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RE: Videos: Flying - smuzz - 29-01-2012

(29-01-2012, 08:57 AM)robair Wrote:  Bit sad though because he makes just about every mistake that you can avoid by joining a club.
Good point!

RE: Videos: Flying - Cessna - 05-02-2012

Maiden flight of my new Warbird Texan AT-6, slightly tail heavy but so so much fun!

RE: Videos: Flying - smuzz - 05-02-2012

Looks like a model with some potential there - but you're braver than I am, flying in a public park like that!

RE: Videos: Flying - Cessna - 05-02-2012

The plane is great, I think with a bigger battery then the 2200mAh it will be a bit smoother. My next stop with be at the clubs field (if you'll have me) :-)

RE: Videos: Flying - smuzz - 05-02-2012

Yes, I know what you mean. I didn't even bother charging batteries on Friday night because of all the rain during the week, but hopeful for next weekend instead.

RE: Videos: Flying - paulj - 05-02-2012

Agree with Steve, not a good idea to fly there.
The close proximity of some of the houses especially the ones to your
right of where you were standing is a worry.
If anything goes wrong and you hit one you could find yourself up for
some very expensive repairs.
You are welcome to come down to our field anytime to discuss any problems you may be having.
Unfortunately you won't be able to fly without insurance here but details of how to do that
can be found on the club webpage.
Nice model, agree that it looked a bit tail heavy.

RE: Videos: Flying - wingtipper - 05-02-2012

yeah mate . nice plane . i recommend joining a club too . these planes are not toys , and horrible things can happen . if the cops see this you can also be charged . not trying to kill your fun , just advising to be carefull .

RE: Videos: Flying - Skidz - 05-02-2012

(05-02-2012, 12:38 PM)yarrumevets Wrote:  Yes, I know what you mean. I didn't even bother charging batteries on Friday night because of all the rain during the week, but hopeful for next weekend instead.

A blue sky day at Pemac. Shoulda coulda have had those batteries charged. Why on earth did you think it would be raining? Leet

Daniel, BHSC are cruising their parks lately. There have been a few confiscations and fines. That looks like the Masonic Schools oval so be careful. The signs prohibit flying so probably best you come down to the club and consider joining given you are now clearly addicted Smile. Like Paulj posted, check out the club joining details.

RE: Videos: Flying - Cessna - 06-02-2012

Yes it's not something I don't all the time, I only fly when there's no one on the field but still, it's not worth it.

RE: Videos: Flying - secant0give - 01-03-2012

Here's a bit of fast and furious fun flown by frank, the other weekend to add a bit of cheer to this dreary weather

Enjoy Smile

bst watched in full screen mode I might add the rare bear is only little !!

RE: Videos: Flying - brotherblonde - 02-03-2012

That's fast!! Good filming to keep up with it, Jason.

RE: Videos: Flying - ~KevJ~ - 02-03-2012

yeah great camera work jason! Smile

RE: Videos: Flying - secant0give - 02-03-2012

(02-03-2012, 06:44 AM)brotherblonde Wrote:  That's fast!! Good filming to keep up with it, Jason.

Thanks Andrew, KevJ

The trick with filming fast moving things with the iphone is not to look at plane on the screen. You can't see it anyway, it's too small.
What I do is line up the camera with what my eye sees when looking straight ahead and hold the camera there, locked in, then look at the plane but keep your eyes straight ahead. Only move from the waist to pan and tilt, that way the camera has to follow your what your eyes see. I look over the top of the camera and keep in in my periferal vision using it as a reference like a sight. It's very easy to do once you think about it. It's the same technique used for shooting at mooving targets like clays. keep the upper body locked in, keep your site picture aligned and pan and tilt from the waist.........makes it harder to miss. Smile

RE: Videos: Flying - brotherblonde - 02-03-2012

Yeah, that's what I do too.....only not as well as you. Smile

Now thats a BIG B17!! - corsair_pilot - 22-03-2012

RE: Videos: Flying - paulj - 24-03-2012

Just thought I would post this video to show you some
nice jets.
This is the sort of thing I'm looking forward to doing soon

RE: Videos: Flying - secant0give - 24-03-2012

That's a B29 isn't it?


RE: Videos: Flying - wingtipper - 24-03-2012

nice , but it shits me how all the vids i see the vast open flats with tarmac runways better than our sydney roads. im in penrith , and i cant even find a 200m patch of ground that isnt fenced off .

RE: Videos: Flying - kizza42 - 24-03-2012

(24-03-2012, 01:18 PM)secant0give Wrote:  That's a B29 isn't it?


Yes definitely the B29 variant of the B17 Wink

RE: Videos: Flying - corsair_pilot - 24-03-2012

Yeah oops... sorry, was just blown away by the size of it, and just didn't pay enough attention to the detail!!
Hey Paul, those jets, how easy/hard are they to actually fly? Where the heck would we actually have the space to fly anything like that? I did see that there is a RAAF club out at Richmond Airbase

RE: Videos: Flying - gbanger - 24-03-2012

We fly plenty of the smaller ones at our field Jonathan. In fact 50 to 60% of our members have an EDF of 2.
When our runway is actually dry enough to mow and we can use the full length. 70mm EDF,s are a regular sight in the sky.
They are not hard to fly you just have to fly them very fast..... easy!

RE: Videos: Flying - kizza42 - 28-03-2012

Control line racing....

Each to his own I guess Wink

RE: Videos: Flying - Too Drunk to Fly - 28-03-2012

That's just GAY...... !

try watching that with this song going over the top...

RE: Videos: Flying - robair - 28-03-2012

G'day All
That control line racing was one of the strangest things I have ever seen.
I don't know if I just lost, gained or plain pissed away 6 odd minutes of my life?

Rob B

RE: Videos: Flying - samste - 28-03-2012

Why Why my eyes hurt and i'm Dizzy.Mate if the Guy wanted to Catch Up all he needed was a can of baked beans the night beforeWink

RE: Videos: Flying - corsair_pilot - 28-03-2012

Sorry I couldn't get through the whole thing, was too whacked for me!

RE: Videos: Flying - wingtipper - 28-03-2012

site commitee , please take note of those control line racers faces and ban them from ever entering our grounds .

RE: Videos: Flying - robair - 28-03-2012

G'day All

To be fair to the control line guys I see merit in the style of flying.
For example, if your "opponent" was a naked supermodel I'd be signing up on race day!
Or, being able to sledge the crap out of them with a bullhorn from the viewing area.

Rob B

RE: Videos: Flying - popeyepete - 28-03-2012

That is some weired shit...

RE: Videos: Flying - Kedumba - 28-03-2012

Those guys kind of remind me of these three guys at Blacktown the other day BiggrinBiggrinBiggrinBiggrinBiggrin