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Questions about new members - Gabino_Huerta - 13-01-2021

Hi guys.

My girlfriend has come with me to the field 3 times, I am teaching her how to fly, we always use the buddy box. She would like to keep learning but I don't know if at this point this would require a new membership now.

RE: Questions about new members - kizza42 - 14-01-2021

I wont speak for our current committee, In the past it would be considered 5 visits before it expected that a flyer become a member.

The insurance side of things:

RE: Questions about new members - srl - 14-01-2021

Hi Gabino and Kieran.
Association fees are reduced for 6 months of membership up until 30th June. $100 total to join the club.
This covers council fees , insurance and field maintenance.
For anyone wishing to join we are open Saturday ,Sunday and Wednesday mornings til its too hot or windy.
Have 5 flying visits to learn and be aware of the flying rules. Leased from Parramatta council our flying field has a CASA Area aproval for recreational model flying but only if you are a member or are supervised by a member of the MAAA.