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Updating firmware on Matek R24-P6 rx

Quite a few people use this rx. I thought I would try updating the firmware on one of my models which had elrs 3.0.1, even though it worked fine, given that the current firmware is now 3.3.2. I always update using the wifi method, and wifi showed my rx was running a firmware called generic ESP 8285. I first updated to the latest elrs configurator v1.6.1, and I saw that there was a Matek "R24-P PWM" rx firmware available, so I decided to give it a shot instead of generic.

I flashed this Matek "R24-P PWM" and Configurator said success, but the result was the rx no longer connected to the tx. So I repeated the flash with Generic ESP 8285 6xPWM, and this worked perfectly and rx functioned normally. Btw, I used firmware.bin.gz and I did not decompress this .gz file before flashing, as I once found decompressing the file can cause a "insufficient space" error. I think its a problem that matek allows this confusing situation to persist, whereby a reasonable person would select  Matek "R24-P PWM" rather than generic firmware, yet find Matek "R24-P PWM" does not work on its Matek R24-P6 rx. 

I will repeat this update on another model I fly with this rx, as the procedure is very simple, I do not remove or disconnect the rx from the model, just power up the model with the usual lipo and wait to get the wifi going. It occurred to me I should remove the propellor or restrain the model in case of an unexpected motor run, which has never happened so far.

The Matek R24-P6 product page specifies the firmware to use. It is confusing if you're not aware of that though.

I use the ELRS Configurator tool to update the firmware on my transmitters and receivers. No need to download binary images or decompress anything.

On the product page Matek says you can use a firmware: ExpressLRS MATEK_2400_RX_PWM,
in addition to the "Generic ESP 8285 " which is also referred to as DIY ESP 8285. I used R24-P PWM that I selected in my updated configurator, and that flashed OK, with "success" message, but the rx did not work.

It is also confusing that the names generic and DIY appear to be used interchangeably.

I checked, there is only one R24-P rx, so I am wondering what the R24-P PWM is for since it did not work for me.

I am wondering if your wifi updating technique differs from mine: in configurator I select wifi, and click build, and I get a download of a compressed file (firmware.bin.gz). I do not decompress it and simply select it when doing a wifi update. I expect it is a binary file.

I just realised there are 2 Matek product websites for the R24-P rxs with different recommendations on what firmware should be used: (the one I discussed in my above posts)
the Matek R24-P6 product page referred to by Liam in his above post:

The R24-P rx and the R24-P6 rx are 2 different rxs that look similar but you can tell apart by the fact that the R24P has only 5 pwm outputs. I have the R24-P6 rxs which require the DIY ESP 8285 firmware which is aka Generic ESP 8285. R24-P PWM firmware - that I found does not work with the R24-P6 rx - may possibly be used on the R24-P rx, though I have not tested this.

Ah interesting, I'd never heard of the 5 channel version. It looks to be similar but missing the VBat telemetry. I've never seen it for sale so maybe it has been superceded by the smaller and more capable R24-P6.

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