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Sticky: Introduce Yourself Here!

(26-01-2015, 06:21 PM)Flying fisho Wrote:  Hi Doug & welcome to the forum.
Unfortunately in contradiction to my comments when I saw you at the filed, I will not be at the field this coming Sunday. Every 2 or 3 Sundays I play golf & 1st Feb is one of them.
I am sure you will have somebody at the field to assist you in getting the Bix 3 into the air & give you some stick time.

Thanks Wayne, at this stage I'm planning to come down on Sunday morning from about 8.30am. I'll ask around when I turn up.
A mate of mine may also come along as he has planes and is interested in a look see.
Enjoy your golf.

(27-01-2015, 10:16 AM)BOB Wrote:  Hi, Doug.strange you should say, Bix3 ?. I'd just put one together yesterday, I had a Bix1 unfortunately. It was destroyed in a crash. Since then I've been flying multirate is but I decided to buy another Bix. Just as fun aircraft to fly. When I feel like it.

Now putting it together was relatively easy. In fact, pretty foolproof. The only drama are I seem to have it is attaching the wing. There are two little bolts that you put in this lot, and then twist. You have to twist at the right way otherwise it won't move . Only problem I could find.

Kind regards, Bob.

Hi Bob,
Thanks for your interest.
I'm a real novice at remote control aircraft, but always wanted to get into it except kids, family, etc bit into my time.
I love aircraft and fascinated by some of the You Tube clips I see related to remote control aircraft.
A mate of mine has been flying (crashing maybe I should say) for a while now and recently I thought I'd just get a little selfish with my time and just buy an aircraft and join him.
My mate, who's been learning for a few years now, recommended the Bix3 from Hobbyking as a good start for a trainer. He likes the idea that the engine is up top and away from the ground for bad approaches. I've seen the damage caused by props biting into the ground and it seemed like a fair call to me!
The cost of the aircraft was reasonable but I was a little annoyed by the cost of freight and that I wasn't offered any freight alternatives. Freight was almost as much as the plane cost. Having said that though, I ordered from Hobbyking (out of Hong Kong) on a Tuesday and the plane was delivered on the next Friday. Not bad!
Yes, I found putting the plane together easy.
BUT, after assembly it's all a mystery and as there were no manuals I was in the dark. I mean, this is sold as a trainer so one would expect that if it's sold to that level of flyer there would be manuals. No mention of what connectors from the aileron servos go into what plugs into the receiver. I searched the net for the convention here, but I would have thought a trainer would have been more than just the craft.
I got a small CD disc that I installed onto my computer but no text file to say what it was or what it did. I bungled around, searched the net for help and in the end I found it related to the radio. Then I had to figure out how to apply the software to the radio. Trial and error and some searching through the net but I think I got the radio working as it should.
All in all, I like the plane but disappointed with the lack of guidance/manual supplied with the kit.
Anyway, I have the plane now so I thought I'd look around and see if there were any clubs in the area because I'm keen to do the right thing. I was happily surprised to see that PRCAC is just down the road from where I live. I dropped in last Saturday and spoke to Wayne. Nice chap and very knowledgeable and I quickly realized the advantages of joining the club go far beyond just doing the right thing. I especially like the idea of getting together with like minded blokes.
Anyway Bob, I hope to bump into you sometime soon.

Hi sounds like you got the model with a radio?, I don’t understand why they did not include a manual?.
bring your model down to the field You will get lots of help with it and you need to asked a lot of questions and you will find quite a learning curve involved in these models, but if you stick to it. You’ll find it is a great hobby?.

Kind regards, Bob

Hi Wayne, Pete and Andre

It was really great meeting you all and thank all for your time.
Wayne, I will try and get there tomorrow about 9 - hopefully.

Hi Gary & welcome to the club & our forum.
I will be there from 8ish & will bring the apprentice.

Hi Wayne

So sorry about today but something came up and I just couldn't make it.
I was really looking forward to it so hopefully next Saturday?


No probs Gary, I had 1 dud battery for the apprentice and couldn't find the other. Will make adapters for different batteries next week and have it available for a fly. Was going to take you up in the T28, but used the batteries for my own flight. See you next week. Please post on flying this weekend thread if you are able to make it & what time.

(08-02-2015, 03:18 PM)Flying fisho Wrote:  No probs Gary, I had 1 dud battery for the apprentice and couldn't find the other. Will make adapters for different batteries next week and have it available for a fly. Was going to take you up in the T28, but used the batteries for my own flight. See you next week. Please post on flying this weekend thread if you are able to make it & what time.

Thanls Wayne. Hopefully I can get to come to come over on Saturday. Whether I do or don't I'll let you know in the other thread.

Ian here from Windsor Ontario Canada,
Used to fly when I was a kid (35 years ago) and now back in it and addicted as my wife says, try to fly as often as possible, and if I can't fly , then drive something else (boat or truck)
Winter time now so only hand launches going on right now,

StarMax F22 64mm EDF
Hobby King Micro 182 Cessna
Hobby King F4U Funfighter
Scratch Built F4D Douglas Skyray wing span 30 inches
Eflite UMX Corsair
Scratch Built F4U Corsair Wing span 34 inches
Scratch Built P51 Mustang Wing span 20 Inches
Scratch Built mini F4U Corsair wing span 20 Inches
Converted AirHogs Glider to electric

Hobby King HK190 fixed pitch Heli
Blade MQX Quad
Scratch Built Quad

Redcat Tornado Buggy Converted to Shortcourse Truck
Rc Speed boat

Welcome Ian,
Your certainly in the company of a like minded bunch here !!

“The knack of flying is learning how to throw your machine at the ground and miss.”

"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your thoughts turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return."  ~Leonardo Da Vinci


My name is Thomas and i live over in Berala near Lidcombe. I am new to the hobby and have only flown my new apprentice S 15e about 10 or 11 times. I want to join a club so i can improve my skill and learn a few things. I am 17 years old finishing year 12, doing a cert 3 in Information and Digital Technology and doing a trainee ship for a IT phone support and sales company. Maybe you have heard of the company SIRC. Thanks for reading my short story, if i came over on the weekend if the fields open what are the chances of me flying.

Hi Thomas and welcome to our club and forum. By all means drop in & fly, but you will have to fly with an instructor until endorsed to fly solo. You can fly as a visitor 4 times before joining. Keep an eye on the forum for flying times and ask around at the field for more info.

Hi all,
My name is David, I wanted to introduce myself as I am interested in visiting your group this Saturday and Introducing myself. I have been interested in RC plane flying for a while and have decided to take the plunge.

I have purchased a DX6i and the Phoenix simulator to do some practicing before buying a plane (still trying to work out what exactly to buy)

I live really close to the field and have read through the webpage and some forum topics and really like the sound of this club Smile

If it's ok and the weather is fine I'll drop by on Saturday morning to say hi.



Hi David,

You will be very welcomed at the Club, unfortunately due to weather over the last week the field may be unusable. Please keep an eye on this Forum Saturday, someone normally posts that they will be going down to open up. The other bad news is that the forecast is not looking good for the next week.
You have certainly started correctly, DX6i and a Phoenix is a great start. If you have never flown before I would suggest a "floater", Bixler from Hobbyking or an AXN, both are good beginner planes.

It wouldn't kill me to miss flying for one day, but then again, why risk it.

Hi David, welcome to the club forum !!
You cant go too far wrong starting out with a DX6i and a heap of stick time on Pheonix
You can actually d/load a graphic of our field to fly in Pheonix

I won't be there on Saturday as we are flying Pylon at Bathurst this weekend but I hope the weather is good on Saturday and I'm sure the Lads will make you most welcome !!

See you at the field in the not too distant future

“The knack of flying is learning how to throw your machine at the ground and miss.”

"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your thoughts turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return."  ~Leonardo Da Vinci

Hi everyone

My name is Chris , Most of the club members have already met me , I'm the one the one flying the apprentice around hence my call sign ,I always wanted to fly model airplanes but family life came first , now the kids have gone the time has come to fulfill my dream. I would like to thank everyone for welcoming me to the club specially Wayne and Adre for taking me under there wing .Wayne wishing you a speedy recovery and by the time rain goes you'll be back at the airfield mentoring me before you know.

I am not a financial member yet , due to being so close to the end of term , but soon as July comes I'll be paying all fees to join, besides I have a few planes to fly and Heli.

P.S. I put a photo up son as the sun comes out and the apprentice is assembled .

I remember you Chris, please feel free to come to the club & fly as a visitor 4 times. I am sure we can work around getting a few more days in. I hope to be back flying as soon as possible in some capacity even if not flying. Please do not wait for me to return, I am sure others will volunteer to get you into the air.

Like to (re) Introduce myself. My name is Sujit, I am an ex Marine Engineer and now a software developer. Always liked to get my hands dirty and cannot do that anymore as a software developer. I have a lung impairment so please excuse me if i cannot yell out loud or cannot help with the mowing.

I would like to thank Wayne and other members for making me feel welcome and for their enthusiasm.

I flew a lot at Ermington and know most of the guys from there. I am trying to be at the club more regularly but I have to blame it on the weather without hesitation. It has been a b*tch lately and never seen such wet weather anywhere in the world (I have traveled a lot in the good old days).

I like flying warbirds and would like to venture into 3D as well. Flying helps me divert my mind from the unnatural world of bits and bytes. The Vitamin D you get is a bonus!

My fleet is

PZ T-28 Trojan with 840KV motor and 60 A ESC Engine lights and nav lights
FMS P-40 mini assembled never flown
FMS Corsair (mini) never flown still in box
FMS P-51 (mini) flown too much torque roll crashed and fixed ready to fly again
Flyzone Corsair (1230 mm) Retractable gear Never Flown
PZ Slo-V (needs conversion to brushless)
EPP HK Pitts bad CG now fixed waiting to fly
EPP Hacker Model 330 not flown
PZ Vapor Which I might fly today at Castle hill
EXtra 330 Red eagle Flown a few times
Easystar I with aileron and motor mods

Departed (RIP)

HK Pearl stalled & nose dived onto the roof of warehouse near the entrance to the club.
AXN Floater lost in action
HK P-51 mini a real beauty. The foam just disintegrated without me doing anything (it did i swear) Smile

What else:
iCanFly gone with the wind. If anyone has held onto it till it is a speck in the sky you will know the feeling. Just got blown away in 40 KMPH wind and could not get it back.

Yep thats it from me.

Welcome to the forum Sujit, Looking forward to catching up with you down at the field

“The knack of flying is learning how to throw your machine at the ground and miss.”

"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your thoughts turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return."  ~Leonardo Da Vinci

Hi there. I'm yet another David, and I recently tripped and spent a bunch of money jumping on the 250 class quadcopter bandwagon. I'm looking for a safe place to learn not to destroy it repeatedly, and I can't do that here in the shadow of Bankstown Airport.

My kamikaze device is a Storm SRD250 from, and it already knows the taste of blood. As a result, I will never put the blades on in my living room again.

I'll endeavor to come visit the field on a Wednesday morning sometime soon and introduce myself properly.

Welcome to the site Lemming. You will find that mid week is a bit hit and miss. Majority of our members fly on the weekend. Look forward to catching up.

It wouldn't kill me to miss flying for one day, but then again, why risk it.

Hi all,
Im new and looking to gain exprience in the world of rc heli's and i found out about your air field i must make time to come down there. Do many people fly heli's there? Anyone have a goblin heli and what do you think bout them looking to purchase for my first heli.
Cheers richard

Hi Richard, there are around 6 Heli Pilots in our club that I can think of, plus a couple that haven't been down to the field in a while. Most members are fixed wing Pilots but we do have a Heli practice area and the Heli Pilots often take a turn using the main strip for a proper fly with more room, although solo (fixed wing don't like sharing with Helis). Myself and one or two other members are regular Heli flyers (we all fly fixed as well, come to think of it). One recently put together a Goblin 570, so could be a good person to talk to if that's the brand you're interested in. You'll find members down at the field most Saturdays & Sundays if the weather is good. Watch this website for info. Pop on down and have a look and meet some of the guys.

John Jelovic
Planks: Lark, California 28, Skyartec Cessna 182, Skyfun, Extra-300S EPP 3D, Stinger 64 EDF, Rare Bear 1400mm,
Durafly P51 Mustang, Edge 540T 3D.
Helis: Blade mCPX, Blade 450X, HK450GT V2Belt, Gaui 550 Hurricane.
Spektrum DX9, DX7se & DX4e


I passed by your field last Saturday morning, had a chat with Flying Fisho and a few others. Thank you for the introduction.
I Just finished building my RC Kite, anyone with experience with this type flyers in the club ? (
I am new to RC flying, so now in need of some real flight training to fly it Smile
Looking to get into fixed wing flying as well.

Looking forward to pass by again one of the coming weekends.



Was nice to meet you Dirk & welcome to our forum.
I am not the most Techo guy in the club but I am sure some of us will be able to help get your kite into the air so please feel free to bring it to the field. We are certainly able to assist with more traditional fixed wing flying.
Cheers for now,
Wayne (Flying Fisho)

Hi Dirk... Saw you down there on Sat with your kid. Ok thats different!! Dont think I have seen any of them at the field... really interested to see how it flies... where did you get the design? Plenty of help available to learn to fly at the club, hope to see you down there.

Hi Robbo,

The design is referenced to a Singapore company, check their website here :
They fly them at night pimped out with led's, pretty cool to watch.

I bought a pair for my nephews in Europe a while back, thought I'd have a go at building one myself. Basically it's a delta wing from carbon rod frame with kite polyester cloth.

See you at the field soon.



Hi All,
I've been flying planes just over a year now and thought it was time to find a club to join.
I've looked a few but around my area and emailed one but no reply.
So I am here, joined your forum and looking to visit the field this weekend if someone is flying.

I have a small collection of planes. Mainly park flyers and all electric.
I have also got a quad but I enjoy the planes more.

Looking forward to meeting some like minded people.


Hi Luke, you would be most welcomed at our Club. We mainly fly Saturday and Sundays, weather permitting, and this weekend looks good. You will see on our Forum "Sticky flying this weekend" which is usually a post about flying and field conditions. Normally someone is at the field by about 8.30am both days. Look forward to catching up with you.

It wouldn't kill me to miss flying for one day, but then again, why risk it.

Hi Luke, without naming names there are a few "clicky" clubs out there that don't welcome newcomers. Some because they have capped their membership numbers & some are simply snobs.
Many have dubbed our club one of the friendliest of clubs & we greet visitors & prospective new members (regardless of flying skills) with open arms.
Everybody has limitations in their knowledge about this hobby & it is only as a collective of members willing to share that we can cover all bases.
Looking forward to seeing you at the field to welcome you into our collective.

Thanks guys, I'm looking forward to seeing some planes in action and meeting some people.
My skill level isn't a beginner but some what of a novice. I try and practice every weekend and some afternoons when the wind is down. There is a large park near my place that see's little use weekdays.

I do have some YouTube clips of my flying.

Anyway, see you Saturday.

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