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HobbyKing Group Orders - Discussion

(18-09-2011, 07:32 AM)gbanger Wrote:  Hey Kev J
If you want to get a 3D bird and dont want to spend to much this new beastie looks the goods. If I didnt already have a heap of 3D aircraft I would order one of these.
Cheers Gazz

Great looking plane Shame about the name tho'
I wonder why the postage weight is so high when it's such a light model??
1.3Kg vs over 7Kg

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"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your thoughts turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return."  ~Leonardo Da Vinci

I see the postage weight as 1786g & $95.69

thanks for the tip gaz but i pulled the trigger on a sebart suhkoi 29s in the 30e size.. Smile
i liked your plane but was badly in need of a 3s plane, i need something i can fly all day .. so anyway yeah the little 30e was perfect for what i want right now.. ill use it for awhile and if i want illl get a bigger one later when my jets are finished Smile

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Gday All

Although I really should not be buying any more aircraft this puppy is making me drool uncontrollably.

My resistance is weakening.......

Rob B

I dont blame you Rob, If I wasn't saving for a special project I'd buy that sucker in a heartbeat.
I recon you could even throw a couple of Jetcat P 20's in those nacelles to turn it into a fully sick jet.
Or if you want to be a little more conservative a pair of Wemotec Midifans or some Stumax 90's would have the thing off the rickter.
Mind you, you would want to at some big carbon fibre rods to the wings.

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Don't ever let the fear of landing keep you from taking off!

G'day Gazz

Yeh I am in the same boat, other stuff to finish.
Having said that.............
Looks too damn nice!
also, seeing as you are a 90mm fan expert could you look over my HK order for the fly fly 86, any tips from Darren would be great. George is also up for ideas re his super sabre.
Perhaps we could pick this up on the 90mm jet thread?

Rob b

Depends on how money you want to throw at this Rob.
90mm Stumax are hard to beat but you pay a premium
for them and there is usually a short delay in getting them.
Looking around $500 each for fan/motor combo.
Then there is Extreme RC's own alloy Fan/motor combo around $265.
Extreme are also now pushing a Jetfan/Arc Motor combo for 6s for $278.
Of course there are others within the various price groups right down to the HK ones.
Think Darren had a HET combo when he was flying the F86.
My thoughts are that $500 Stumax in a foamie is a bit of overkill, where
it is just nice in an all composite model.

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If you're patient, I reckon waiting for EPF to drop their Alloy90mm. It could be a game changer in bang for buck.

Their new Mercury 64mm is putting out 70mm thrust numbers!

Gday kv

And I am testing their smaller version soon?
Big bro of the 64mm on the way?
Rob b

Yes, you just ordered the 64mm Mercury fan by EPF, My bothan spies tell me its sitting on the tarmac in Hong Kong.

They said they're 70 and 90 versions of the original Red Alloy fan were coming yonks ago but they dropped production of the whole line for a rethink and came up with these new mercury fans.

Seeing they have a mockup on their webpage gives me more hope that they'll deliver this time.

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