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Trainer planes and prop in a slot SU 35 jet for sale

Hello members

I am selling the following items, send me a PM or post on this thread if you are interested:

Trainstar 1400mm with optional flaps installed and dsm2 6ch orange receiver $130:

The fuselage is made out of hard plastic, and the wings are made out of foam, it has a big aluminium landing gear, has no problem landing on grass and it handles wind quite well.
It runs on 3s 1800mAh - 2200mAh.

IMG20210504221641 IMG20210504222218 IMG20210504220848 IMG20210504221402 IMG20210504221326 IMG20210504220832

TOPRC Cessna 182 965mm with 6ch dsm2 orange receiver $100:

Small epo trainer, the LED's in the wings don't work other than tha teverything is ok.

It runs on 3s 1300 mAh

IMG20210504220150 IMG20210504220155 IMG20210504220220

Brand new prop in a slot jet SU-35 735mm $80

It includes SUNNYSKY X2212-6 KV: 2450 II motor, 2 better high performance propellers and 2 brand new Turnigy MG90S DS/MG Servo (the only ones it needs), no esc and no receiver.
It rus on 3s 2200 mAh 40c.

More info:


Hi,  moving sale,  

Any interest in a 180 cm wingspan cessna ?  complete with all parts, I have some lipo packs and propeller with it, add your own receiver.  (not all parts shown in picture),
needs some TLC tho.    $80 O.N.O

I can bring it to the field Sunday morning. 


If you don't live on the edge, you take up too much space.

TrainStar sold

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