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HELP - Building a Reactor Electrify plane

I am currently building a Reactor Electrify plane. Any help/advise will be much appreciated.


Finish product. Hopefully it will look like this.

Does anybody agree with the Recommended control surface throws on Low and High rates?

I agree with the settings of High Rate and 3D but very sceptical to have a 1 inch Up/Down throw on Aileron at low rates. If you take off, land and do the forward flights at low rate, wouldn't be a 1-inch throw on the aileron be very twitchy? Any reaction will be appreciated.


Here's how big is the Aileron measured at the center. So 1 inch up and down throw I think will make the plane twitchy.

Hi Carlou
It looks good.
Do you have a link for any information on it?
When finished have someone go all over it before you fly it like Peter Hart or Jason V. A full check of the aircraft is standard when you are practising or going for gold wings. They will do a pull test of the control surfaces so use plenty of glue on the hinges.


“ HELP - Building a Reactor ”

ASIO has entered the chat…

(12-11-2021, 06:36 PM)Quadzimodo Wrote:  “ HELP - Building a Reactor ”

ASIO has entered the chat…

Good info from Jason regarding Thrust Angle. The propeller is not installed perpendicular to the axis of the plane so that it will fly straight to counter the torque generated and the effect of the wing location. Plane with high wing, has the tendency to pitch up. Pointing the propeller a bit downwards will fix this issue. More info in the video. 

The goal here is to minimize the amount of trim you have to put in orrder for the plane to fly straight. If you have installed the properller without the thrust angle, the last resort is trim trim trim.

If your plane has a cowl, usually the manufacturer has positioned the front of the cown with a thrust angle. You can start here and then adjsut accordingly. This part of the build is very fiddly but if you get it right, it will pay off when you fly. The design of the engine mount can make this setup easy if you have the adjsutment points. Some other engine mount cannot be adjusted.




This engine mount is very good

Big thanks to Jason.


Give a man a tip and he’ll build for a day, teach a man to find the knowledge he needs and he’ll build for a lifetime.

Will anybody oppose setting the CG at 1/3 of the wing?


I found this over the internet.


Looks like a good starting point to me.

Give it a bit of a run in that setup. Trim it up. Adjust COG to eliminate any elevator trim. Fly it again. See how it performs in terms of flight behaviour, both on and off throttle. Add a bit more fiddle, if required.

Someone else with more experience with such aircraft might chime in if I’ve got something wrong, or if I left anything out.

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