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Eachine Racer 250 and 250 Pro

Selling my eachine racer and racer 250. Though both used and seen some damage, both still fly fine.

The Eachine Racer is a beginner racing quad 250 size. It was my first and is 2-3S, you can even put a 2200 3s on it. Has cc3d board using Libre pilot. Has spares including a used frame which incorporates the PDB (Power distribution), though missing some caps, no biggie. I have refitted caps on the main and a torrid to get clean video.
Spares: frame, arms, CC3D FC (not sure it works), box of props, bits and pieces

The Eachine racer 250 pro is a different frame and takes 3s-4s... much more zippy, has an F3 board with cleanflight, uses the same arms and vtx as the normal 250. Needs aerial to be resoldered onto vtx, I can do it if you need, but recommend a pigtail be fitted
Spares: Includes two spare ESC's, same arms VTX and camera as above

Both quads are fitted with frsky receivers, XM I think? (no telemetry)

I have had a lot of fun with these and taught me about quads, these will suit a beginner wanting to ease into quad flying. Biggest issue I have had with these is the aerial breaking off the vtx, I just started soldering the aerial straight to the board... i would recommend the new owner to get a pigtail and connect aerial to the frame to stop this happening. Also the vtx on the std racer has lost its very simple OSD, not a big issue still works for FPV.

I am selling as I have moved onto self-built higher performance 210s, and these wont get flown much more now.


These are no longer sold by bangood, but they still sell all the spare parts, here are some listings.

Standard 250 No longer listed on BG but lots of info on the net.

Photos here -

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