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Field Condition... - paulj - 08-10-2009

I decided to take a drive down to the field today just to see
how the ground was holding up after all the rain we been having.
I'm happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised with what I found.
The car access is great, only one little patch of mud over near where we
park the cars.
The runways and taxiways are in very good condition except for the fact that the grass has
grown and it is starting to get difficult to see them clearly.
So far, no sign of our friend on the motorbike.
Unless we have an incredible amount of rain between now and Sat morning we should have
no problems. In fact this high wind is helping to dry out the field, let's just hope that it clears
by Saturday morning.
Here are some photo I took at 3pm today.
[Image: 001-1.jpg]
[Image: 002-1.jpg]
[Image: 005.jpg]
[Image: 006.jpg]

Re: Field Condition - ~KevJ~ - 08-10-2009

very nice looking good Smile

Re: Field Condition - samste - 08-10-2009

Thanks Paul great pic's, Don't see any wind at all in pic's Lol
Not sure any one uses this site, based at Penrith

Re: Sticky: Field Condition... - ~KevJ~ - 10-10-2009

how is field this morning if you are online mobile steve?

Re: Sticky: Field Condition... - samste - 11-01-2010

Field all Mowed and Looks Good, Aerial Shot courtesy Funjet Fun in the Early Afternoon.

Steve Smile

Re: Sticky: Field Condition... - samste - 07-02-2010

Current Field Conditions needs a bit of Tender Care.

You Tube Clip is poor Quality as had focus Switch on macro not landscape so it did not focus.


Steve Smile

Re: Sticky: Field Condition... - paulj - 07-02-2010

Good to see the ducks enjoying themselves. Biggrin
At least John Pellicano can take his rc boat down there and have
some fun. Smile
That is the worst condition I have seen for the field.
It's going to take a little while before that recovers. Let's hope when the rain stops the
motor bikes stay away. Icon_evil
Ah well, the building continues..........


Re: Sticky: Field Condition... - robair - 07-02-2010

Wow. and I was thinking about taking my gliders down this afternoon.
I thought we would need Kierans Jet Ski, we had an amazing amount of rain last night, it woke me up at one point it was so heavy.

However the field is going to be green and great in a week or two if the rain holds off!!

Rob Byrnes

Re: Sticky: Field Condition... - kizza42 - 08-02-2010

*Secretly cheerin about the heli purchase!*

But damn! Thats alot of water, usually only happens once a year so we've got it over and done nice and early Wink

What we need to do is mark down now where the higher ground is and reposition the runway for drier flying later on when the ground gets saturated.

Re: Sticky: Field Condition... - ~KevJ~ - 08-02-2010

holy crap!

thats going to take ages to fix! :cry:

Re: Sticky: Field Condition... - samste - 08-02-2010

Driving past Today between Jobs, Thought check out the field condition.
Pics below, surprising not too bad still very soggy in some areas where it was flooded but was an easy not muddy walk to flight control area for a quick needed Funjet Adrenalin Fix.
Strange Wedging of the weeds (bottom pic)at the Field as if something had gone through it, more than likely the gale force wind forcing its way through the weeds or Kierans new hyper powered Helicopter Causing Carnage. Wink

Zooming in on Pic, False Alarm Its Only My Funjet Trail Lol

Steve Smile

Re: Sticky: Field Condition... - paulj - 08-02-2010

That's the crater caused when I shot down that German heavy bomber the
other day. Wink
Souvenier hunters have cleaned up the wreakage.
Ah well I can dream can't I?..........


Re: Sticky: Field Condition... - samste - 15-02-2010

Samste Smile

RE: Sticky: Field Condition... - samste - 30-05-2010

I wonder How the Field has coped with all the Rain ?
Any Updates ?
Was Thinking Heading Down To Check out.

RE: Sticky: Field Condition... - dwils - 30-05-2010

Iz Been an hads looks it was wet on the strip and worse we park the cars Club Needs 3inch dia pipe about 5mm thick and 2 meters long for project any one can help drop at my place please Icon_twisted

RE: Sticky: Field Condition... - samste - 30-05-2010

(30-05-2010, 01:33 PM)dwils Wrote:  Iz Been an hads looks it was wet on the strip and worse we park the cars Club Needs 3inch dia pipe about 5mm thick and 2 meters long for project any one can help drop at my place please Icon_twisted

I'm assuming Darren you are after steel pipe not Plastic for the project that i thinking of, I will Try to see if There is any at a Job im going too this week, as they have lot of scrap laying around that might be what your after.

RE: Sticky: Field Condition... - samste - 04-06-2010

Bearer of Bad News of Field condition 8am
Up to Date Pictures from the Ducks First hand , and there not even game to go swim in the Rain.


Steve Frown

RE: Sticky: Field Condition... - paulj - 04-06-2010

Can forget this weekend again.
It's pouring down here and has been all through the night.
Ah well, back to the building and painting, can at least do


RE: Sticky: Field Condition... - samste - 04-06-2010

Its Official the Flying Field is Now A Lake. 2 Pm
Bring Your Boats Tommorow, Will Be there From 9am LolLol


RE: Sticky: Field Condition... - dwils - 04-06-2010

you people need I know they are call floats for aircraft iam flying great fun just need set for helli and set for feet opps there called ducks

RE: Sticky: Field Condition... - robair - 06-06-2010

Gday All

Did anyone fly yesterday at all, and, is anyone having a shot today?
Not sure what the field is like however the weather was good yesterday and last night.
Rob B

RE: Sticky: Field Condition... - samste - 06-06-2010

I may head down shortly to Have a look at Field condition with Plane in hand, so not a wasted Trip.
But I would Expect it To be Very Boggy as It was a Lake when i saw it last, but i could be wrong.
I will post via Mobile on Condition.

Steve Smile

RE: Sticky: Field Condition... - gbanger - 08-06-2010

Field update as of 1 pm today
I walked in for a fly as I have not been able to get to the field for a few weeks.
Good News
The sea has abated.. It is still a little soggy on the strip but I managed to get in half a dozen flights and was joined by Steve and Steven.
So with a few more days of sunshine the strip should be looking pretty good.

RE: Sticky: Field Condition... - paulj - 08-06-2010

Good to hear Gary.
Looking forward to weekend.
Have you maidened the SU47 yet?


RE: Sticky: Field Condition... - gbanger - 09-06-2010

No mate
I have been very busy with work and the move so the completion of the mighty SU 47 has had to take a back seat.
I did however finish it on the Sunday night and found during control setup that I had a dodgy servo on the rudder which I have sent back to Xtreme hobby this week for a replacement. They were really helpful and if its replacement arrives before the weekend I plan to give the beast a maiden this weekend (weather permitting).
The only problem is that it has scale landing gear so if the grass on the strip is still a little to wet I will have to wait for next weekend.
With that said the setup and programming of the servos was a nightmare which I only sumbled on after a lot of guesswork and tuning of my DX6i to get the 9 servos to do the right thing was a real nightmare.
It is all working as it should now. So I cant wait it is a magnificent looking aircraft.
Batteries are charged and I am ready to rock and roll (pending the delivery of the new servo?)

RE: Sticky: Field Condition... - chrism - 15-06-2010

Hi All,
I went for a fly this arvo at our field and found that our strip which was starting to look good again, thanks to Darrens efforts with the mower, has again been ripped up by someone on a motorbike. The damage is not as bad as the previous instance but it is still significant.
I wonder when council is going to errect those signs they promised so the ranger has a chance to get a conviction and everyones efforts is not wasted.

Chris M

RE: Sticky: Field Condition... - gbanger - 15-06-2010

I walked from the club gates to Darrens last Saturday morning to pick up the keys and on the way back noticed a sign warning motorcycles with penalties etc for riding motor cycles on our field.
Dont know if they are new or not, but they are definately there???

RE: Field Condition... - gbanger - 07-08-2010

Walked in for a fly this morning.
The driveway into the strip has recovered pretty well from all the rain, it is still a little damp but definatley has improved since 2 weeks ago.
The sad thing is those ars@*#les on the motorbikes have been back in force and torn the main runway and part of the cross strip to shreads.
Was talking to Kevin about the problem and thought that maybe we can erect or own sign at the top of the causeway notifying people that motorcycle riding is prohibited as well as a map showing the runways and pit area. It would have to help if people are informed about our site. It could also warn that radio control arcraft can be dangerous and show the safe and danger areas of our club site.

RE: Field Condition... - chrism - 07-08-2010

I too went down to the field today once at around 9-30am to check out how wet it was and again at 4-15pm to have a quick couple of flights before dark.
When I was there this morning I saw that the strip had been chopped up by a motorbike - mainly at both ends of the main strip and a small part of the cross strip. Seeing this got me riled.
Then when I returned in the afternoon I found that more damage had been done to the strip and this time it had been done by a motorbike and a car. I believe the car must have gained access from the southern side of the basin or the sporting field (McCoy) as there were no tracks evident from where we enter. The damage done to both strips is now the worst I have ever seen it.
Forget bringing down any plane which can not land in the length of about 4 metres or that has a flimsy undercarriage. The strip is totally stuffed and will require a great deal of work to repair it to a useable state.
As for taking action to prevent this from happening again, I am wondering about some sort of hidden surveilance camera. It would be great if we could provide council/police with footage of the vandals in action.
I am one unhappy camper!! Icon_evil Icon_evil Icon_evil

RE: Field Condition... - paulj - 07-08-2010

We did make mention of some sort of webcamera before.
Think we really need to investigate just what is required and cost.
Until we can get these people stopped we are going to have this
problem after every heavy rainfall.