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Transmitter Advice Please

Hi all,
I know I’ve been asking about a FRSky for a few weeks though learnt today my father in law was about to press buy on this transmitter. I’ve explained there are a few here that may provide valuable feedback so just reaching out if anyone has feedback on this model?
He is currently using an older as well Digi6 Specktrum
. Like me, hence I’m interested too.
Any guidance would be appreciated and just posting here as wrongly posted in For Sale

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TX16S is significantly cheaper  Wink

So, to bump your thread; What do you want from a transmitter?

I went with the TX16S mark II for a number of reasons (In no particular order):
  • 16 channels - I'm never likely to need 16 channels, but by the same token, I'll never be held back by my radio
  • Hall sensor gimbals - consistent feel and don't wear out like potentiometer based gimbals. Also change between mode 1 / 2, and adjust centering and tension without opening up the radio.
  • Touchscreen - Makes the job of entering information and selecting things so much easier than a rotary encoder / direction buttons only
  • EdgeTX - Open source, plenty of info about on the internet on how to set things up. Basically OpenTx but better.
  • ELRS - I chose this over the multimodule because I don't have any legacy hardware lying around that I'm trying to interface with. Some people dismiss is because it's 'only' 10 bit (1024 different values) but that's more than enough for me. Likewise I dont need the 100+km range that the system is capable of, but again I'll never be held back by my choice of protocol. The receivers are also tiny and capable (I use Matek R24-P6 PWM 6 channel receivers with battery voltage telemetry, at 4g and $23 each)
  • LiPo / LiIon battery and built in LiPo charger. The battery (I have the 5000mAh LiPo) lasts weeks and weeks, and every now and then I plug it in to my computer to charge, I never have to be concerned whether my TX will conk out.
  • I also like the form factor; I'm not a console gamer so the TX models that mimic game controllers are not familiar to me. I also have big hands so I like a larger TX, and it feels solidly constructed.
  • Value for money - I got the 'Max' version with leather side grips, folding carry handle, CNC metal accents and carbon fibre look front fascia for around $340 in a Black Friday sale. It's a bit more expensive than that now, but the regular TX16S II is still in the low to mid $300 range.

Downsides? I have had EdgeTx go into emergency mode twice, but that was when I was trying to change model while connected to the Rx (not whilst flying). It's been very solid apart from that.

Also, configuring the Tx to only arm the throttle when the stick is at the lowest position took a little bit more setup than I would have preferred, but it's very straightforward still

Mate you are a gentleman. Really appreciate the detailed feedback.
I’m looking for something with a better and more reliable connection than my old Specktrum. Been told the FRSKY are very solid in this regard.

Trying now to find a seller which you can speak to and discuss details in store though the one in kid one is email communication only they don’t speak or meet in person which sucks

Hi folks speaking to Andrew today and trying to decide on the two transmitters. Can anyone guide me and why I’m looking for is strong connection above all. I have about 10 Spectrum receivers so that plays a factor.

What do you reckon:
FRSKY QX7S which is about 5 years old since release and below or….

Or the Radio Master which was only released 2 years ago and is below:

You've linked the ELRS version of the TX16, you'll need the 4-in-1 version if you want to connect to your spectrum receivers out of the box.

Having said that, you can get the ELRS version and get a 4-in-1 external module for the JR style module port. Then you'll have the benefit of ELRS going forwards, whilst also maintaining backwards compatibility with your existing hardware.

You will have to add a module on the Frsky to use the Spectrum rx's.
A Radio Master 4in1 like Ross has will work out of the box with your old RX's but the LOS problems may still remain.

I would go with a Radio Master ELRS and 2 new RX's.

Just read today that the new Frsky Twin protocol has the same chip-set as ELRS.


Hi SL and Caffeine,

Really appreciate all your care and Caffeine I’ve re read your original email which makes much more sense.

Ok now I’ve made my mind up and will go with the Radio Master. Max has some nicer touches and will keep an eye out for a sale.
Thanks again and this should mean see you guys more at the field as this has kept me awY

Gee the Max models have some gaudy colours. What colour did you get? I know this is a ridiculous question though they really are very bright when I was just looking for black

I went for black. I just wanted the folding handle really.

The ones with all the 'look at me' colours are mostly just cosmetic changes. Some have the fancier gimbals but you can add them to a normal TX16S.

Caffeine as it does not allow choice am I right in stating they are all Mode 1&2 you just twist the lever one way for mode 1 and the other for mode 2 and it accordingly adjusts the spring to be cantering or not?

Yes, mine arrived as mode 2. You can change the spring centering, the travel, and the ratcheting from externally accessible allen screws (and the allen key should be included)

I agree with the radio advice here for flying at Mccoy.


Ok after feedback from yesterday at the field I will place this out one last time and sorry for going around in circles as my knowledge of the latest in Tx Is limited.

I’ve agreed that the DX6I needs to go
I was about to go FRYsky then felt for same price Radio Master 16 MX2 was a better buy
Was set on buying the Radio Master in 4 in 1 format so I could use my 20 or so Spectrum receivers though now feel this would be no better in terms of connection integrity than using my Spectrum- is this correct?
For same price I should perhaps look at Radio Master TX16Mk2 ELRS… though this means buying all receivers.
The ELRS is my best chance of not losing signal and is better than 4 in 1.

People have I captured this right?

I've found my ELRS link has never come close to losing connection.

This is with the caveat that I'm 1 data point, so it should be considered anecdotal evidence. ELRS as a protocol is capable of extreme long range given the right conditions though.

If you still want to use your spektrum gear, you can get a 4-in-1 external module for the radio. Use ELRS for new stuff going forward, and keep backward compatibility for legacy stuff

Thanks Liam I will buy you a beer after all this.

So your saying that an ELRS model can still fly the Specktrum receivers with a module added onto it?

Yes the ELRS (internal) model of the TX16S can have a 4-in-1 module plugged into it, so that it can control spektrum receivers.

Thank you I think I’ve finally solved this mystery

I am just reading this thread now. I fully agree the best option is radiomaster with edgetx software, and elrs. I have been flying with elrs for 5 months now and have not had a signal loss. The downside of elrs is that it makes some demands on the user. It took me a while to learn to use configurator, to flash tx modules, and rxs, etc, but the good thing is that people like John (the guy in the "5 things" video above), Joshua Bardwell, Andrew Newton , Painless360 and other commentators have posted videos on almost any issue you are likely to encounter. I agree with these folks that elrs with edgetx has the most advanced telemetry, the best RF protocol, and advanced features like dynamic power (dynp). When the tx detects a signal failure (from monitoring RSSI, Rqly which is valid packet rate, and signal to noise) the dynp feature increases your tx power from say 10 mw or 25 mw to 50 or 100 mw. I set up my tx so I am informed whenever dynp increases the power. In my experience it always returns to base level within a second. My impression is compared to my local oval, Mc Coy field has alot of activity on the 2.4 band from neighboring industries and that affects signal to noise.

The radiomaster txs (I have a tx12 and a Tx16, both are excellent) required me to convert them from mode 2 to mode 1. RM say their tx16 v2 can be converted without opening the case, but despite meticulous attention to the detail in the video by RM, it did not work for me on my new tx. I complained to RM Australia and they opened a ticket for a service at Mantisfpv at North Parramatta, who then did the conversion to mode 1 without charge. Mantisfpv have a setup service and will fix any elrs or radiomaster issue.

The one antenna elrs rxs that come wth pwm pins by betafpv and radiomaster work fine, but John prefers the 2 antenna true diversity Matek r24d rx, which I am now moving to. (I have surplus 1-antenna rxs if you contact me). Matek has the reputation as a top elrs rx brand. The r24d and most elrs rxs require you to solder pwm pins on the rx board, or to attach a pwm converter board. I refuse to solder on circuit boards as I am a crap solderer, and I pay fpv stores like Mantisfpv and Rising Sun to do the necessary (you do not need to buy the rx or converter board from them). I always add a lead (a single wire) that goes from the vbat terminal on the rx or converter board to the red wire of the lipo balance lead, and allows you to monitor lipo voltage during a flight.

Good write-up Greg.

I have only used the single antenna Matek R24-P6, and have not had an issue in the 5 planes I have it installed in (I have a 6th receiver somewhere, but I've misplaced it, whoops!)

I can also do the soldering if anyone isn't comfortable. I have the appropriate equipment at home and at work.

Thanks Greg that is very helpful

(25-05-2023, 10:27 AM)caffeine Wrote:  Good write-up Greg.

I have only used the single antenna Matek R24-P6, and have not had an issue in the 5 planes I have it installed in (I have a 6th receiver somewhere, but I've misplaced it, whoops!)

I can also do the soldering if anyone isn't comfortable. I have the appropriate equipment at home and at work.

I have had lots of experience with the r24-p6 rx, and it is excellent. I was attracted to it as I thought it would provide 5 full resolution channels. By the time I got started with it, I had become used to using 4 ch on my 3d planes (one aileron ch, with a Y-lead to wing servos). Apparently you can get 5 full-res channels out of the r24-p6 and almost any elrs rx, but I find there is a good case for use of a y-lead for aileron wing servos, and I tend to use the y-lead rather than adjust the rx settings to 5 hi-res channels.

Occasionally I find an elrs rx can stop working without explanation, and this has happened to me twice: with a RM elrs rx, and a r24-p6 (both failed not in flight, but after a period of storage). With both these, repeated re-flashing and fiddling does not restore function and allow a bind. A friend has a betafpv rx that has failed. Bardwell has commented on experiences like this as a hardware quality issue for elrs. I have used frsky and spectrum gear in the past and still use some frsky, and I do not find RM or elrs to be lower in quality than these brands.     

Your offer to solder pwm pins is amazing and is likely to get noticed!


I follow John Hopke on RCVideoreviews on Discord, as he continuously seeks out new developments in RC.

He published this today
FlySky FRM303: Next Level Radio Control Tech and Everything You Need to Know

Basically Flysky (a RC brand no-one I know uses) have been working with edgetx developers and have created a new serial protocol, ibus2, that works in a new tx module for a Flysky tx that increases the serial stream speed 3-fold compared to crossfire. This is a big deal as it creates room for better telemetry, and easier setup of complex line of sight planes and also long range fpv. I found the above video well worth the effort.

The RC manufacturer most associated with edgetx and elrs is Radiomaster. So even if Flysky is first out the gate with ibus2, Radiomaster will likely not be forgotten as ibus2 becomes more widely used.

I think the tx and module John shows in the video is not yet available on AliExpress (where you buy Flysky stuff), and I am not recommending Flysky here. But it suggests Flysky may soon give industry leaders a shake.

Flysky does have an edgetx tx:
FLYSKY EL18 2.4G AFHDS3 EdgeTX Radio Transmitter for AUD 407
but I dont know if it will run ibus2 protocol. It does not run elrs.

Two more RX's arrived today for me.
I went for a range (fail safe) test walk with the elrs-r24-v , very impressive. Better than my Frsky.


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