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Discovery of "new" RC brand

Aloft Hobbies (the US distributor of Frsky) drew my attention to a new (to many) RC brand, Causemann GmbH & Co KG (actually its been around for years).

Aloft are excited about the almost-circular flying saucer Alix model (photo attached).
Alix maiden:

However I am looking at the Ozalis and the Sambah, which are 83 cm span 3D planes (3D planes are called shockflyer in Germany)
Ozalis costs euro 25.50, and Sambah 27.90

Sambah: "Made from 5mm EPP RG20, this means you can achieve almost the same take-off weight as with a shock flyer made from 3mm Depron.""

This video of Ozalis has it fly with a 3S 450 mah 50C lipo, and weight of 203 gm

The control link gear is sold separately

This site shows some details of the pull-pull linkage arrangement, including how to adjust the thread tension.

Most 3D planes eg Twisted Hobbies use long pushrods for ele and rud that are supported by tiny plastic guides. For commanding up elevator, its better that you arrange the servo so it pulls on the pushrod to give up ele, because when you push with the rod there is some flexion even with all the guides. In theory a pull-pull arrangement with thread used in the Causemann planes avoids this issue to achieve more precise control. 

In my experience 80 cm 3D planes can be flown in local parks, although I already have a few, I may try an Ozalis or Sambah.

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