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Battery Help Question

Hi can anyone help. 
I have this plane In the link below which requires the 11.1 4500 3S batteries.

Thing is I have none in this spec and about 10 batteries which are 11.1 2200 c25 3S battteries.

Can this plane be flown with my 11.1 2200 batteries or do I have to buy a 11.1v 3S 4500 battery?

Hi Danesh
The big Battery is for the long 30 min flight. Is the battery on the c of G?
Do you allready have a motor for it?


Hi mate yes I do have it all just not this battery. Not looking to FPV on it more coastal soaring or flying in parramatta on super windy days like today.

Could I use my 2200 3 s 11.1 batteries here and just add weight?

Doish, it will fly with that battery, BUT you'll need to be conservative on the throttle because of the 30 amp esc when they recommend a 40c rated battery, but you'll find that that is at the upper throttle range for an extended length of time.
I would suggest that you fly with a basic battery checker/alarm attached to the balance lead to make sure the amps are not pulling your battery down a lot on full throttle on take off.


Gravity sucks, or should I say, is the downfall of all things flying. It's the way it's controlled that makes the end memorable or not.

Thanks Todd appreciated.

So then if I use my 11.1 2200 40-65c batteries in this plane would I be ok and it’s just a weight difference?

Thanks again

With a 1000kv motor it will be fine. As with all aircraft check the C of G before test flying.
Also consider how you are going to launch it.
Having your hand in front of the prop is not allowed.


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