flight using a RadioMaster Ranger module.

Email Bulletin Number
Thirty 2022-2023

URGENT Airspace Restrictions 22-25 May 2023

Good morning,

CASA has issued the following directive due to the visit by the President of the United States next week:

“Significant airspace restrictions will be in place around Sydney and Canberra from 22-25 May 2023.
These mean you cannot fly a drone or model aircraft, and even one you may consider a toy, within:

28 km of Sydney Airport
21 km of Canberra Airport.
Airspace restrictions are outlined in the AIP SUP.
Read the AIP Supplements (SUP) and Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC) for details on restrictions.

You must not operate in these areas when the airspace restrictions are in place.

This also applies to your operation even though you have approval to operate.

The restricted areas will be patrolled and monitored. Penalties will apply if breached.”

The following Clubs are directly affected:

Cronulla MFC

Drone Racing Australia

Hyland Flyers

Macquarie Soaring Club

Northern Beaches Soaring Club

Parramatta RCAC

Southern Sydney MFC

Sutherland Shire Sports Flyers Association

Sydney MAC

Warringah RCS


Due to an anticipated heightened level of aircraft activity around RAAF Richmond there may be some last minute restrictions for:


Charles Kingsford Smith MAC

Springwood Nepean MAC

Western Sydney Model Aviators

We need you to advise all your Club members of this and ensure they comply.


Dave Lewis
That's interesting, I wonder what the factors are that lead to a distance of 28km.
The AIP Supplement is still in place, so the restrictions still apply at this stage;

Email Bulletin Number
Thirty One 2022-2023

Airspace Restrictions 22-25 May 2023 have been cancelled.

CASA has cancelled the Airspace restictions for next week

May be an image of text that says "Australian Government Cancellation of airspace restrictions in Sydney and Canberra Earlier this week we emailed you concerning airspace restrictions that would be in place in Sydney and Canberra between 22-25 May. Due to the cancellation of the Quad Leaders Summit in Sydney, these airspace restrictions have been removed. The AIP SUP has been removed from Airservices website. This information is being published on behalf of the Australian Government. you'd like to unsubscnbe you may do anytime."


Dave Lewis

Aeromodellers NSW

0439 264 220
Looks like it will be a great day for flying tomorrow, charge your batteries....

On another note.
I had an interesting issue this last week. I took my Vampire out for a flight on the weekend, the first flight in 3 years.
I powered it up and the EDF when throttled up made a terrible noise and was very loud so I powered down.
I hadn't touched the plane in 3 years, how could the motor/prop be so out of balance?
I swapped out the motor unit for a spare I had and put the other one aside for another time, so of course 5 minutes later I was checking the motor screws (ok) prop blades all looked good, I took the prop off and placed it on the desk and when I picked it up I noticed dirt on the table.
I turned the prop upside down and low and behold a single wasp cocoon had been laid in the EDF prop.
I bet you didn't see that coming because I didn't.


Andrew R.
Oh wow! Would have been a hell of a ride for the wasp larva!
Lots of flying today , Wednesday.
Perfect weather and no radio problems other than my control line which kept cutting out when upside down, the motor is using an old DSM2 RX.

Council has been in to cut the rest of the long grass.

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