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Preventing lipo fires

I have now movedĀ  charging and storage of lipos outside the house.

The method is applicable whether you move the charging outside a house to a backyard, or to an outside deck or balcony of an apartment.

I used a "1/2 height" steel filing cabinet 1015 x 910 x 450mm (HxWxD)
and a custom size waterproof cover that comes from a barbeque cover company.

I have no outside power at ground level, so a power cord is tossed over the upper level deck to supply the 3 dual chargers that sit on the cabinet. I charge 6 lipos at a time, with lipos in an individual pouch or bag. Charged lipos are then stored in lipo bags or pouches, in steel toolboxes (approx. 159 mm x 137 mm x 385 mm) that sit on the steel shelves that create many separate compartments. Uncharged lipos are also kept in the cabinet, again in lipo bags and inside toolboxes.

Details and additional photos are shown in a RCG thread on lipo storage.

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