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Moving sale ... any interest? - Closed

Well, fellow enthusiasts, I've got to move house soon and I'll have to down-size at the same time, so quite a few of my planes won't be going with me.

I've got several planes, mostly new kits still in boxes which I'd bought over the years for that mythical "rainy day", well now it's pissing on my parade perfectly and so they've got to go.

I'm wondering whether any of you are interested before I go to the shed and take photographs and get details, if not then that's alright - I'll offload them at PEMAC at the next sale-day there.

Here are a couple of short descriptions ...

1. B-25 Mitchell, twin-engine bomber kit. All built-up construction (balsa, mainly - not a foamy!) and covered and painted in an olive drab scheme. I was unsure whether to put an RAAF livery on it, or perhaps set it up to be Yossarian's machine (from the great movie "Catch-22") but either way, I'm not going anywhere with it. It has a fixed undercarriage if I remember correctly, but I was always going to modify it to have some electric retracts with closing doors - which would cost f*all from HobbyKing and would look excellent. Approximately 1800 mm wingspan, but I'll check on that.

2. Hawker Seafury - this is a kit with a one-piece fibreglass fuselage and balsa wings all covered. It's large also, being actually an IC kit for a .90 sized 2-stroke motor. I was (of course, "was") planning on an electric conversion, cutting retracts into it as per the B-25. It ain't gunna happen under my supervision.

3. Several small foamys and stuff, of various types. These all have about a 1000mm wingspan (more or less). A Mirage 2000 which of course I intended to bash into an RAAF Mirage III of the type which I grew up in awe of. A couple of Alfa kits which I paid through the nose for in terms of shipping from the Czech Republic (Bf-109F and FW-190D9). A Wattage PC-9 (plastic and balsa construction) ... and probably others.

If any of this stuff might seem of interest, then post back here and I'll get off my arse and get more details - otherwise, no worries, all good.

Steve Murray

Steve, interested in pc9, mirage... how do you want to proceed?

No problems Robbo - I'll get some photographs of them tomorrow and post back here. If you like the look of them, I can bring them over to the field on the weekend if you're going to be there.

Steve Murray

Sounds good

OK Robbo - sorry about the delay, here's our flight report of one that my son and I had a few years back ... (we originally got two of these to fly together, but one of them wasn't ever built)

Here's a link to an RCGroups thread (led by a bloke in Melbourne as it happens) on the Mirage. The one I have is identical, except that it's the two-tone light-blue and dark-blue colour scheme.

It's a kit only, so there's no motor/fan, servos or ESC but that's actually a good thing since much better combinations are now available as Dr Mad Thrust or ChangeSun from HK so that's not going to be a show-stopper.

Let me know if you're interested - $60 for the pair. No pressure though, no problems.

Steve Murray

Thanks steve... sorry been away... done! I should be done field on sunday for agm if convenient.

No problems Robbo - see you then.

Steve Murray


Steve Murray

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