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Lipo Balance Connector Replacement

Hi guys, I got a new Turnigy Heavy Duty 2200mAh 3S 60C Lipo Pack w/XT60U Connector.
Unfourtunately when I was going to balance the battery using a Parallel Multi Charge Balance Board I plugged the battery balance connector backwards (rookie mistake) and I short-circuited.

The ground cable of the balance connector is gone (It worked as a fuse) but now I can't balance the baterry, I tested each cell with a multimiter and they looked fine, the battery is not puffy at all.

Should I keep the battery and try to repair it or toss it?

Have  you tried a load test on lipo
Regarding repairing it, if you do attempt to repair it you need to be very careful working with lipos as the lipo could explode or catch on fire if your not careful.
It can be very dangerous. Id advise no unless you have experience in this area.
Are you attempting to replace the balance lead complete or cut and join a new balance lead end on ?

Remember safety with lipos if you do attempt to repair.  ppe protection etc
Repair it outside never inside and well vented area as fumes can be toxic if it goes pair shape.

Personally i feel it is better to just buy new lipo and  be safe, but this is your decision.

What Do You Mean Theres a Throttle Curve ?, Its Either all the way up or all the way down Tongue_smile

I can check and repair it if you like. I've done a few already on quad batteries. Max care needs to be taken.

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