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Wanted DX5E Mode 2

I am after a DX5E mode2 to bind it to my Blade 350 qx and Blade 200 Srx

i have a dx6i which unfortunately doesnt come with swicth having 3 Flight modes

any one selling please let me know

I am also lookin' for it. 19216801-19216811

If u ever find one ...the least will be 60 bucks...why not add just 40 and buy a dx6i...u would have the option of 10 model memory and they come frequently for sale...

Babar, you can set the DX6i up to have 3 flight modes. There is a Youtube clip on how to do this.
I had mine set up for the 350QX you bought off me.

Flying RC is just more than a hobby now. Thumbup

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