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*PLEASE READ* Field reopening with risk mitigation measures

G'day gents,

In line with the easing of social distancing guidelines and updated advice from our state delegated authority we will be reopening the flying field from tomorrow. The gates have been restored to the former combination and access is available to all current and prospective members. We do ask however ask that all non-current members do not visit the field without first making contact here on this forum and pairing up with a suitable member who can receive, advise and provide any necessary instruction during the visit.

While we are reopening we are yet to return to normal procedures and must still observe sensible precautions to ensure we all stay safe. These precautions are listed below:

* Anyone who is showing any of the symptoms listed above should refrain from visiting the McCoy Park Flying Field until suitably cleared of any possible infection.
* Everyone who does visit the field should, as a matter of caution, effectively treat yourself and others as if infectious.
* Do not touch the gate padlocks or flightbox if you do not have a decent hand sanitiser or equivalent on hand
* Do not park or fly in close proximity to each other
* Do not shake hands with anyone
* Do not share transmitters as the scum and fat filled serrated tips of our control stick would seem a perfect vector for transmission.
* Please ensure that all members and visitors sign the Field Attendance Register to so that effective contact tracing can occur should the need arise (we should all be doing this as a matter of procedure anyway).
* Please maintain a limit of 10 people at the field at any one time to in order to comply with current guidelines.
* Please be aware that we have divided flying time at the field into 5 blocks to facilitate scheduled visitation.

While we are operating under these restriction we ask that all members and visitors announce their intention to visit the on the Flying this Weekend thread.  Please note when doing so how many are scheduled to visit within each scheduled block prior to adding your post, and please ensure that you update your post should your plans change. Remember, we must stick to a maximum of 10 people per block, so if a block is full please schedule your visit at another time.

The 5 blocks will be as follows:

Block 1: Wednesday
Block 2: Saturday before 11am
Block 3: Saturday after 11am
Block 4: Sunday before 11am
Block 5: Sunday after 11am

If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to post them below.

Thanks for your patience and understand during this challenging time.

I look forward to seeing you all down at the field over the coming weeks.

Happy flying,


Just been at the ANSW meeting.

20 persons max are now allowed to meet at the flying field starting tomorrow 13th June.


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