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Sadler Vampire - secant0give - 05-04-2015

I have this 59 inch span Sadler Vampire that is surplus to my needs. I had thought to use for FPV at one stage as it's a pusher and sizable enough to carry any sort of gear. It's also capable of going reasonably


It's all put together and comes with motor ESC prop spinner and servos. all you need to provide is 4S 3000-4000 lipo and a receiver. It has an analogue voltage sensor for an FRsky receiver if you choose to use a Taranis and telemetry receiver it can remind you to land before you run out of juice. It's fitted with decent hardware, not what came with the kit.

There were some minor issues with this kit from the factory, no deal breakers just numerous little things which have been mostly rectified during the initial build.

It's a balsa/plywood built up wing & Tail with a glass moulded fuselage.

It can be disassembled into quite a small package for transport, I've modded it so the tail plane is completely removable from the booms which really helps on this account.

It has twin rudders so with the correct mixing they can be used as airbrakes to slow it up for nice short landings. It also has a seperate servo for the steerable nose wheel. Tho' it's not a beginners plane most intermediate pilots would find it fun to fly.

Believe it or not, it's actually a scale model of an ultra light. The full sized version being manufactured in the USA and in Australia under licence.

It has been test flown and flew quite well with no nasty tendencies and having a straight, rather than a tapered, wing no inclination to tip stall. One thing that could be done to improve it is to pack up the tail boom slightly where it bolts to the wing to give the tail plane a little more positive incidence. It needed some up elevator trim and this action would correct it and make it neutral. It's only a matter of gluing on a couple of pieces of ply or balsa about 1-2mm thick and will take about 15mins to do.

I can't remember what power-plant is in it and it's a little hard to see inside the cowl but it's a beefy one I know that, looks like a 55-40 850KV and the ESC is well speced for it too. probably 80 to 100Amps it's mounted upside down so I cant read the sticker.

So if your ready and feel the need and for cheap angry yellow monster with which to tear up the wild blue sky, then this would be hard to go past as the weapon of choice.


please post up you intentions

PS here is a little more info from the thread I posted when I got it

Just checked up on the ESC it's a Hobby King 90-100A and it's got an external BEC

RE: Sadler Vampire - secant0give - 14-04-2015

will any part with $100 for it ??

RE: Sadler Vampire - secant0give - 17-04-2015

How does $50 sound ?

RE: Sadler Vampire - secant0give - 17-04-2015

On to ebay it goes then

and this one too

RE: Sadler Vampire - IrishWolf - 17-04-2015

I will come to $50 for the Vampire, Flew the Ultralight in an earlier time.


(17-04-2015, 03:58 PM)secant0give Wrote:  On to ebay it goes then

and this one too

RE: Sadler Vampire - secant0give - 18-04-2015

The Vampire is sold to the Irish wolf

RE: Sadler Vampire - IrishWolf - 18-04-2015

and loving it.
(18-04-2015, 03:08 PM)secant0give Wrote:  The Vampire is sold to the Irish wolf