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Archive: Flying this Weekend... - kizza42 - 11-06-2009

Weather is looking good but probably going to be a bit chilly, Hopefully the field has dried up a bit

Re: Flying this Weekend 13th/14th June - paulj - 12-06-2009

Sure hope so.
After missing out last weekend I'm having withdrawal symptoms.
I bought another plane this week on ebay "P51 Mustang". paid $31 plus $29 delivery. Biggrin
Looks ok but only got a brushed motor in it (at the moment).
I won't be bringing it down tomorrow as I'm in the middle of re-painting it as it looks quite plain
as it comes.
This will probably add a little more weight but hopefully not too much.
Using this as a bit of a test to see how my painting skills go, if ok think I'll change the colour scheme
on the Cessna.
Using Acrylic paints and water based polyurethane finish.
As you can see I'm been busy researching on the web. Biggrin



Re: Flying this Weekend 13th/14th June - kizza42 - 13-06-2009

I'll be down at the field tomorrow (Saturday) from 9ish. Probably going down on Sunday as well, hope to see you guys then.

Re: Flying this Weekend 13th/14th June - johnc - 13-06-2009

Wow, it all works! Kieran, you're a genius! Biggrin

Thanks for all the work you have put into our internet presence, only problem is the website makes the club look a lot more organised & proffesional than we really are! Lol - John.

Re: Flying this Weekend 13th/14th June - robair - 13-06-2009

Gday Kieran

Great job on the site mate this is great stuff.
I will not see you all this weekend as my glider is getting an overdue extensive refurb and also working on the uber cub.

Rob B

Re: Flying this Weekend 13th/14th June - Servo - 14-06-2009

Thanks for all your hard work Kieran, the board looks really good. I can't make it to the field this weekend but will be hitting the simulator hard. On the positive side I have started the build of my next model this weekend with the pour of the concrete slab for the workshop (Now that the slab is down I reckon we should now have a period of fine weather).

The hardest part of registering was having to select a suitable username when I thought one's club username was akin to having a military callsign (think Maverick in TopGun). A username could become your nickname, and then it occurred to me that most nicknames are chosen by others.


Re: Flying this Weekend... - kizza42 - 14-06-2009

Had a great day flying guys, I chucked some photo's up on the front page of the site. Looking forward to next week and maybe the Decathlon Biggrin

Re: Flying this Weekend... - ~KevJ~ - 15-06-2009

hey kieran site looks great mate, well done 8-)

had a good look at the pics from the weekend, looks like i should have popped down sunday instead of saturday , seemed to be a few planes about the place, looking forward to my next visit..

Re: Flying this Weekend... - chrism - 15-06-2009

Hey Kieran,
The work you have done on the web site is fantastic - thank you, a job well done.
I and I'm sure the others as well appreciate the photos you have taken and uploaded onto the web site. It is nice to see your own planes captured in flight Smile
We will have to arrange to return the gesture.

Thanks again.
Chris M

Re: Flying this Weekend... - kizza42 - 16-06-2009

Testing the new Youtube feature

If you want to post a Youtube video, click on the Youtube button when making a new post and add the link to the video in between the [Youtube] bits like this:


Re: Flying this Weekend... - paulj - 16-06-2009

Hi Kieran,

How do you reckon you would go flying this down at our field.



Re: Flying this Weekend... - kizza42 - 16-06-2009

It would end up landing like this, but probably a tad nastier Wink

Re: Flying this Weekend... - kizza42 - 19-06-2009

Ok, so the weekend approaches, The rain can't have done much good for the field so I dunno if I'll be going down, Will see if Chris gets a chance to check it out.

Re: Flying this Weekend... - paulj - 19-06-2009

As all I have available to fly is the Cessna(at the moment) I don't think I'll
be going down as it is going to be hard to take off and land in the mud.
I'll wait and see if Chris makes a report and what he says.


Re: Flying this Weekend... - kizza42 - 19-06-2009

Hmm, look what just turned up on the doorstep!

Whatever shall I do with all of these?

Or this junk?

Re: Flying this Weekend... - chrism - 19-06-2009

Flying Field Report Friday 19th June.

Given the rain that Sydney has had over the last week I'm surprised at the condition of the flying field. Redface
It is slightly worse than last weekend, but not quite as bad as the weekend before that - see Kieran's earlier posting on Muddy flying.

The strip is a little damp for use at the moment but may become usable if the sun comes out tomorrow morning and we don't get anyone more rain.
Parking and driving in, needs to be assessed at the time, I think one or two cars maybe alright but anymore would not be a good idea.

If it doesn't rain and is not windy tomorrow afternoon I may consider flying for a couple of hours (2-30pm to 4-30pm). Smile


Re: Flying this Weekend... - kizza42 - 20-06-2009

After the rain this evening I doubt I will be down at the field in the morning, Those of you who had stuff in the last group buy may get a call and I will try to drop off your goodies. Will play it by ear and eye (on the sky!) for Saturday arvo and Sunday

Re: Flying this Weekend... - kizza42 - 20-06-2009

Thought I'd chuck up a new vid that Darren recorded a few weeks ago, I had a bit of fun with the editing though Wink

Re: Flying this Weekend... - Stuka - 20-06-2009

Another great job.......and the music is certainly adapted for the occasion!!

One thing though!! The sunand dry, green grass make one recall the days when flying was done without having to deal with slush, mud and parking problems.

Hope to be able to do some decent flying next week!!

Re: Flying this Weekend... - paulj - 20-06-2009

Ah...Those were the days......
The only good thing I can say about the rain is that it has come
while I've had a doze of the flu and probably would not have made it down
to the field anyway.
Hopefully we will get some flying in next weekend.


Re: Flying this Weekend... - chrism - 21-06-2009

For the despirate fliers out there I'm going to go down to field this arvo at about 2-00pm for a 1.5hrs or so (until I use all of the charged batteries) and if it doesn't rain before then. I intend walking in. :|

Chris M

Re: Flying this Weekend... - kizza42 - 26-06-2009

Well this weekend is looking pretty good which is typical as I have a gig on Sunday which removes me from 2 days of flying action Frown

I'll be down the field on Saturday from 8:30ish. I believe we have a few visitors coming.

Hope to see ya's there.

Re: Flying this Weekend... - chrism - 26-06-2009

Fridays Flying Field Report - 26th June
Even though we have had five days of sunny weather the field is still very sloppy, there is surface water on the easterly end of the strip and walking from the pit area to the flight line you sink into the mud as you go.
Parking is OK as long as you choose some high ground but please be careful driving in to minimise the impact on the ground.

Oh yes, a motor bike has visited the field again and left a couple of tracks on the eastern end of the strip, thankfully the damage appears to be minimal. :x

That all said the weather is meant to be good for the W/E so lets go flying. Biggrin
I intend to fly on Sunday from 9-00am.

Chris M

Re: Flying this Weekend. 27/28 June - robair - 26-06-2009

Gday All

See you on Saturday Kieran and co. Will try to squeeze in Sunday as well.
Glider is refurb'd and ready as am I.

Re: Flying this Weekend... - paulj - 26-06-2009

I'll be down in the morning too, but I'm going to
reserve judgment as to whether or not I fly.
I'm a bit worried about the Cessna hitting the mud on landing
and flipping.
I'll see what the more experienced of you reckon when we see the conditions.
I'll still enjoy the morning even if the Cessna just sits in the car.


Re: Flying this Weekend... - kizza42 - 27-06-2009

Looks like it rained a bit overnight. Frown Still gonna head down, be there at around 8:30...

Re: Flying this Weekend... - kizza42 - 27-06-2009

*Down at the field*
Pit area and parking are dry, runway is still soft.

When driving in, keep to the tree line and keep momentum up as it's a bit soft on approach Wink

Re: Flying this Weekend... - kizza42 - 02-07-2009

Congratulations Chris!

Re: Flying this Weekend... - ~KevJ~ - 02-07-2009

congrats chris, and thanks for the flight last weekend, that cub is a dream to fly and its only made me more determined to get airbourne Smile

Re: Flying this Weekend... - paulj - 02-07-2009

Congrats Chris. Hope it's not too long before a few more from our club make the list.