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Re: Video Clips - kizza42 - 27-02-2010

Great vids Smile Sent my heli one to a few relatives. I can't believe neither of you caught my f18 landings!

Re: Video Clips - paulj - 28-02-2010

Here are some of my videos taken today.
First off is Darren's bungee launch and flight.

Next is my rebuilt F16's maiden flight

After a few adjustments the F16 flew a lot better.

Next up was my Tucano's maiden flight.

Steve then had some fun with his tigerjet

Steve and Darren fly by

Darren's Habu taking-off from grass

Habu landing

I had 3 SHORT flights with the F16 but the elevons are a bit too loose
and Darren has given me some ideas to fix it.
Hopefully after the fix I will be able to take her up myself.


Re: Video Clips - ~KevJ~ - 01-03-2010

great vids mate, was exactly what i wanted to see! nice work

Re: Video Clips - paulj - 07-03-2010

Some uncomfortable conditions down the field today.
Bit wet under foot and a strong swirling wind kept everyone
on their toes.
Here are some of the "not so good" incidents from today

Chris's new Panther maiden flight

Second attempt

Third attempt

Ingo's ElectraFun

Try again with Chris's help

Kev's Tucano maiden flight

Actually Kev Tucano was going quite well until it encountered a motor problem
that required Darren to immediately bring it down.
Once again Darren's experience showed through and he successfully recovered the aircraft.


Re: Video Clips - samste - 07-03-2010

Great Video footage Paul 8-) , you have got the Video Recording down perfect now, Its great to see the going's on down at the Field.

I reckon i have just the motor and heavy Lipo for The Panther to get up in the air, It Seem to be Lagging Thrust and it seemed to be too tail Heavy in the Video Clip

Steve Smile

Re: Video Clips - ~KevJ~ - 25-03-2010

hmm more power for sure..

Re: Video Clips - paulj - 25-03-2010

Must be something about the name Panther Biggrin
That maiden was about as long as Chris's RC Lander Panther.
Back to the drawing board Steve, I'm sure you will work it out Wink


Re: Video Clips - paulj - 29-03-2010

Some footage from todays flying
Kev flying T28

kev's Habu maiden

kev Tucano

Kieran's Helecopter


Re: Video Clips - samste - 29-03-2010

Very Nice Clips Paul, Great flying by all.
No Holding back on maiden with Habu, lol Kev great flying
Kieran Heli, You were pretty high, very impressive Flying and maneuvers.
(p.s Paul I reckon his been Practicing Too, i to need to do more practicing myself)

Steve Smile

Re: Video Clips - ~KevJ~ - 29-03-2010

yeah great vids dad, it was an awesome day for me yesterday, no wind ,clear skies, not hungover Smile , my planes were fast and i had a heap of fun. im looking to try and find some time next weekend (busy easter) cause i cant wait to get back in the air.. Biggrin

Re: Video Clips - samste - 29-03-2010


Re: Video Clips - paulj - 29-03-2010

Well Gunfighter has been recovered.
As mentioned in the "flying this week" thread a
lady from Mimosa Avenue rang me this morning to say she had found it.
When I first looked at it after picking up, I thought that there did not appear
to be much damage done. However, on closer inspection I have found a few
problems that may have lead to the crash.
The connecting piece between the left and right elevators is broken and hinges are loose.
Prior to loss, I was noticing that aircraft was climbing and hard down elevator was only just
keeping plane level. Attempts to turn aircraft also resulted in plane going into a spiral which could only
be stopped by attempting to turn in opposite direction.
I believe that what was actually happening was that one half of elevator was stuck in one position and the other
was moving in the opposite direction thus acting like an aileron.
Horizontal Stab is cracked and twisted this could have been the result of a crash landing or due to stress with
opposite elevators.
Battery appears ok and is currently being balanced. There was 11.4V left in the battery, all 3 cells had at least 3.6Volts or more.
Receiver appears undamaged but will subject this to a range check before installing in another aircraft.
ESC appears ok. Motor appears to have a bent shaft. New prop is undamaged as was the new cowl.
As luck would have it I have a brand new fuselage and wing for the gunfighter and I will bring this into service now so
Gunfighter is still alive. Biggrin Biggrin
Here is some video I have taken of the recovered plane.


Re: Video Clips - paulj - 29-03-2010

Nice Video Steve.
Definately an improvement on first flight attempt.
How are you managing to video and fly? Is that a helmet camera?
Like how it follows the plane so well.


Re: Video Clips - samste - 29-03-2010

Great recovery, and also for the pilot hanging in there to the end and not bailing.
Damage looks minimal, very lucky paul. Biggrin

Steve Smile

P.s ... 2c53bbaea9

Re: Video Clips - paulj - 06-04-2010

Looks like a lot of fun...
I finally bought my first edf last night. Smile ... duct=10716
Been looking around trying to decide on what to buy.
Thought his one might be ok as an introduction to edf.
Once I've got a bit used to flying it I'll then go for something
a bit faster. Wink


Re: Video Clips - samste - 06-04-2010

Very Nice Looking Edf, They must be The New lot That have Come in.
Not Sure Though they all say with 1300ma 3s, i would hope putting in a 2200ma 3s with not effect to much cg though it may.
Let me Know as i have a couple 1300ma 3s laying around ... oduct=9493 can bring when you maiden.


Steve Smile

Re: Video Clips - paulj - 06-04-2010

Thanks Steve.
Will have to wait until it arrives and see what's required to fit bigger battery.
According to HK battery compartment only 90x30x22mm. Frown
will need to see if I can change that. Wink

Re: Video Clips - Drew - 10-04-2010

At the end of a great day's flying, Con was very keen to get a flight in with one of his EDF jets. Using Mode 2, at the end of the day... well, the video can tell the rest.


Maybe there'll be better results tomorrow with Kieran's skilled hands on the sticks.

Re: Video Clips - kizza42 - 11-04-2010

Wow, looks good although I can't see what really went wrong there, that was a text book climb out although it does seem a tad lacking in grunt!

Re: Video Clips - paulj - 19-04-2010

Seeing as I was stupid and forgot to press the record
button when Darren maidened the L39 I don't have any
video of it's first flight. Redfaceops:
Pity too, as Darren made a great landing at the end.
Anyway all is not lost, here is it's second flight, this time
we have Kev at the controls.

I'm very happy for my first edf


Re: Video Clips - ~KevJ~ - 19-04-2010

hey thats a mighty fine aviator at the controls there! Biggrin

Re: Video Clips - paulj - 01-05-2010

Here is some video I took last weekend of
Kieran's Katana maiden flight.
Looks like you have another good one there Kizza. Smile



Re: Video Clips - siskojuice - 02-05-2010

kizza42 Wrote:Wow, looks good although I can't see what really went wrong there, that was a text book climb out although it does seem a tad lacking in grunt!

Yes Kierran It Did Lack A bit Of Grunt i needed to slide the Throttle Trim Up To Max To Give It A Bit More Power. For Some Reason The Esc Is Setup Like That From Factory. And Also I lowered The Throttle A Bit To Early As Instructed.
As That Was My First Real Flight Ever With Any Type Of Plan I Have Only been practicing On Simulator Lol. And its a bit different in real life than with the simulater. Next Time I Will Try It With a 14.8v 2200 Mha Lipo Battery Instead Of The 11.1v 1800 Mha That Came With Kit.

Have A Great Day

Re: Video Clips - samste - 03-05-2010

My Customed Stryker Flying Fast Now with The Higher kv Scorpion off my Funjet that was capable of 200 km/h and managable control with the balsa ailerons,My first couple of speed runs was nice horizontal 176km/h.

Though I may Replace Shaft on Motor with spare as it seems to Vibrate a little i noticed.



Re: Video Clips - ~KevJ~ - 03-05-2010

nice work steve, when you cruise past and pull vertical she climbs with pace... i love it... Icon_twisted

Re: Video Clips - paulj - 03-05-2010

great video Steve
handles well going slow too.


Index 3 - Drew - 03-05-2010

Here's two vids of my new Index 3. First with a bit of a dance-about hover and some throw and catching action.
The second, a little out-take - the result of trying to execute fine throttle adjustment with your mouth.


Re: Video Clips - brotherblonde - 04-05-2010

Gday, I'm brand new here but love videoing...Heli's and Motorcycles.
Here is my HK500GT lat weekend at Macquarie.

Re: Video Clips - paulj - 06-05-2010

Here is some video taken last weekend at the field.
Darren's Sopwith Camel

Gary's Sukhoi 29S

and my funjet.


Re: Video Clips - Kedumba - 06-05-2010

I'll add mine of the weekend as well since I'm particually proud of the landing that I did!