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Re: Video Clips - Drew - 06-05-2010

That is indeed a landing to be proud of. It seems I can only do good landings without the camera or when it is not turned on properly Frown!.

Re: Video Clips - helijeli - 11-05-2010

...yeah! that's what I'm talkin' about!
as well as upgrading the motor, I'm going to instal a hatch on top of the nose so I've got easy battery access & don't have to remove the wing every battery change. And will allow bigger battery (3.0 amp/hr &/or 4s as you suggest) to go with more powerful motor, faster flying, more duration... hang on... I'm getting myself excited!!
Here's another video... with the Lark out of action for a while, I maidened my California 28 Balsa Trainer.
Specs: converted from .25 Nitro to Turnigy SK 35-36 1400KV, 9X6 Prop, 40A Turnigy Plush ESC, Turnigy 3.0 20C Lipo, pulls 40A at WOT.[youtube][/youtube]
P.S. good point Chris. I had thought of being careful about what's uploaded - but hadn't thought of the possible implications of this actual mishap.

Re: Video Clips - samste - 11-05-2010

Nice Clip John, It look Like It Flew Very Nice with not much trimming needed. Smile

Guys bring your Planes down this weekend for a wash. Wink


Re: Video Clips - paulj - 12-05-2010

They can wash my planes anytime. Icon_twisted Icon_twisted Icon_twisted Icon_twisted


Re: Video Clips - helijeli - 14-05-2010

This is a video from my Cessna 182 Foamie. Camera is pointing forward & down 45 deg, from a belly pod I velcroed under the fuselage. It acts as a skid on landing, but it does flick up dirt into the camera on landing. This footage is some sightseeing above the field.[youtube][/youtube]

Re: Video Clips - samste - 14-05-2010

Yes nice footage up High of whole area Biggrin and yes i did watch the whole thing (marathon movie clip Lol )it was a long vid clip but like always i like watching the Take off's a bit of flying and landings.

P.s That mini cam does nice at 480p on you tube, That was the Hobbyking one you showed me the other day ?

Steve Smile

Re: Video Clips - samste - 18-05-2010

Nice Scenery 8-)
You will have to invest in a HD GOPRO Crisp Clear Footage 1080hd Design for this stuff.
Shop link

Heres A teaser of it in Action on You Tube a Local Guy in Penrith

Steve Smile

Re: Video Clips - samste - 19-05-2010

Heres my clip for steerable Tail wheel Modification


Steve Smile

RE: Video Clips - kizza42 - 26-05-2010

Originally posted by Paul just before I cut over to the new forum software:

Here is some footage shot yesterday at the field.

Gary's nice new Alpha Jet

Kev and Kizza having some fun

and Kev putting his Habu through it's paces


RE: Video Clips - paulj - 26-05-2010

Thanks for inserting it Kizza.
I intended to do it myself then forgot about it.


RE: Video Clips - kizza42 - 28-05-2010

Just testing the new auto youtube code...

it even does MP3s!

RE: Video Clips - brotherblonde - 12-06-2010

Here's some random flights with Garry, Stephen, my brother Chris and me today.

RE: Video Clips - paulj - 12-06-2010

Nice video mate.
Field looks in pretty good nick too


RE: Video Clips - brotherblonde - 15-06-2010

What better way to spend a public holiday than fling our models.

RE: Video Clips - brotherblonde - 17-07-2010

It was a perfect day on Sat 17th July. Here's some random flying from some very random people.

RE: Video Clips - paulj - 18-07-2010

Nice video Andrew.
Looks like it was a great day for flying.
Hope tomorrow is the same.


RE: Video Clips - brotherblonde - 19-07-2010

Thanks Paul. It was a perfect day. I hope the video did it justice. Darren's heli is beautiful!

RE: Video Clips - samste - 05-08-2010

This was my attempt in Videoing with sunglasses camera at night.
Actually the sunglasses help as there so Bright. lol

Steve Smile

RE: Video Clips - brotherblonde - 05-08-2010

That's amazing Stephen.
How do you find distance perception is at night?

RE: Video Clips - samste - 05-08-2010

Distance isn't an issue i find i fly the same as i would if it was daytime as the lights are better for orientation and i gone if not further than i would during day.

I loving it as its superquiet the typhoon 2 3d and theres zero wind at night.

And the Leds are so unbelievably bright the You Tube clip does it no justice, its a must see in real flight.

Flight Time isn't reduced at all as the draw next too nothing.

Going to do Trojan T28 next.

Steve Smile

RE: Video Clips - paulj - 05-08-2010

Residents report strange lights in the sky over Quakers Hill.
RAAF advise no military aircraft in that area but they did pickup some strange
echos on their radar.
Police advise that people are reporting their dogs and cats acting weired.
Unconfirmed reports that Qantas and Virgin Blue pilots do think they saw UFO but
are reluctant to lodge official sightings in case authorities think they are crackers.
Some people believe that it's a Tony Abbot ploy to upstage Julia Guilard although Bob Brown
believes it's just a load of hot air.

RE: Video Clips - Drew - 06-08-2010

Strange craft soon to be vlcocked at 283km/h - sppeds like this can't be natural Biggrin

So - you can see the plane fine but what about the trees?!

RE: Video Clips - samste - 06-08-2010

(06-08-2010, 12:42 AM)Drew Wrote:  Strange craft soon to be vlcocked at 283km/h - sppeds like this can't be natural Biggrin

So - you can see the plane fine but what about the trees?!

The Trees don't seem to be bothered about me Flying at Night.
No seriously They haven't said a thing to me.

No but Really i guess I'm Lucky That's were there's no issue as no Trees to contend With, and the trees that are about along the edges i stay well clear of, and you can see the silhouette of Trees.

But like i said Before seriously Its Lots Of Fun and a new Experience.
Enjoying It immensely.
As well you would be suprised that it looks great during the day as well as you can see them clearly on.

Steve Smile

RE: Video Clips - kizza42 - 06-08-2010

Would be fun to put some lights on the Siren and see how many Blackhawks come and visit our field Biggrin

RE: Video Clips - samste - 13-08-2010

Short Clip of Combat Soarer Electric Powered Finding open space to Fly.
Great Cheap RC Plane Very Tough and Withstands lots of Knocks in with the Luggage when on Holidays and feel the Need for For a Fly arises away you go Flies well in The wind as it is a soarer.
15 min Flight Times with 4.5x 4.5 prop 2600kv Brushless, 1100ma 3s lipo, 20 amp ESC and a cheap Fm 36mhz 4ch Transmitter

Flying at the Back of The cabin in the only open space there is Biggrin

Steve Smile

Heres My Brother And i Having Some Fun

RE: Video Clips - paulj - 14-08-2010

That looked like a lot of fun.
Your'e a better skier than me, although I can probably
fall faster than you seeing as I have more mass. Smile
Like the hat cam.

RE: Video Clips - Drew - 14-08-2010

You are so asking for it flying over water Smile. I'm glad to see you had a great time and survived to damage yourself @ Soccer.

The state of our field. - brotherblonde - 15-08-2010

It was a really windy day on Saturday, about 10 to 20 Kts. The heli was ok but I was working like a one-armed paper hanger!

Some trail bike riders seem to think it's fun to tear up our field, here are a few aerial views of it. Frown

RE: Video Clips - paulj - 15-08-2010

Field condition comes up well in that video.
I believe the bikers have been at it again last night
and field is now in worse condition.

RE: Video Clips - Stuka - 15-08-2010

Just wait until the photos that ingo took this morning after the "once over' the field got last night. Makes you want to pull you hair out!!Icon_evilIcon_evilIcon_evil
Luckily I've still got some let on top of my head!!!SmileSmile