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Club Facebook

Over the years the club has had a fantastic forum with engagement from many members and non-members, but of late the forum activity has dropped. Also since the club was created back in 2006 social networking has skyrocketted. Love it or hate it Facebook has become the standard for social networking for clubs like ours.

As a platform there is a lot more we can do with it to promote our club, photos, videos, live, events and of course discussion, all easily accessible by most of our phones.

The club has for a long time, thanks to Kieran, had a Facebook page, but that has had some limitations for members to easily post to. So we have now connected a facebook group for the club. This is open to paid club members and friends of PRCAC, but you will need to be a group member to post anything, so you'll have to request access.

We hope this group will be used by members to more easily share club activities and discussion, and generate interest in our club to promote membership.

The forums are NOT going away, they remain, and they are the official site for club business, paid up members will still have access to the private club members forum. That specific forum is important to discuss club business or issues that dont need to be shown to the whole world. The forums also operate as a record keeping facility for us, on field maintenance, field condition and closures, safety incidents, and other key documents.

Please go and request access of the new Facebook group here ->>

Just reminding members of the Facebook Group now set up. If you havent yet joined please do... you can find the group here.

(02-07-2017, 05:58 PM)robbo Wrote:  Just reminding members of the Facebook Group now set up. If you havent yet joined please do... you can find the group here.

Hi Rob,

I notice that the PRCAC user account has posted a couple of vids on Facebook (my vid and a vid about flooding barriers). May I suggest that these be shared to the official PRCAC group recently created and mentioned above. This will allow content to accumulate on the group page and promote it's use (as it provides something for others to share and thus helps bring new subscribers to our group page).

Also I am not sure that the flooding barrier vid is worthy of sharing beyond our members forum, as the flooding issue is one that I know you wish not to draw attention to as it may have the effect of putting off potential new members.

BTW - You might wish to invite Dave Lewis from Aeromodellers to join the PRCAC group page and share some content (I think he is a friend of the user account, but not a member of the group), as this is likely to earn us a few more followers/members and ensure future posts to the group appear on his feed - thus are afforded a chance to be shared on the Aeromodellers NSW page.

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