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Greetings, I'm new to the hobby and work close by to the aerodrome and was wanting to access the field to do some training in my lunch break.

Do you allow this/is there requirements (access fees/membership required) that need to be fulfilled before so. Any answers would be appreciated.


Ps i live in penrith otherwise i'd drop down on a weekend.

Hi Giles

Please call by on Wednesdays when members are present and you can drive in, or sometimes on Fridays as we cutting the strip.
Because of lots of local and federal government rules you can only fly as a visitor with a MAAA club member supervising you. You can have a few flying visits first before joining.

Please keep in touch here or on Facebook and our members will be happy to help you out with learning to fly and the process of joining the club.


Thanks for your reply Stephen, I'll drop by one Wednesday and have a chat to some members.

Thanks again

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