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Hanger 9 Pulse 125 with motor

    Pulse 125 with motor purchased from HK.
Downsizing and doing uni at the moment. I rarely come down to the field these days as I study, study and study....
This has to be pick up from my place in North Parramatta.





Can the 'web master' please make it so that items not yet sold are always at the top of the list and items which have been sold go below?

I was just noticing my 'Aviation Print' thread has nearly twice as many hits than this one.

This is a big plane, 1930mm wingspan.
You can see the motor in the pics I took.
With great sadness I have to let it go. Too big to build and I'm having trouble just storing the box.
It's going cheap too. Smile


What motor did you purchase to go with it Arron?

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Don't ever let the fear of landing keep you from taking off!

Hi Gary,
one of these,


This is still up for grabs, anyone?
How about $260 without motor.
With motor, $300.


Still available.

Have to make room for a baby in 6 months.....


shit, I haven't logged on to this site for ages.
Plane still available.
Baby is here, studying at uni and things are getting hectic.
I know I can post this elsewhere, but I'm too lazy to find the time.

$200. No motor.


Not available anymore. In storage.


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