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*PLEASE READ* Field Status Update


In line with the Prime Minister’s request for all Australians to “stay at home” the PRCAC Committee has resolved to close the McCoy Park Flying Field effective immediately and until further notice.

We ask that members do not visit the field until notified by the Committee of a return to normal flying operations. Please be advised that the gate combination locks will be updated over the coming days and the new combination will not be issued to members until such time the field may be safely reopened to members.

The fact we find ourselves in the unusual situation of having to close our field due to public health reasons is a reflection of the severity of the challenge we face at this critical time. It is absolutely imperative we all do our bit to slow the transmission rate of the Coronavirus through our community in order to avoid overloading our health system and it’s ability to provide basic and intensive care to all Australians if and as needed throughout this pandemic.

While we might lack the ability to congregate down at the field for a while there’s simply no need for us to become strangers over that time. Our club serves it’s members in a number of different ways and providing a place to fly is just one of them. I believe it is well worthwhile we each make some effort to keep in touch with each other via this forum over the coming weeks and months. If you have news, build updates or anything else you would like to share, please do so, as it may well help to entertain and inspire the rest of us. I myself have a half-finished micro quadplane project that hasn’t been advanced much in about 2 years, so I’ll endeavour to make some progress on the bench with that while in lockdown and share my successes and frustrations with you here.

Please everybody stay safe, be mindful of the risks and take care of yourself and those around you.

If anyone has any questions, requests or suggestions, or you are in need of any form of assistance at this challenging time, do not hesitate to reach out to myself or another member of the Executive.

Kindest regards,

Jason B
President - PRCAC

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