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RE: Videos: Flying - gbanger - 18-12-2012

Jason you D man, thanks for posting that clip, I think I've finally found what I was meant to do with this life. That looks way cooler than a Samste low pass and then some.
Where do I sign up!

RE: Videos: Flying - smuzz - 18-12-2012

You're probably too old ... so forget it!

RE: Videos: Flying - secant0give - 18-12-2012

I wouldn't think that smuzz, most of the red bull guys are ....................well.....................lets not mention the war.................... and say ................................that they are not all young blokes.

RE: Videos: Flying - gbanger - 19-12-2012

Yeh... you tell im Jas...stick that in ya pipe and smoke it... numnuts!

RE: Videos: Flying - Skidz - 21-12-2012

Check this out! Watch the approach a few times. Scary.

RE: Videos: Flying - wingtipper - 21-12-2012

and this thriller

RE: Videos: Flying - wingtipper - 24-12-2012

RE: Videos: Flying - kizza42 - 27-12-2012

Some wonderful in cockpit footage in this one, be sure to watch in HD!

RE: Videos: Flying - wingtipper - 03-01-2013


RE: Videos: Flying - secant0give - 03-01-2013

Interesting stuff !!
I wonder how power hungry it is and what sort of duration it is caperble of

RE: Videos: Flying - gbanger - 04-01-2013

Helicopter Training
What NOT to do!!!!
Dave and Frank in particular.. thought you guys would love this one!!!


RE: Videos: Flying - secant0give - 04-01-2013

Wow didn't that make a mess !!

RE: Videos: Flying - secant0give - 19-01-2013

Some Video of Wayne's Eflight Pulse in action, from last weekend
It might take an hour to become available It;s just uploading to You tube as I type this

RE: Videos: Flying - Flying fisho - 20-01-2013

Thanks for that Jason, I think that is the first footage of 1 of my flights. I dont think I will be asked to sign autographs tho Smile

RE: Videos: Flying - Claudius - 20-01-2013

For those of you who haven't yet seen the X-8 scoot off Jason's pneumatic launcher:


RE: Videos: Flying - Steven - 01-02-2013

Meanwhile in cold, miserable Tasmania...

RE: Videos: Flying - gbanger - 02-02-2013

What a great spot to fly, cold Miserable Tasmania looks pretty bloody nice to me!

RE: Videos: Flying - samste - 02-02-2013

Nice lanscape with the water so close looks cool the contrast, love the footage of Tree kissing Wink Too.

Steve Wink

RE: Videos: Flying - Steven - 02-02-2013

(02-02-2013, 08:49 AM)gbanger Wrote:  What a great spot to fly, cold Miserable Tasmania looks pretty bloody nice to me!

Gazz, that place I told you about for flying sea planes.... Right there. Well, actually, from the little beach nearer to the houses.

RE: Videos: Flying - secant0give - 02-02-2013

Great Video !! good flying too!!

Doesn't look like they've had much rain for a while by the colour of the grass.
I'm guessing that's down the south somewhere ???

We almost moved to Tas the missus and I, Probably would have if I'd have taken her there in the summer instead of in late july. I quite liked the area around Willmot and Burnie, tho' I could easily have lived down around Hobart too. We were looking at realestate down that way and it was reasonably priced. Good hunting and fishing in Tas as well and a lot of interesting History.

RE: Videos: Flying - Steven - 02-02-2013

That about sums it up Jason. Although I have never hunted, and the only fishing rewards I have had have been a starfish, a foot of rusty cable from an old boat graveyard and a fish so small my cat even got confused....

That is in Windamere, about 30k's north of Hobart. Those houses that back on to the reserve, Philbo lives in one, so just thought a door in the back fence and it's a RC playground for all modalities.

But Tasmania is like that. Plenty of spaces, mostly not all artificially beautified like around here (with the exception of McCoy).

RE: Videos: Flying - secant0give - 21-02-2013

Here is some video of Jeremy flying his Hobby king Reverb with a $30 buggy motor in it I'm guessing it's an inrunner. I think it must be Ian manning the radar gun. I believe that after they tried a few props they managed to get it up to 308 kmph in level flight!! THIS THING HAMMERS !!

You must watch it in HD and in full screen mode otherwise you simply won't see the plane

RE: Videos: Flying - kizza42 - 22-02-2013

Thats bloody impressive bang for buck!

RE: Videos: Flying - secant0give - 22-02-2013

(22-02-2013, 08:17 AM)kizza42 Wrote:  Thats bloody impressive bang for buck!

It's not bad is it ?? I'm hoping to find out the full parts list for that set up. It's got to be almost competative for F5D class pylon. It's quite heavy and very very slippery so you'd need a good loooooooonnnnng approach to get it down nicely. It would certainly make a very cheep practice plane for Q-40 racing. It's about the same size and a little bit faster and the cost is only a fraction of the price. I'll bet all up, with reasonable, but not the best servos, it's cheaper than a Q-40 engine alone.

Might even become a new class if HK can keep up the air frames and there is enough interest.

RE: Videos: Flying - wingtipper - 01-04-2013

WAS REALLY ENJOYING THIS SHORT VIDEO , it's a 104 " yak 54 100cc electric conversion on 14S. MASSIVE PLANE .
THIS IS THIS GUYS HIGHLIGHTS FOR 2012 . Quite simply , its a must watch , has all styles of planes and helicopters and styles of flying

RE: Videos: Flying - secant0give - 02-04-2013

That video shows the classic mistake people make when learning to hover a 3d plane.
Never practice recovering from a hover by falling out and recovering nose down !!

Allways practice recovering from a hover by flying out of it nose up using power. Otherwise recovering nose down will be come reflexive and when you hover low you will crash just like in that video!!

Don't ask me how I know this Smile

RE: Videos: Flying - gbanger - 02-04-2013

That aggresive pumping of the throttle is never gunna help with a decent prop hang, I'm no expert but the smoother you are the easier it is to balance the aircraft, keeping the throttle nice and close the balance point is always going to give a more controlled hang and leave you to concentrate on the control surfaces.

RE: Videos: Flying - secant0give - 02-04-2013

Gazz, That is true but if you hold it too steady for too long you seem to get like a ring vortex going and loose aileron control, you need to stir it up a little now and then but not like he was doing tho'.
Better more power than not enough and it looks like in the video mistake number one was aggressively backing off the throttle too far and that caused it to fall out of the hover inverted. At that point he could have upped the power and given it a heap of down elevator and it would have flown out inverted. But instead he tried to half loop out of it by using up elevator and going nose down and you see him open up the throttle when he's heading down at about 45 degrees by then it's already all over it just hasn't happened yet !!

It did look like it might have been a Yak on borrowed time from that earlier Knife edge pass. It almost consummated with terra firma there.

Gazz the stand offs are done all tapped as well Smile

RE: Videos: Flying - wingtipper - 04-04-2013


RE: Videos: Flying - secant0give - 05-04-2013

That was a beautie!! I really enjoyed watching that. I particularly like how that verticaly down 8 point roll just turns into a flat spin.!!

The 180 degree turn in the middel of that rolling harrier was pretty impressive as well. that really looked good !!