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Mountain Models

Hi all.

Looking to build a simple quality kit with my kids and have read Mountain Models kits are very highly recommend.

Looking to pick up a Dandy ($59US) as this seems to be a great first balsa kit plane.

Question is does anyone know where and if these can be bought locally as the $100AUD postage is a deal breaker.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Danesh

Buying from the US just cost too much.

For leaning to fly and flying at our field would you consider this -

Not many still build so your best teacher may be youtube.

For setting up and flying drop by our flying field weekend mornings and our members will be happy to help out.



Hi Stephen,

Thank you I will check this out.

Understand not many build however this is something I want to pull off as my last effort 30 years ago failed.

The mountain models kits review so incredibly well and believe each part fits in perfectly like a jig saw and only takes a few nights to compete.

Am very keen to swing by your club with my current trainer once allowed to socialise - just waiting for your clubs all clear.

Thanks again.

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