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RE: Video Clips - secant0give - 08-05-2011

A bit of video of Stephen's bipe flying yesterday

RE: Video Clips - Drew - 08-05-2011

I maidened the Decathlon after it's last major repair and it flew sorta ok. I was playing with the flaps at altitude and had just turned them off to accelerate to normal cruising speed when it resumed it's favourite position - the spin. During (over) correction, the rudder broke off either due to stress or impact and then bits progressivley fell apart from there.

Unfortuantely, the camera stopped on first ground strike and didn't get the whole story of the carnage so I've uploaded a couple of photos to go with it.

Note the 1/2 propellor at the impact site on the left of the image.


RE: Video Clips - kizza42 - 08-05-2011

Thats my girl Wink

RE: Video Clips - gbanger - 08-05-2011

Hey Jason
Are you aware that the video footage of Steve flying his Bipe is mirror image.
Wasn't sure if you noticed

RE: Video Clips - kizza42 - 08-05-2011

Hmmm, I like the field that way, can we organise a working bee and flip it?

RE: Video Clips - samste - 08-05-2011

Good eyes Gary, i was just to busy watchin Stephen Flys his Plane and wishing i could do half the stuff he can do with my Typhoon 3d.
His is really good for a pylon racer.

Sorry to here and see the Pics of the Flight Report Drew, but couldn't you waited so we all could of watched the carnage LIVE. Biggrin.


RE: Video Clips - secant0give - 09-05-2011

(08-05-2011, 05:56 PM)gbanger Wrote:  Hey Jason
Are you aware that the video footage of Steve flying his Bipe is mirror image.
Wasn't sure if you noticed

No flies on you Gazz,
I didn't realise it was mirror it must have happined when I flipped the video to get it right side up. I foolishly took it upside down with my iphone then used pdowe director to turn it right side up and in doing so mush have flipped it some how ????

RE: Video Clips - secant0give - 11-05-2011

This one is the right way around Smile

also from saturday

RE: Video Clips - brotherblonde - 14-05-2011

Random guys flying random planes....randomly.

really windy day kept a lot of folks safely on the ground.

RE: Video Clips - kizza42 - 15-05-2011

Walk of shame!

RE: Video Clips - samste - 15-05-2011

Nice Stuff Andrew.
I Like how you edited the video looks really good, Definitely need sound for Helli next Time but the replacement sounds good though.
LOL With The Explosion wasn't expecting that.
The panning around at members and planes is a great touch well done.


RE: Video Clips - brotherblonde - 15-05-2011

Thanks guys, it was fun. I'm pleased to see Kieran's funjet survived the "fire". Smile

RE: Video Clips - secant0give - 16-05-2011

Nice one loved the explosion, I liked the way you edited it all together as well!!

Well done

RE: Video Clips - brotherblonde - 16-05-2011

Thanks Jason. I think I have made a rod for my own back though. Smile

RE: Video Clips - brotherblonde - 21-05-2011

I had to post this.....I just HAD to. Smile

RE: Video Clips - secant0give - 21-05-2011

That's a classic !!
Ya gotta love that


RE: Video Clips - smuzz - 21-05-2011

Ah bluddy hell - I've got tears in my eyes now ... "Only at PRCAC!"

RE: Video Clips - Skidz - 21-05-2011

Where's the Benney Hill music?

RE: Video Clips - gbanger - 21-05-2011

You have seriously gotta send that to Australias Funniest Videos, I will put money on it that it gets shown and if they play your video on air you get $500

RE: Video Clips - paulj - 21-05-2011

So funny,
You guys seem to have all the fun on the days
I can't make it down.............Smile
See you all in the morning.

RE: Video Clips - samste - 21-05-2011

Absolutely Love it LolLolLol

RE: Video Clips - chrism - 21-05-2011

I just love it.
Jason, I hope you have not been scared for life.
Thanks for the tow, we nearly got there towards the end - maybe next time we will succeed.
Thanks also to Ron who generously loaned his plane to us to tug the glider along.

Chris Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin Thumbup

RE: Video Clips - brotherblonde - 25-05-2011

Yeah I know, I have a new toy and want to play with it.

Well, here's Darren's....and it's bigger than mine. Smile

RE: Video Clips - Claudius - 25-05-2011

(25-05-2011, 01:24 AM)brotherblonde Wrote:  Yeah I know, I have a new toy and want to play with it.

And doing a great job with it too. Please keep 'em coming!

RE: Video Clips - samste - 25-05-2011

Very Nice darren looks Great and Powerful.
And Great Work Andrew with the Footage.


RE: Video Clips - gbanger - 25-05-2011

I agree the photography and editing was excellent.
And my congrats to Darren for getting the big girl very nicely sorted.

RE: Video Clips - ~KevJ~ - 25-05-2011

yeah its great video work mate.. Smile

love to know how many kg thrust that thing is pulling looks to be well over 8kg of thrust maybe 10-12kg? could it even be more than that? hard to say when i havent seen in real life.i look forward to seeing it next time your down their daz Smile

RE: Video Clips - kizza42 - 26-05-2011

Thrust is definitely up around there, Easier to hold back a Jetcat P120 at full tilt than the Porter!

RE: Video Clips - brotherblonde - 04-06-2011

No fancy editing, just an "H" rated clip thanks to Dave H.
See the text in the "Flying Report" forum.

RE: Video Clips - paulj - 04-06-2011

Congrats Andrew...
Now all we have to do is get all the heli guys in the club
to run up/down the runway all day and dry out the field for us
fixed wing orphans.............Smile