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RE: Videos: Flying - FallingWithStyle - 05-04-2013

That was an awesome video, thanks for posting it! I wonder if it would be possible to pull off those tricks flying FPV though.

RE: Videos: Flying - secant0give - 06-04-2013

And now for something completely different, well it's still flying but with no motors and with a very nice view!!

RE: Videos: Flying - Steven - 27-04-2013

A little video from mine and Seen's day at Vineyard


RE: Videos: Flying - secant0give - 27-04-2013

Hey some nice flyin' there !!

Vinyard is a great field !!

RE: Videos: Flying - Steven - 28-04-2013

It is. With all that available sky, I didn't know what to do with it Biggrin

Seen mentioned there was a river "over there", but only when I was reviewing my on board footage I realised it was only about 10 meters off the end of the strip I was using... The line of trees didn't make the coin drop Lol

RE: Videos: Flying - wingtipper - 01-05-2013

holy moly. 747 DOWN.

RE: Videos: Flying - kizza42 - 02-05-2013

Thats a terrible crash, looks like the load wasn't fastened and they went tail heavy, We all know its all over from there Frown

RE: Videos: Flying - brotherblonde - 02-05-2013

Yeah Kieran. That's exactly what happened. Frown tragic loss of life.

RE: Videos: Flying - secant0give - 02-05-2013

Very tragic.

I was suprised at how quick the roll rate was It looked like the pilot almost managed to get the wings level before it hit the ground. It was pretty much on edge and with little forward speed only moments before.

RE: Videos: Flying - brotherblonde - 02-05-2013

A horrible place for the pilots. Close to max (although de-rated) thrust for takeoff causes pitch up on the 747, but catered for with the takeoff trim setting. In this case, Even with full down elevator, the only way to lower the nose would be to reduce thrust...ok if you have altitude, but not on takeoff. With the shift in cargo as bad as it was, with no altitude or airspeed to trade, was nothing anyone could have done.

RE: Videos: Flying - robair - 04-05-2013

G'day KV

I'd say your on the money re freight shift aft.
I know transport aircraft usually haul arse out of these bases to get altitude and out of range from insurgent ground attack.
Wonder if the cargo attach points are up to handling regular max rate climbs after takeoff? Ie attach point fatigue induced by flight profile/ attitude?
Or they just didn't secure the load properly?

Nasty stuff!

Rob B

RE: Videos: Flying - brotherblonde - 04-05-2013

Gday Rob,

I'd say it was human error. If they used straps to tie down the vehicles (allegedly that was the cargo), each one is at least 3G rated..possibly less than 3G if old, and considerably less if not attached though. BB.

RE: Videos: Flying - gbanger - 08-05-2013

Oh well gosh and darn it daddy, all I want for christmas is a RC model... wouldn't that be just swell!
Look how far we've come in no time at all!

RE: Videos: Flying - secant0give - 09-05-2013

Great Video Gazz
Good find!!
I enjoyed watching that especially the inverted pass by the sea plane
That looked Awsome

RE: Videos: Flying - brotherblonde - 12-05-2013

The crazy Heligrafix guys are at it again.

This time it's a helicopter sandwich.

RE: Videos: Flying - secant0give - 17-05-2013

Here's another race from the weekend at Wollongong.
This one get's pretty ding done with 2 very fast planes dong some close racing at times and traveling at around 300k. Don't forget to watch it in Full HD and with the size set to full screen.

RE: Videos: Flying - wingtipper - 18-05-2013

very nice rc video

RE: Videos: Flying - secant0give - 24-05-2013

If you like US WarBirds you'll enjoy this !!

RE: Videos: Flying - wingtipper - 24-05-2013



RE: Videos: Flying - brotherblonde - 25-05-2013

Sadly, never to be seen flying again.

RE: Videos: Flying - wingtipper - 27-05-2013

p47 real war footage

RE: Videos: Flying - gbanger - 13-06-2013

Here is a video that is worth a look.

RE: Videos: Flying - kizza42 - 13-06-2013!

Talk about hitting a wall!

RE: Videos: Flying - smuzz - 13-06-2013

(13-06-2013, 06:37 PM)kizza42 Wrote:  Talk about hitting a wall!

Yep - even with those windscreen wipers going like the clappers!
I don't blame 'em - discretion being the better part of valour, as the saying goes.

RE: Videos: RC Flying - wingtipper - 21-06-2013

supurb 3D flying by Michael Wargo . great song too .

RE: Videos: RC Flying - kizza42 - 08-12-2013

Thankyou GoPro for giving us a world where amazing footage like this is captured in HD!

Everyone made it out alive!

RE: Videos: RC Flying - secant0give - 08-12-2013

Very scary stuff

RE: Videos: RC Flying - smuzz - 18-12-2013

This is a link in some unsolicited email I received today (perhaps others amongst us also got it) - it's good viewing, especially the two Messerschmitt 163 "Komets" at 3:48 in from the beginning Smile

RE: Videos: RC Flying - Stuka - 19-12-2013

Thumbs up all the way Steve!!

Could not stop watching it this morning and could not help noticing the way the pilots move their sticks - with their thumbs and forefingers - which in some way would give them more control over the aircraft. May try it on the Sim one of these days.

And OH the open spaces in Oberhausen - Say no more!!!!!

RE: Videos: RC Flying - smuzz - 19-12-2013

... and a beer at the end too, Victor - that's RC flying with all the trimmings Smile