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Mikado Logo 400 FBL Heli Now $100

For sale is a Mikado logo 400 FBL Airframe only with blades. its almost a 500 size heli
In excellent shape except few minor things. The front joint for the landing gear has been reinforced with a piece of plywood.
The Tail rotor Pitch slider control arm needs to be replaced. I have got one from another heli which I can include and you can try if it fits, if not, it can be ordered cheap.
The motor mount has been upgraded from plastic one to an Aluminum one which alone cost about $60
Blades are fiberglass.
The heli is a very nice small heli with a much bigger and stable flight characteristics. See it flying here,
Good cheap project with someone looking to get into helis.

Asking $150

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Reduced to $100.

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