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Videos: RC Flying - samste - 01-08-2009


Re: Video Clips - kizza42 - 13-09-2009


Re: Video Clips - samste - 13-09-2009

Very nice Clip Kieran 8-) 8-) Well done.

Re: Video Clips - paulj - 14-09-2009

Great video... I even saw Colin's plane Smile


Re: Video Clips - samste - 18-09-2009

Were not the only ones dodging Power Lines

Re: Video Clips - paulj - 18-09-2009

Nasty one that. Icon_evil
Don't think we can repair an airframe after it explodes.


Re: Video Clips - kizza42 - 15-11-2009

Unfortunatley the Siren video didn't save. Here is a vid I captured a few weeks ago though, Check out the servo working away on the left hand side of frame and the amount of wing flex! Also, I totally intended to land with me in frame... I'm that good :P

Re: Video Clips - samste - 15-11-2009

Very Nice ,yeh lots of wing Flex, I think that afternoon there was quite a bit of wind Too.

Steve Smile

Re: Video Clips - samste - 17-11-2009


Re: Video Clips - samste - 19-11-2009

Jetiger in Action Down at Field

Steve Smile

Re: Video Clips - ~KevJ~ - 25-11-2009

lol .. love the return taxiing

Re: Video Clips - kizza42 - 26-11-2009

Lol nice, I think you forgot to flare with that landing! Nice overshoot on the taxiing!

Re: Video Clips - kizza42 - 07-12-2009


Re: Video Clips - paulj - 08-12-2009

Great video Kieran,
You can hear those servos working hard throughout the flight.
Was the camera mounted on the tail?


Re: Video Clips - samste - 15-12-2009

While i was at Work Today Far Far Away. Biggrin


Steve Smile

Re: Video Clips - kizza42 - 15-12-2009

Oh man, you just missed him! Try sneaking up from behind next time! :mrgreen: Blayney is one hell of a call out!

Re: Video Clips - samste - 15-12-2009

I told my Off Sider that i was going to land the Glider right at his feet.
He Didn't Believe me LOL Lol Lol

Great place, so open to Fly .

I Remember the sneak approach Next Time Lol

Re: Video Clips - Kedumba - 28-12-2009

Bit the bullett and had my first solo flight yesterday. Also had my 2nd and 3rd solo flights as well and managed to video them.

I used a Carkeys camera that i got off ebay real cheap! Here is the link to it: ... 56384c7a3b

He has them even cheaper that I got it for. I paid au$7.50! Only catch is o hve to supply your own micro flash card!

I had the camera mounted with velcro to the wing tip of my trojan and I guess there must have been some vibration which caused the odd wavey look to the video. All went well and I flew curcuits until it was time to land. I buggered up the landing as I came in too steep and tumbled the plane!


Here is my thrid solo and 2nd attempt at inflight Video. All went great until landing. Stuffed that up too! Couldn't work out if I was too high or too low or too fast until i run out of runway and hit the bog at the end of the field!



Re: Video Clips - samste - 28-12-2009

Well Done Mick great flights. Smile

Not Sure about the wave in Video, But I do Know that Kieran did and i copied was made the pin hole opening bigger where the camera lens is for better Picture quality with more light and less tunnel vision.
Don't know if that is going to help that.
Take note be careful when doing this (need to pull apart so as not to scratch lens).

Have you tried video footage by just holding it and walking around, do you get the wave then.

Could be Vibration as the t28 wings do flex a bit, Kev mounted his i think on back of canopy, I'm sure he'll let you know.
Haven't used my camera on T28 yet as i find the glider is great for video footage as its slow flyer and can power off up high.

Steve Smile

Re: Video Clips - Kedumba - 28-12-2009

Hey Steve,

Quote:Have you tried video footage by just holding it and walking around, do you get the wave then.

Could be Vibration as the t28 wings do flex a bit, Kev mounted his i think on back of canopy, I'm sure he'll let you know.

Yea I have done that trying to work out how to use the camera and the video is rock solid when Placed onto a surface and is pretty good just walking around. I suspect it's a vibration thing as I mounted the camera on the wing today and set it to record, then flicked the wingtip to make it vibrate and the result was similar to the videos of the flight. I've put some velcro onto my canopy so next time I fly, I'll try sticking it on there, see if it's any better.

Quote:Haven't used my camera on T28 yet as i find the glider is great for video footage as its slow flyer and can power off up high

I'd love to do the same but I don't own a glider yet but I'm definatly thinking about getting one, just a matter of saving up some $'s and finding the right one. I was looking at the Hobby King one:

but not sure I'll have the money before the special is over and I'm also not sure of the quality.


Re: Video Clips - Kedumba - 30-12-2009

A Couple more videos I managed to get. I moved the camera to the top of the canopy but it seems I'm still getting some vibrations. Guess I'll have to figure out some way of trying to dampen it down a bit.

Anyways the first one was with the camera facing forward:

Then I tried it with the camera facing backward. Seemed to work ok but the wind started getting too much for me so I quickly landed:

After I landed the wind seemed like it was going to die down so I took off again but it gusted up more than I was comfortable with so I just landed and decided to give up for the day. Biggrin

Looking forward to getting out there again

Re: Video Clips - samste - 30-12-2009

I do think it still maybe an issue in that the camera is not getting sufficient light or fluctuations in light level input causing the waves, maybe as i suggested before creating more of a opening where pin hole camera lens is.

Vibration I'm thinking not,

Camera is struggling to capture fast movement footage and process and record a possibility.
(possibility SD card being 8gb causing it to lag in processing at fast frame rate another possibility)

Faulty unit processing fast input a possibility.

I have just got mine in mail today same as yours Mick , will give a test run soon.
(Note i have already bored out opening to lens when i do my test)

Though Next week hopefully i will have my High definition 60 frame camera to play with which is going to be great for some clean crisp footage which also comes with inbuilt tiny LCD for playback.

Steve Smile Smile

Re: Video Clips - Kedumba - 02-01-2010

Ok, Here is something interesting i noticed on one of my recent videos from that camera.

The camera is mounted on the canopy facing rearwards. I start by doing the checks for elevators, rudder etc. I then start the prop spinning, but not enough to move the plane as it just sits there for maybe a second or 2 before I give it full throttle for take off.

Notice how the image is rock steady up until I start the prop spinning. Even though the plane is not moving at all the image suddenly goes wavey. Got me to thinking, could it be some kind of electrical interference from the motor or speed controller or something? Would wrapping the camera in tinfoil make a difference?

Re: Video Clips - paulj - 15-01-2010

Great video performance Steve.
Think you are on a winner with that. Smile


Re: Video Clips - Kedumba - 28-01-2010

Hey Steve,
Quote:Still looking for some really good editing tool for video clips.
Don't know if it's what your looking for but I use a program called VirtualDub from It's pretty good but the best thing about it is that it's completly free!!

Re: Video Clips - samste - 28-01-2010

Thanks for that Mick, will give it a try.
I was actually looking at the you tube clips i uploaded and they dont look too bad on 720p on you tube, its a shame it was a cloudy day so its a bit dull and dark.
I didnt realise the Sugglasses cam is 720 x1280.

Steve Smile

Re: Video Clips - paulj - 30-01-2010

All look great Steve.
Glad you got that one of my new hand launch position.
Feel a lot more comfortable doing it that way.


Re: Video Clips - paulj - 27-02-2010

Good videos Steve.
Here are some from my Camera today.
Looks like Kieran's sdhc card fixed the problem
so I went out this afternoon and bought one for myself.

Kieran's Chopper

Rod's F18 Maiden Flight

Ingo's Hand Launch and fly by

Steve's Nice Landing

Rod's F18 looked a little underpowered on it's maiden but next flight was much better
using a bigger 2250 Rhino battery.
We may see a few HK EDF's soon after that display. Smile
Kieran's looking good with his flying of the chopper one would think that
he's been doing it for awhile. Smile


Re: Video Clips - samste - 27-02-2010

Great Clips Paul, Its Good to see that it was only the SD card.
Have you checked that the new one you bought works as well (you never know till you try it)
Hopefully will be down Tomorrow With Jetiger after watching Rods Up Flying i wish i brought mine down This morning.

Steve Smile

Re: Video Clips - dingy - 27-02-2010

Great videos clips guys .... Steve & Paul.

Pity you missed the maiden of the Electra Fun XP.

Still happy about the result. Thanks for sorting the prop problem Steve ..Sure made a difference

I can now say that I too need the feel for SPEED Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin