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Ex hobby shop stock

Hey folks, I used to own a hobby shop in QLD some years ago (Bundaberg Hobbyworld). I've still got a small collection of items left that I'd like to get rid of (read: my GF wants out of the house  Rolleyes ). It's mostly small stuff like e-props and some electronics...bit of eagle tree gear, some servos etc etc. I'm just wondering what the best way would be for club members to get a look? I'd come out for a fly at some point (I'm in Petersham, so PRCAC is the closest club to me AFAICS), but given how rubbish the weather has been, I'm not sure if anyone's even flying atm?

Anyway, if there's any interest at all, I can dump the boxes out and take some photos.

I'd love to see this stuff to go people who will actually use it, rather than just getting thrown out. I did a few rounds of eBay when I closed the shop and it was largely unsuccessful, so I'm not really interested in going down that route again.


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