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First aid and what to do

What to do in case of an accident at the flying field?

The most Likely injuries to occur at out flying field would be lacerations (deep cuts) or possibly the complete severing of a finger or thumb caused by a rapidly spinning propellor or propellors.
      There are many things we can do to avoid and mitigate the risk of this happening and we will discuss these in detail later. But for now assume that all of those things have failed and someone has sustained a serious injury of this kind. What do you do?
        First try and get the injured person to sit down. You don’t want them passing out or falling and injuring themselves further. Call for someone to bring a chair or get them to a car if possible.  Put pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding and elevate it if possible. If it’s still bleeding badly you are going to need to use a tourniquet hopefully our first aid kits should include one. If you need to use pressure and a tourniquet it’s going to be pretty serious and you if are the only other person there you’ll have to make the decision to call an ambulance. If you are in doubt do it early!  You cannot stem serious bleeding and drive them to hospital at the same time. Your priority will be to control the bleeding until an Ambulance arrives.  If a finger has been severed pick it up put it in a plastic bag and then put the bag in Ice if you have some. Then make sure it goes with the patient to the hospital. Many times a severed finger can be reattached.
        If it’s safe to transport them by car take them to Blacktown Hospital Emergency. It’s the closest emergency medical care to the flying field. If you don’t know where that is get someone who knows to go with you. If you have a first aid kit please take the time to know where Blacktown hospital is and know how to get there from McCoy Park. Everyone should, at some stage, take a drive past it on their way home so they know how to get there. It’s a simple bit of preparedness that can go a long way to giving you much needed confidence in a difficult situation.
        Remember anyone who has been injured and needs medical care must be driven to the Hospital. You cannot let them drive themselves. The injury might not be that bad and they may seem to be doing well but keep a close eye on them regardless. Because people can go into shock after a traumatic experience and trauma can sometimes trigger other medical issues. Be mindful of this and ask, from time to time, how they are doing. Make your own assessment of this too. Ask yourself “how do they look?” it’s important.
Here's a link to a short video showing the recommended first aid for managing bleeding.

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