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Videos: RC Flying

Hi guys is there anybody who consoled a new XT 60 plug onto my drone the one broke.
Don't seem to have next the 60 plug so of ordered some more from eBay so should be here end of the week or early next week.
I guess this is one of the problems when you have an drone sitting around doesn't like it very much.

I have heaps of XT60 connectors, including shrouded ones. I can solder and heat shrink one for you if you'd like

(28-05-2023, 06:35 PM)BOB Wrote:  Hi guys is there anybody who consoled a new XT 60 plug onto my drone the one broke.

New shrouded XT60 soldered on for you Bob.


Hey Steve, I've found your new 3D plane. Check out those control throws....

Gravity sucks, or should I say, is the downfall of all things flying. It's the way it's controlled that makes the end memorable or not.

Hi guys here is to YouTube . Number one is Qantas VH-OJA landing  at Albion Park Qantas donated to HARS  Museum
is a video of a replica of the southern cross it was used in a movie and was built in the early 2000 my daughter and grandson and myself visited the museum in the Christmas holidays and i was  very impressed.

The first 90 seconds is a bit boring but if you stick with it the rest of the video of the 747 landing is spectacular to say the least.

The second video is of the replica of the sudden cross running their engines the HARS the plan is to get it  air wordy  so they can fly it.

Taking the concept of "impossible plane" to a new level. And this video is only the beginning....

He has a pretty good channel, kind of a monotonous voice but entertaining nonetheless.

A similar channel is rctestflight, they have collaborated on a few projects.

This is a bit more involved than the carbon fibre props I'm making at the moment.



Just seen this youtube , a needle cutter for cutting foam board.

I need one for my CNC to cut large sheets.


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Many many years ago I flew for a owner at the 84 and 86 MAAA nationals in halfA (.049) pylon racing.
It was nothing like this !

I like how he has someone to look after the batteries.


A quick 5 min tour of our Workshop

“The knack of flying is learning how to throw your machine at the ground and miss.”

"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your thoughts turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return."  ~Leonardo Da Vinci

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