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SOLD: Durafly Trojan and Mustang plus a heap of spares

SOLD. Sorry Dirk. You missed by 15 minutes mate... Sorry.

The man cave is chockers with all of my planes and drones and I just don't get down to the field any more. So feel free to benefit from my space problems... I am selling:

1. Durafly Trojan

This was my favourite fixed-wing. It's got retracts. It's got flaps. It's fast but flies really nicely with the flaps down too. It handles beautifully. Beats the hell out of the Parkzone competitors. Those who remember me from the days I flew at the club would remember this plane...

I've replaced the servos with metal-geared servos for improved performance and reliability. The front landing gear has the metal trunnion mod for much more rugged performance.

2. Durafly Mustang "Old Crow"

Great, quick plane. Flies on 3S and 4S. It's got flaps and retracts. This one needs some work which is why it's cheap. I wrote off my original Mustang on the power lines but one of the members (Chris McCarthy) kindly sold his fuse/wing to me, so I'm combining all the parts here.

I've also got a heap of spares to go with these planes.

- Wing and h/stab for the Mustang (brand new, these used to cost a fortune in freight from HobbyKing)
- Several sets of landing gear and brand new retracts
- Spare wheels including foam ones
- Spare Mustang canopy
- 4 x spare Trojan props, 2 of which are new
- 1 new Mustang prop and 3 2-bladed ones
- 1 new T-28 nose cone
- Plus the bits you see in the pictures - motors, gear bays, firewalls, spinners, all sorts of stuff. I might even have some spare servo's for the Mustang.

I need to sell these soon as I desperately need the room. Asking $200 for the lot. Located in Croydon Park (near Ashfield/Strathfield/Burwood).

Phone 0400 265 807 (Simon) Any questions? Give me a buzz.


FrSky Q X7 Mode 2, Turnigy 9XR Pro and Evolution. Multirotors, planes plus a couple of heli's. Too many to list.

Aaaaand if the wife is reading this: "The club made me buy these planes, I had no part in it, honestly!"

Shame, I missed it by 20 minutes Frown

If you don't live on the edge, you take up too much space.

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