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RE: Video Clips - SydRob - 20-09-2010

..Awesome hovering Gary... NICE work.. I got the same training gear on my chopper,, brilliant idea they are.. Anyway.. Nice hovering, chopper seemed pretty stable from video..

RE: Video Clips - kizza42 - 20-09-2010

More from the copter that will probably end up ruling us all!

RE: Video Clips - brotherblonde - 20-09-2010

Be very afraid!

RE: Video Clips - siskojuice - 23-09-2010

look out the twilight plains are here awesome stuff the hoop trick is verry impressive..

RE: Video Clips - samste - 25-09-2010

I have To Remember to Charge my Camera Glasses but here is some footage of Today of My Glider doing a couple of circuits to it went Flat.
Charging camera so ready for Tommorow.

Steve Smile

RE: Video Clips - paulj - 26-09-2010

Kev decided to have a go using my new camera
today. Here is the result.

Well done mate

RE: Video Clips - samste - 27-09-2010

Not bad Videoing Kev, I reckon your right a tripod would make it easier to keep stable as it's hard with Hd Recording it's got to be very still, But the video is a lot better though with Hd.

Steve Smile

RE: Video Clips - gbanger - 27-09-2010

Hey Kev
Nice camera work mate.
I think the trick is not to try and zoom in to much, I recon a tripod would be a little to restrictive with the panning you need to do to keep the aircraft in shot, thats some of the best footage Ive seen with a hand held camera...
Nice work.

RE: Video Clips - kizza42 - 27-09-2010

How to handlaunch...

Incase you were wondering Wink

RE: Video Clips - samste - 27-09-2010

I Think He has It a bit Wrong on the First Launch Its A Skip and then Hop into a triple Lutz before letting go. Biggrin
The Second Launch he actually needed to do an Extra Twirl with a one and a half Toe loop. Biggrin


Steve Smile

RE: Video Clips - samste - 29-09-2010

As I'm Still Waiting For My 200 amp Speedy (Existing Speedy can throttle up to half way only) I Thought A Ground Test Was In Order With The landing Gear To see how It Goes.
This was a Ground Test run using a Fixed nose Wheel rather Than a steerable one and using the Ailerons to Steer Plane Instead, Which Appeared to work OK In Steering the Plane.

Steve Smile

RE: Video Clips - dingy - 29-09-2010

Lookin Good Stevo!!!!!!

Really inventive, seems a real goer ThumbupThumbupThumbup

RE: Video Clips - samste - 29-09-2010

(29-09-2010, 10:34 PM)dingy Wrote:  Lookin Good Stevo!!!!!!

Really inventive, seems a real goer ThumbupThumbupThumbup

Thanks Ingo, I looking at my Next project, something Like This below.
Its Pretty awsome Stuff Wink

Steve Smile

RE: Video Clips - kizza42 - 30-09-2010

Been thinking of doing that for ages. Lots of Y-Leads and Delta mixers required if the radio isn't up to the challenge!

RE: Video Clips - ~KevJ~ - 01-10-2010

Wow that's a new one to me, never seen that before that looks interesting

RE: Video Clips - dingy - 01-10-2010

That's incrediable,

Looks like the plane is t[/b]alking back to you - it may well be!!

RE: Video Clips - brotherblonde - 01-10-2010

Well, I have finally gone and done it!

RE: Video Clips - paulj - 01-10-2010

Looks like you were having a lot of fun Andrew.
They are great little planes and as docile as their big brothers.

RE: Video Clips - samste - 01-10-2010

These shrinked rayed T28's are getting Catchy Wink

Some Nice little led Lights on it like my typhoon and you got ya self a nice night Flier.

Steve Smile

RE: Video Clips - smuzz - 02-10-2010

No doubt that the UM T-28s are cute, and I'm surprised that the little brushed motor and ESC+receiver+servo combos actually deliver. However they are susceptible to even the slightest wind and it's difficult to get a small plane to fly in a scale-like way (or it it's difficult for me, anyway ...). Having said that, they're a great way to get some convenient stick-time and they are a complete 4-channel configuration, which in such a small plane is something that was only dreaming material just a couple of years ago.
It would be good fun to get all the UM T-28s down at the field one day and have a scramble ... it just needs a very still day, and nobody is allowed to fart!

RE: Video Clips - brotherblonde - 02-10-2010

(02-10-2010, 12:40 AM)yarrumevets Wrote:  .......... and nobody is allowed to fart!

Oh well, that rules me out Biggrin

RE: Video Clips - samste - 05-10-2010

[Kizza's Adventure..] - SydRob - 09-10-2010

... man on a RC Plane.. good one Steve.. Biggrin

... Well today 9.10.10 I witnessed a chopper pilots worst nightmare.. after some fancy flying and even some 3D tricks.. Kizza's 450 helicopter got so far away..
ALL orientation was lost, I mean ALL.. Paranoid it was basically a little black dot.. Shock
(I must comment on 2 very skilled attempts to bring it back that 'almost' worked before she got totally away..)

Here is the footage and pics.. (before & after only.. crash to far away to capture anything useful)
..trashed heli located, over creek, past the electrical wires of death, past field and on roof/front yard of house 1st row in on Green-meadows street..! Shock

Take off and flying..

Take Off & Flight..

Confused .. and after looking for a while .. Confused


RE: [Kizza's Adventure..] - popeyepete - 09-10-2010


Ah lucky you found it, what about the noise that would of made on that couples house!

Sorry but those pictures really crack me up..

Unlucky mate, chin-up and move on!

RE: Video Clips - brotherblonde - 09-10-2010


Mate I'm really sorry about your heli. I can only guess the horrible gut feeling you had when she went belly up.

I'm amazed that you were able to find it.

Was anything salvageable?

RE: Video Clips - gbanger - 09-10-2010

I too am sorry you lost your Heli mate.
Do you know why it got so far away, did you loose control?
Were you using one of those HK receivers?
I suppose the good side of a situation like this is that now you can buy a new Heli.... Goooo the 600.
(Makes it harder to loose orientation when they are as big as a house!)Wink_smile

RE: Video Clips - samste - 09-10-2010

heh Kieran
Aussie site has

Cheap shipping and i might even get something as well to bring shipping costs down.
Don't mind robs Yak mini plug in fly actually seriously thinking of buying one as it uses the 2s lipos from my mini swift well.
LOL Rob, i think i need to maiden it again for you to make sure its air worthy LOL not because i thinking of buying one LOL
No it is a nice Flier Rob, but light wind only.


RE: Video Clips - kizza42 - 10-10-2010

Thanks for the vids/pics Rob and to you and Steve for helping with the search, the vids will make explaining it to wifey much easier ("See I CAN fly it, even if its only for a short period!")

This was a classic case of lost orientation and dumb thumbs, I simply let it get too far away from me to see it. The great amount of distance to the crash site is because the flymentor just prolonged the inevitable crash. There was a point where I almost had it back but just kept drifting away again so I thought I'd ditch it before it ended up in Parra (It will happily hover till the battery runs out) I was hoping for a soft landing but in the panic I forgot I was in idle up so when I dumped the collective so it probably drived straight into the roof and begun chicken dancing, it wasn't till after I heard the crack that I hit the throttle lock!

As for salvage, well I haven't had much of a chance to look at it but the damage is pretty substantial, the main shaft actually drove down into the gyro case so the flymentor may be damaged. The motor has had its cooling fins snapped off and all the cyclic servo arms were ripped clean from the servos! ESC, RX and tail servo should be ok.

The question is now whether I go another 450 or just step up to 500, seeing that all my crashes thus far have been due to it getting too far away to see it...

RE: Video Clips - brotherblonde - 10-10-2010

my 2c worth. get a 500 (or 600 if you can afford it) They are much more stable and "easy" to fly (It's all relative) Smile
That way if your flymentor is wrecked, you won't need another one.

RE: Video Clips - gbanger - 10-10-2010

Im really not a heli guru and dont profess to be a good pilot.
But if you want my personal opinion, go old school and fly with a Gyro only, all this flymentor electronic shit just adds complications that you dont really need.