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Oh Shit incident on Dec 29, 2021


Planning to upgrade to the Long Range Module and Receiver. Does anybody has experience on these module/receivers? Will it help minimize interference?

It looks like PRCAC flying field is impacted by the Cell Tower upgrade.

Then its not just me with Frsky Archer.
Could be time to change to the long time proven DSMX. Easy with a multi protocol module.

That might be true Stephen. My Trex helis are on DSMX and I never had an issue. My big heli is on D16 and was impacted with the cell tower.



But Gabino said he had interference issues on DSMX


I remembered this from over 10years ago, very impresive back then and now.
At the time because of the A$ our members were more interested in $5 DSM2 orange RX's from HobbyKing than DSMX.
I wish FRsky would do the same demonstration.


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