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Selling out of some stuff

Folks, moving away from flying for a while, so need to clear some stuff from the garage.  email me at robattard  at, if interested in any of the below.

I dont think there is anything super valuable, but I want to get a few bucks back in my pocket.
  • Spectrum DX7s   $70   couple of buttons sticky but otherwise works fine, good beginner kit, original packaging, will have an Orange receiver or two for it also.

  • Edge 540 1400mm, balsa frame foam covered, std size Metal gear servos, YEP BEC, 80amp ESC?, 52?? motor.  This is the pick, it's flown twice and not a scratch (as new).  It does fly really well, but is a bit under powered for aerobatics.  $130 (the electronics cost more than that). no receiver, or an orange receiver.

  • Extra 300 Balsa and film.  You may have probably seen me flying this, its a very good flyer, 3S flys ok or 4S for some good aero.  It has had a few dings, but repaired and still a very straight good looking flyer, I can find an orange receiver for it if you need. $100  (spare cowl and cockpit cover)

  • Hummer 3D foamy, flys ok, 3S good for 3D practice $50

  • I've got a box full of lipos, all of them are still ok (various), though havent been used in a while, held at storage charge, 3S and 4S,  1.5a, 2.2a, 3a, 5a.  Most are turnigy blue  $5 a piece

  • I've got  some boxes of extras like props, happy probably to give away to the buyers

  • A few of Orange DSX receivers and frsky, will probably keep a few of the frsky, but the orange (Spektrum DSM DSX) can go, also a 3-axis stabilising one good for trainer plane

  • Also got new unopened Tramp HV 5.8Ghz Video tx and a Foxeer Arrow mini FPV camera  $25 for both.
All dust on the planes is included for free!!
Email if anything interests you.

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