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Indoor Flying Meeting

Hi Funsters

Just a note to confirm that Indoor Flying is on again on Wednesday, 5 June, 7.30 pm to late, Hills Adventist College Multi Purpose Centre, 2 Gum Nut Close, North Kellyville (Cnr Hezlett Road and Gum Nut Close).

Park in the main car park off Gum Nut Close. Access the Multi Purpose Centre via the ramp or stairs to the left as you drive in. There will be a State of Origin get-together in the Church Hall adjacent to the MPC but that should not affect the use of the MPC at all.

You might find the attachment interesting! (Thanks to Trevor Hodge)

Is this a mosquito? No. It's an insect spy drone for urban areas, already in production, funded by the US Government. It can be remotely controlled and is equipped with a camera and a microphone. It can land on you, and it may have the potential to take a DNA sample or leave RFID tracking nanotechnology on your skin. It can fly through an open window, or it can attach to your clothing until you take it in your home. Given their propensity to request macro-sized drones for surveillance, one is left with little doubt that police and military may look into these gadgets next.

(And to think we were worried about West Nile virus!)

And now you know why our government has requested the law be changed to allow drone surveillance in the United States...

Best wishes

Greetings Funsters

With sincere apologies – the College informed us yesterday that the MPC is full of desks and chairs for mid year exams this week. 140 to be exact! When I checked just before our last email, this event was not in their calendar so the receptionist gave us the all clear. So Indoor for this week, 5 June, is not going to happen.

I have been over there today and they have now booked Indoor in for Wednesday, 12 June, 7.30 to late.

I am very sorry for this late notification and hope that no one is inconvenienced by this change.

Best wishes

Dulce and Graham

9680 1259

0403 82 13 82

Just got a reminder from Graham that indoor is on tonight.


Greetings Funsters

With just a two days to go before the end of June here is the alert for the next Indoor Flying night at Kellyville.

Wednesday, 3 July

Multi Purpose Centre, Hills Adventist College

4 Gum Nut Close, North Kellyville

7.30 pm to late

Park in the main carpark for the College off Gum Nut Close. Use ramp or stairs to access the MPC.

Check out the cardboard plane – I laughed more at the hysterical friend!

Best regards, Dulce and Graham

0404 82 13 82

Greetings Funsters

Just a reminder that Indoor is on tomorrow – Wednesday, 14 August – 7.30 to late.

Hills Adventist College MPC – 4 Gum Nut Close, North Kellyville. Parking in the main College car park.

Have a great day – Dulce for Graham

And another email.

Greetings Funsters

Indoor Flying is on again next week, Wednesday, 4 September. Hope you can come and join in the fun.

Hills Adventist College Multi Purpose Centre, 4 Gum Nut Close, North Kellyville (off Hezlett Road). 7.30 pm to late.

Here’s something to watch on a rainy day!

Kind regards

Greetings Funsters, and a Happy New Year to you all.

School has started and we have dates for Indoor Flying - and we have booked the first Wednesday in the month. I can guarantee that there will be changes during the year!! So, we will still have to advise you month-by-month of the availability. That is just school life!

Dates for 2020:

5 February

4 March

1 April

6 May

3 June

1 July

5 August

2 September

7 October

4 November

2 December


7.30 pm to late


Hills Adventist College Multi-Purpose Centre

4 Gum Nut Close, North Kellyville

Parking in main carpark of the College off Gum Nut Close.

Kind regards

Graham & Dulce Ferguson

Hello Funsters

Just a reminder that Indoor Flying is on again next Wednesday, 4 March, 7.30pm to late.

Hills Adventist College Multi-Purpose Centre

4 Gum Nut Close

North Kellyville (Off Hezlett Road)

Please park in College car park through main gates off Gum Nut Close.

Kind regards

Dulce for Graham Ferguson

9680 1250

Dear Funsters

Well, it hasn’t been such fun lately! We do hope you are all well and that none of you, or your families, has contracted the dreaded COVOD 19. What a world-changing event this has been. It has created much dislocation to our working lives, holiday plans and to the simple things like shopping. I hope all you guys have caught up with the “Honey Do” lists otherwise you might be in as much trouble as the poor chap below!!

Kellyville Adventist College is not opening its doors for hire until the end of third term. This means that the first available opportunity for a gathering of the Indoor Flying Club is Wednesday 5 August. As the Government rules and changes are still quite fluid, we can just hope we will be getting back to normal by August. We will keep you informed.

Take care and kind regards – Dulce and Graham

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