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Rhino batteries - I'm impressed

I have been using Rhino batteries from Hobby King for years and they are the oldest lipos I have. In 2009, I crashed my HK450 in the back yard and somehow managed to sever the balance lead off the battery yet didn't crack the canopy. Arcing and sparking, I managed to separate the severed balance wires from shorting out against each other (it was late in afternoon and quite dark so I could see the fireworks!). The main blades, main shaft, blade grips and feathering shaft were stuffed completely so I am miffed as to how the blades sliced off the balance plug.

Over the years, I had no choice but to charge the lipo without using the balance lead so a direct charge if you will. Far from ideal but no real choice. Recently I obtained a dead lipo from another 3S user and salvaged the balance lead. I soldered it on to that old 2009 battery today and balanced charged it for the first time in 2 years and after say 100+ cycles on charging without a balance lead. To my amazement, all cells were within 0.01V. I'm impressed!!


Rhino's may or may not be b grades from polyquest Wink

So Polyquest are premium lipos Kizza?

I love Rhino packs I have 7of 3S 1350mah packs and they have had hundreds of cycles each and dozens of less than gentle landings not to mention getting quite hot at times as well and I still use the same ones nearly every day.

Ya gotta love that !!

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