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RE: Video Clips - paulj - 03-12-2011

Not another mid-air guys....
What happened to the calling?

RE: Video Clips - gbanger - 03-12-2011

Jason the Teenage mutant ninja assasin was at the sticks..... look-out!!

RE: Video Clips - samste - 03-12-2011

(03-12-2011, 08:08 PM)Claudius Wrote:  
(03-12-2011, 06:50 PM)samste Wrote:  Here is the Clip Of The Jason and Steve Encounter

Nasty! Frown It looked like that came out of nowhere for both of you, and both moving in the same direction.

BTW, you actually caught 2 incidents with this video!

At 1:38-1:40, you can see the last moments of my Stinson (look for the moving white blot on the far left of screen). Keep your eye in the bottom left third of the screen, and at 1:46-1:48 you'll see a spec moving down vertically downwards (you need to watch for the motion; not clear enough to screen shot). And at 1:54, there's me walking back to the pits in bewilderment.

I had to use HD720 at native screen res, and watch it about 30 times to see it, and I knew where to look... unfortunately Smile


Good Spotting There Claudio, it actually took me several times to find it on the original vid clip if knowing the time frame to look at.
It Did Go In Hard, you can see that.


p.s My Glider is all Fixed up, Just Needs some Film Patch to cover which Jason going To help me with as i never down film covering before.

DId A freeze Frame of It , Thats a Top Gun Shot , you can see jason wing opening up first pic, Love the Reflection on the Second Pic

RE: Video Clips - secant0give - 04-12-2011

I d/loaded it from you tube and did a quick bit of editing on it
I'm just up loading it again now.

(03-12-2011, 08:48 PM)paulj Wrote:  Not another mid-air guys....
What happened to the calling?

We were both traveling in the same direction flying and both only just off the ground. I think you could put it down to a freak occurrence of just trying to occupy the same air space at the same time.

fortunately both models will live to fly many more missions

RE: Video Clips - paulj - 04-12-2011

A metre off the ground or 20 metres off what's the difference?
Planes where still far too close to each other.
Thankfully not too much damage this time but we might not always
be that lucky.
Please would ALL pilots exercise more care in future.

RE: Video Clips - brotherblonde - 07-12-2011

Finally I've finished modding the Spitfire (I think). Here's a quick video of what's been done.

RE: Video Clips - secant0give - 07-12-2011

(03-12-2011, 09:24 PM)gbanger Wrote:  Jason the Teenage mutant ninja assasin was at the sticks..... look-out!!

Gazz, In honor of your sugestion I have renamed this model
"The Yellow Peril"

It's airworthy again I test flew it today but discovered another unrelated problem with the motor, Magnets are loose, so it looks like a re-bonding session this evening.

RE: Video Clips - samste - 07-12-2011

(07-12-2011, 01:50 PM)brotherblonde Wrote:  Finally I've finished modding the Spitfire (I think). Here's a quick video of what's been done.

Very Very Nice Andrew Sounds Good To me


RE: Video Clips - brotherblonde - 11-12-2011

Well, the Spitty finally got airborne with all the associated noises.
I'm glad the landing was on hard stand because had it been on grass, it may have nosed over..A bit longer in the flare to get the nose up would be better for grass I reckon.

RE: Video Clips - kizza42 - 11-12-2011

Very nice,

I can edit the benedini sounds if you want the timings altered

RE: Video Clips - brotherblonde - 11-12-2011

Thanks Kieren. Yeah that might be an idea because 20secs is a bit long....5 to 10 would be better I think.

RE: Video Clips - brotherblonde - 13-12-2011


i emailed Thomas Benedini about the 20s delay & this is his reply:

"Hello Andrew,

thank you for your inquiry.
The shut down time in autostart can NOT be changed, sorry. It is set fix to 20s.
Autostart is a kind of "work around" if there is no control channel for the soundunit available.
If there is a with a 2 or 3 position switch, it can be used to start/stop the engine sound manually.
This is much more convenient and scale than autostart.

Best regards

I'm using all 6 ch of the dx6 so it looks like 20s is it.

RE: Video Clips - kizza42 - 13-12-2011

Bummer, Now I understand why, he needs the 20 seconds to detect whether you're going flying again or not, its not that the shutdown audio is 20 seconds long.

RE: Video Clips - Too Drunk to Fly - 17-12-2011

RE: Video Clips - secant0give - 26-12-2011

some video from Flying at Penrith on the weekend

RE: Video Clips - gbanger - 26-12-2011

Nice footage Jason, Loved the music.

RE: Video Clips - brotherblonde - 26-12-2011

Very nice Jason, as always.

RE: Video Clips - Kedumba - 26-12-2011

That video is well done. What do you use to edit your video and add the text effect?

RE: Video Clips - secant0give - 26-12-2011

(26-12-2011, 02:39 PM)Kedumba Wrote:  That video is well done. What do you use to edit your video and add the text effect?

G'day Mick thanks for the kind words,
I use power director 9 to do the editing. I find it works pretty good for the price, I think it's about the best value video editor out there. There are better ones for sure but they cost a lot more. I save my projects quite often because on the odd occasion the program hangs and if you dont save you'll loose a lot of work. Mainly it hangs when you go to finish the video if you're trying to render a Video in VGA NTFS original into a HD format or something silly like that and the other problem I had with it was it lost frames if I did something like surf the net while it was creating the finished file. It's easy enough to work around these few little issues tho'.

I used this camera from HK

The camera plane was this one, it's the 1/2 scale prototype for the Artemis I built ages ago. I hadn't flown it for a while so I thought I'd take it for a run

RE: Video Clips - Cessna - 03-01-2012

My Maiden Flight with my Cessna 182. Enjoy!

RE: Video Clips - samste - 03-01-2012

It Looked like you you had quite a lot of followers in the Air with you.

Flaps are really not needed for Landing the 182 cessna but if you want to use them you need to throttle off and then engage flaps or you will get that sudden lift that was happening. also possibly too much flap set also.

Nice Flight

Steve Smile

RE: Video Clips - paulj - 03-01-2012

Yep agree with Steve. Daniel.
You looked like you were coming in too hot.
Back off the throttle just before final turn to the runway.
With that model you don't need the flaps but if you want to use them
you have to give them time to take effect.
The model will climb when flaps are first applied but if you have backed off the throttle
it will settle down and then you just need to keep wings steady and let it bleed of speed.
Aim to have next to no throttle on touch down.

RE: Video Clips - Cessna - 03-01-2012

Thanks! The thing is I had zero throttle but very much agree I was coming in too hot. I adjusted the flaps thinking it would slow the plane down more then normal, but trial and error is the key I guess(and forums)! I'll be taking it out again in the morning to test the new HD camera, so will post more vids. hopefully wont have to battle 40 or so screaming birds again! Thanks for the advice.


RE: Video Clips - ~KevJ~ - 04-01-2012

good job in the end to get it down when you were probably abit panicky, im glad it ended up well but i could not help laughing my arse off at your comments! "i think we've got a problem here!" i was laughing so hard it reminded me of some of my first flights, good job Smile
its been said already but yeah once your ready to land just try to relax fly a nice steady line as your flying away from you cut the throttle just before your turn start you gradual turn and keep wings level for a nice glide home, being a high wing cessna that thing will cruise for days off throttle so dont be afraid to experiment with chopping the throttle its not gonna fall out of the sky suddenly.. good job hope to have a fly with ya soon Smile

RE: Video Clips - Skidz - 04-01-2012

Will we see you at the flying field one weekend? Plenty of planes and people to guide you toward MAAA Bronze and beyond.

RE: Video Clips - wingtipper - 04-01-2012

WOAH CESSNA . CANT BELIEVE YOU BROUGHT THAT DOWN . i was waiting for the crunch . well done . i have the blue cessna 182 . how do you find the nose wheel ? and does your plane still exist ?

RE: Videos: Flying - Cessna - 05-01-2012

Thanks for you comments guys. Lol panicky is an under statement, I seriously thought I couldn't bring it down. But yes it glides very very well, with the landings I cut the throttle a fair way out it and it went right over my head twice lol.. Hence the comment Smile I will make sure I attend the Parra ground for some flying. Wingtipper in re: to the front wheel, yes I have had a few problems with it bending and the grub screw just not holding on enough when landing, it did bend again in that video only because a small mound of grass. I love how the blue one looks, I ordered the blue decals took 5 weeks Frown but eventually got them.

This was taken with a VGA on board camera, came off the Twister Helicam Heli. A bit all over the place CoG was off and windy Smile Enjoy!

RE: Videos: Flying - brotherblonde - 08-01-2012

Well I got the Airwolf airborne in preparation for it's Australia Day Debut. It took i bit of fiddling around with swash mixes, throttle/pitch curves, boring heli speak, gyro gain, blah blah, yada yada, etc...but she flies! Still have to attend to a minor "gear-won't-retract-while-flying-but-will-when-held-statically" problem, but that will be a nothing thing I hope.

RE: Videos: Flying - paulj - 08-01-2012

Andrew, would it possibly be a power problem with the retracts?
When flying all servos are drawing power from the battery but when stationary
only the retracts are drawing the power.
Just a thought.

RE: Videos: Flying - secant0give - 08-01-2012

It's looking good !!